Here’s a take a look at the first-round order for the 2019 NFL draft after the occasions of Sunday’s motion in Week 13. 

The draft order is made up our minds by means of file, and the usage of energy of time table as a tiebreaker (file and energy of time table are professional tiebreakers to resolve the draft order). 

The general 12 first-round spots shall be made up our minds by means of playoff effects. For now, the ones groups shall be ordered in keeping with playoff seed if the season ended these days.

The 2019 NFL draft shall be held in Nashville, Tenn., from April 25-27.

1. San Francisco 49ers
Document: 2-10 (energy of time table: .479)

2. Oakland Raiders
Document: 2-10 (.559)

Three. Arizona Cardinals
Document: Three-Nine (.517)

Four. New York Jets
Document: Three-Nine (.486)

Five. New York Giants
Document: Four-Eight (.504)

6t. Detroit Lions
Document: Four-Eight (.542)

6t. Buffalo Expenses
Document: Four-Eight (.542)

6t. Atlanta Falcons
Document: Four-Eight (.542)

A coin turn — carried out on the NFL scouting mix — will smash ties.

Nine. Jacksonville Jaguars
Document: Four-Eight (.535)

10. Inexperienced Bay Packers
Document: Four-7-1 (.510)


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11. Cleveland Browns 
Document: Four-7-1 (.549)

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Document: Five-7 (.479)

13. Philadelphia Eagles
Document: Five-6 (.467)

14. Miami Dolphins
Document: 6-6 (.441)

15. Indianapolis Colts
Document: 6-6 (.444)

16. Carolina Panthers
Document: 6-6 (.468)

17. Tennessee Titans
Document: 6-6 (.545)

18. Cincinnati Bengals
Document: Five-7 (.549)

19. Denver Broncos
Document: 6-6 (.580)

20. Minnesota Vikings 
Document: 6-Five-1 (.476)

Playoff groups (if season ended these days)

Wild-card groups:

21. Washington Redskins
Document: 6-Five (.492)

22. Baltimore Ravens
Document: 7-Five (.469)

23. Seattle Seahawks
Document: 7-Five (.510)

24. Los Angeles Chargers
Document: Nine-Three (.451)

Department leaders:

25. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys)
Cowboys’ file: 7-Five (.504)

26. Pittsburgh Steelers
Document: 7-Four-1 (.500)

27. Oakland Raiders (from Chicago Bears)
Bears’ file: Eight-Four (.417)

28. New England Patriots
Document: Nine-Three (.493)

29. Houston Texans
Document: Nine-Three (.479)

30. Inexperienced Bay Packers (from New Orleans Saints)
Saints’ file: 10-2 (.486)

31. Kansas Town Chiefs
Document: 10-2 (.479)

32. Los Angeles Rams
Document: 11-1 (.493)


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