71 Tips and Tricks for Spelunky 2

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Spelunky 2 is the entire sequel to some of the distinguished roguelikes of the previous decade, and as anticipated, it is filled with new surprises, secrets and techniques, and demanding situations to conquer.

We’ve been amassing all imaginable recommendation for you, which will have to let you each all over the primary few runs and against the later part of the degrees as neatly. There is a lot forward of you, however do not be concerned, you’ll be able to in finding our guidelines and methods to take advantage of from your expeditions beneath.

Spelunky 2 Pointers and Methods


  • Watch out for ledges – it’s all the time easiest to manner and press the bounce button as an alternative of shedding your self down
  • Opposite to many different video games, don’t underestimate strolling in Spelunky 2, because it let you to traverse small spaces slowly and plan forward with out speeding right into a entice
  • All the time be careful for arrow traps sooner than making any jumps
  • Be careful for enemies within vases, assault them at a distance or safely throw the vase in opposition to a wall via grabbing it first (crouch after which use the clutch button)
  • Should you’re conserving onto a ledge, and also you hit along with your whip, you’re going to be bounced a couple of steps again. This may well be helpful if there’s, say, an explosion about to occur and there’s floor in the back of you to hide the autumn
  • Should you cling down whilst at the floor the digital camera will transfer alongside – the similar occurs for those who transfer upwards
  • You’ll be able to assault along with your whip and drop bombs whilst you’re placing on a rope
  • Just like skulls, you’ll be able to smash bone piles the use of your whip
  • Time is of essence, however preventing sooner than getting into a brand new space block will also be the adaptation between lifestyles or demise
  • Going via spiderwebs two times will lead them to disappear, if now not, simply pass from side to side briefly for a pair instances
  • You’ll be able to have an merchandise or Monti grabbed whilst mounting a turkey, however beware that attacking will throw the object
  • In an effort to take Monti with you, you’re can whip them so they begin working sideways. Then, it’s all about opening a trail for them till the go out door – instead, you’ll be able to clutch them (crouching and urgent the clutch button) and take them with you, however watch out with throwing them an excessive amount of, as two hits will have to be sufficient to kill them
  • Should you see a turkey, don’t be concerned, they’re innocuous. Simply bounce on them and they’re going to start to transfer unevenly, however for those who transfer sideways for some time hearts will start to seem on their head. After a couple of seconds it is possible for you to to command them. They are able to double bounce, squeeze via stretch passages to check your persona’s top, and hit the use of its head to the entrance
  • Should you assist Yang bringing him the turkeys, after which input the name of the game room the use of the important thing, watch out for placing a bomb with reference to the door, since it’s going to aggro him
  • You’ll be able to depart Monti at the door to the following degree and proceed spelunking, as they’re going to robotically depart on their very own and provide the additional center whenever you move it
  • You’ll be able to take mounts like turkeys with you to different ranges
  • Should you see an altar with blood on it, take any frame to it as a tribute – for those who convey them whilst shocked, you’re going to download extra favors compared to the useless frame, which can in flip build up your probabilities of getting an merchandise
  • Should you’re mounting a turkey, cling the bounce button as you’re falling down, the turkey will slowly transfer its wings and straightforwardness the autumn
  • Taking the primary Problem of the Moon is usually a excellent funding – the 10,000 gold rate would possibly look like so much, however you’re then given unfastened reign (in addition to a beginning merchandise free of charge) to wreck the surroundings with the pickaxe and pick out the entire loot you’ll be able to sooner than it breaks. It will come with guns, additional pieces, and naturally, gold, so you bought a few of that first funding again
  • Lights torches now not best will let you see during the darkish, but additionally hand you some gold as praise
  • Irrespective of the place they’re on a map, partners will all the time apply you to the following space whenever you move the door, simply in the event you had been frightened of leaving them in the back of
  • Should you (both by chance or on goal) kill a shopkeeper, take note that they are going to get started searching you, turning into found in each and every go out of the next ranges, so stay that shotgun at hand


  • Keep in mind that you’ll be able to all the time stomp on enemies to deal injury, and it’s going to kill or stun just about they all
  • Bats appear simple to take down, however they are able to hit greater than as soon as for those who leave out the primary hit
  • Horned Lizards will roll at you once you’re on their line of sight, however they gained’t react for those who’re in the back of
  • Should you push a stone block against an wall with an enemy trapped in between, it’s going to get killed
  • Enemies such because the Cavemen will pick out up your dropped keys, idols, and different key pieces from the bottom if you aren’t getting to them first
  • Spiders gained’t right away bounce against you once they drop at the floor, so for those who run previous them briefly, make a snappy flip and hit them
  • Simply because a Snake is shifting against the other facet of the place you’re, that doesn’t imply it gained’t flip round and hit you
  • Scarabs gained’t harm you! If truth be told, they’re going to come up with gold cash, so manner them with out be concerned and pick out them up whilst you see one
  • Throwing your rope will injury any enemy that will get in the way in which
  • Tiki Males’s flying skulls will disappear once they’re knocked down, so it’s all the time easiest to check out and stomp or hit them with any throwable object to prevent the cranium
  • Monkeys gained’t without delay assault you, however as an alternative hop to your persona’s again and scouse borrow pieces – this comprises bombs, too, which will probably be right away prompted, so watch out! You’ll be able to use your whip to scare them off
  • Some Cavemen will seem mounting Rock Canines. Should you stomp on them, or for those who simply organize to split them, the Rock Canine gained’t transfer nor assault afterwards
  • Robots are frightening, particularly for those who occur to stomp on them and press the buttons on their heads to turn on them. On the other hand, the explosion that comes after a couple of seconds will also be a good way of opening paths additional down beneath with out the will of the use of bombs
  • The window is relatively small, however you in truth can hit enemies to your again whilst you assault the use of your whip. That is in excessive shut quarters, thoughts, so don’t depend on it an excessive amount of, but it surely’s an opportunity that would possibly prevent every now and then
  • We get it, now and again the temptation of preventing the shopkeeper will probably be too robust to withstand. It’s a troublesome feat, however one simple solution to struggle again, in the event that they’re promoting a defend, is to scouse borrow the defend first. They gained’t shoot at you, and you’ll be able to then push them against a wall
  • You’ll be able to mount Rock Canines the similar approach as turkeys – they’ve a identical moveset, together with double bounce, however do not rely on gliding – as a business off, they are able to shot hearth balls
  • You’ll be able to wreck poison bubbles the use of your whip or every other throwable pieces or shut vary guns
  • Pangxie are somewhat of a ache – for those who manner them from above, they’re going to get started spitting poison bubbles. In case you are drawing near from the edges, they’re going to use their claws to check out and get you. This assault has a in reality lengthy vary, and it isn’t best the claw however the complete arm that may hit you – and they are able to additionally wreck gadgets the use of them. It is best to steer clear of them altogether every time imaginable


  • Capturing a rope at the proper perspective can be utilized as decoy for traps, triggering sooner than you’re making your transfer against them
  • After you kill enemies equivalent to Cavemen or Horned Lizards, you’ll be able to use their our bodies as heavy gadgets to weigh down different enemies. Simply hit them along with your whip to a space beneath, or throw after grabbing them
  • Arrows, bombs, these things will jump at partitions and again at you for those who’re now not useful, destructive you as neatly
  • Destroying a campfire gives you a torchlight as loot
  • Stones will also be extraordinarily helpful, they’ve an extended vary, can kill or stun enemies, and likewise be used as decoy for traps. Should you occur to peer one, be sure to clutch it and simply toss it sooner than heading into a brand new space as a security measure – even if we advise you sticking to it for so long as you’ll be able to
  • If you are going to buy a Picket Defend or Steel Defend from the service provider, beware to not push the remainder of the to be had pieces out of the shop, or it’s going to rely as robbing and cause the struggle
  • You’ll be able to pick out up chests, however you gained’t be capable to take them with you to different rooms
  • If you are going to buy a present from the service provider, wreck it along with your whip to expose the object within
  • In case you have an Idol however you might be scared of shedding it to the unsuitable position, throw it in opposition to a wall at the reverse facet of the service provider himself and it’s going to rely simply tremendous
  • Should you throw a 2d rope at the identical perspective as the primary, they’re going to connect and transform a unmarried, longer rope
  • Opposite to what you may suppose to start with, ropes don’t desire a roof to paintings, you’ll be able to throw them anywhere you need and they’re going to assault to the partitions regardless
  • The time window is brief, however for those who throw a bomb proper in entrance of you and don’t have room to dodge, use your whip to push it a couple of steps clear of you
  • You’ll be able to throw pieces upwards, which will also be nice for those who’re the use of one thing as a decoy for a entice
  • In case you have a lighted torch, get with reference to different torches to gentle them up as neatly
  • You don’t want to clutch the boomerang as soon as it returns to you, your persona will achieve this robotically
  • Ropes will also be set on hearth in the event that they transform in touch with lava, torches, or fireballs – in the event that they do, they’re going to slowly devour themselves, so there is a very tiny window so that you can use in case it occurs and you might be shut sufficient to it
  • Shields will also be in reality helpful to stop you from getting injured, however they’ve the drawback of pushing the whole thing in entrance of you whilst you’re wielding them – in case you are about to pick out up any vital merchandise, it’s easiest to both depart the defend at the flooring previously or simply bounce on most sensible of them – another way the object will probably be driven down, or worse, destroyed if it hits a wall
  • Arrows that hit partitions will keep there for a couple of seconds, sooner than they give way
  • You’ll be able to in truth use your pickaxe at the floor beneath via taking a look up whilst urgent the assault button
  • If you wish to use a rope to go down however you all the time finally end up throwing it somewhere else, simply get shut sufficient to the brink of the platform the place you’re status, crouch, and throw it – it’s going to seem proper subsequent to you
  • Witnessing the demise of a turkey will also be tricky, however as a (merciless) silver lining, they’re going to drop a well being merchandise that gives you 1 center



  • Watch out for Undergo Traps: they don’t best assault to your persona’s top, but additionally above, simply in the event you attempt to climb them. They don’t, then again, have one at the most sensible
  • If there’s a chest or an merchandise blocking off an arrow entice, and also you cause it, it’s going to trespass the object and hit you both approach
  • If there’s gold ingots with reference to a Undergo Lure, get simply shut sufficient for the entice to cause, they usually’ll be driven in your facet
  • Within the Jungle be careful for the tiles that experience a skinny silver line on them, since that suggests they’re going to fall after you cross via them
  • Even though you suppose it’s innocuous otherwise you’re now not even pointing at them, don’t use your whip in opposition to buildings or pieces which are with reference to different pleasant characters, since they’re going to pass aggro both approach
  • The falling platforms within the Volcana degree can injury different enemies in the event that they drop on them
  • You’ll be able to climb the chain of a spike ball entice as soon as it has fallen down
  • Throwing bombs at lava will cause the explosion robotically, so watch out for both swimming pools of lava and even the cauldrons being carried via the Imps
  • Hermit Crabs may not all the time be visual to start with, as they as an alternative camouflage themselves as chests or shifting blocks – if it is the former, they’re going to lift loot as a regular chest

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