An oral history of how Alex Trebek became America’s most beloved game-show host

“It used to be the emotional height.”

“So far as the contestant enjoy is going, he used to be the cherry on best of the ‘Jeopardy!’ sundae.”

When the longtime “Jeopardy!” host died on Nov. eight at 80, tributes poured in international as lovers mourned the lack of a tv icon. However those that competed at the demonstrate hang a unique connection to Trebek, whom they describe as “everybody’s Canadian uncle,” and “any person who looks like a detailed circle of relatives buddy or neighbor,” and “a in a well mannered way encouraging, firm-but-fair trainer.” He valued interest and data and used to be a comforting, secure presence on TV, forming a detailed bond with each gamers and the viewing target market.

We talked to just about 30 contestants during the last 4 many years — starting from a participant within the first episode to 1 whose successful second went viral simply previous this month — about how Trebek turned into The united states’s maximum loved game-show host.


When the Trebek-hosted “Jeopardy!” began airing in September 1984 (two earlier iterations that aired within the ’60s and ’70s had been hosted by means of Artwork Fleming), the 1950s quiz-show dishonest scandals nonetheless loomed over the TV business. Manufacturers had been in consequence adamant that Trebek — the affable Canadian newscaster who have been internet hosting short-lived American sport presentations for a decade — keep away from the contestants on filming days till cameras began rolling within the Los Angeles studio. However despite the fact that gamers best were given to talk to him all over the fast “contestant chat” section and because the credit rolled, Trebek used to be a towering presence from the beginning.

Elise Beraru, 1984, the demonstrate’s first five-game champion: I lived in L.A., so I used to be at all times in search of sport presentations that I may just you should be on. And I noticed a blurb within the paper that “Jeopardy!” used to be returning. . . . Once we went for the primary spherical of checks, Alex used to be there and actively operating with the manufacturing workforce originally. He used to be at all times very hands-on.

Ric Moser, 1984: I used to be coming to L.A. to check for “Tic-Tac-Dough” . . . but if I were given to LAX, I were given a duplicate of the L.A. Occasions and I spotted a categorized in there for “Jeopardy!” So I assumed, “What the heck?” and examined for “Jeopardy!” as an alternative. You didn’t must make an appointment then; you have to simply demonstrate up. I noticed Alex in brief, he popped in to mention hi to people who were given throughout the preliminary little bit of checking out.

Lois Feinstein, 1984, on Trebek’s debut “Jeopardy!” episode: That first demonstrate took about 2½ hours to tape as a result of issues had been going fallacious and he saved preventing. However he maintained calm thru the entire thing.

Beraru: Alex used to be very, very involved in regards to the high quality of the demonstrate. Each so steadily any person would write a query with an excessively hard-to-pronounce phrase. He went as much as [the clue writers] and he mentioned, “If you happen to ever do this once more, you’re fired.” . . . I don’t know [if he was joking]. I in truth don’t know. However I didn’t see any other unpronounceable query for the remainder of the demonstrate.

Jim Tompkins-Maclaine, 1989: There used to be a little bit boy within the target market, possibly eight or nine, and when Alex requested a query the child shouted out the solution they usually needed to forestall taping. Alex, to start with, used to be aggravated by means of it, yet then he discovered who had completed it. So he talked to the little boy, and the entire target market fell in love with Alex Trebek at that second. He used to be so type. . . . I’m a schoolteacher and that’s how I scold folks now. I believe, “What would Alex Trebek do?”

Judith Seeger, 1987: He had an intense, targeted pastime on all of the gamers. He paid consideration to what they mentioned, he used to be desirous about what they did.

Sandra Gore, 1987: Whether or not you knew it or now not, he would learn the query in a option to be sure to understood: “Right here’s what you wish to have to take into consideration in case you’re now not overtaken by means of flop sweat. Simply concentrate to me, and I will be able to lead you down the fitting trail.” He sought after folks to win cash.

Doug Molitor, 1987: After my first sport, I requested him, “Have you learnt that Eugene Levy is taking part in you on SCTV?” In contrast to Alex Trebek, “Alex Trebel” would get livid at his fool contestants. Alex chuckled dryly, as at all times — he used to be now not an effusive guy. He mentioned, “Sure, I’ve noticed that.” I may just inform he used to be amused yet didn’t wish to admit it. . . . His stardom transcended the demonstrate after some time, but he by no means were given too giant for the demonstrate.


Trebek’s unflappable professionalism, blended with a real kindness and a healthy dose of deadpan wit, made him a celeb. He received the Emmy Award for exceptional sport demonstrate host in 1989 and 1990, and would win 5 extra occasions over the process his profession. He had cameos on presentations from “Cheers” to “The X-Information,” and in 1996, Will Ferrell unleashed his well-known Trebek impact on “Saturday Night time Are living.” However on “Jeopardy!,” contestants had been happy that his down-to-earth demeanor on digital camera used to be the similar at the back of the scenes.

Fritz Holznagel, 1994: The general public who had been on within the ’90s nonetheless remembered Artwork Fleming. When Alex took over, a large number of folks had been hoping they might convey again Artwork Fleming . . . yet [Trebek] obviously won a degree of reputation and belovedness.

Melizza Zygmunt, 1998: There used to be a way that he used to be particular: He made being an expert and well-versed in quite a lot of subjects cool. He made having a philosophy level cool. He made being a Canadian cool.

Janine Menhennet, 1997: On my 3rd sport, the man who sooner or later received saved correcting Alex on the right way to say “vegan.” And in reality, the man used to be announcing it fallacious (“VEH-gen”) . . . I used to be like, “No one corrects Alex!”

Derek Lowe, 1996: The demonstrate used to be run extraordinarily tightly and everybody concerned gave the impression to know their process completely. And all of it focused round Trebek . . . who used to be simply flawless and a excitement to look at.

Holznagel: I believe the general public who take a look at to try this process [for so long], your eyes would glaze over sooner or later all over the contestant chat . . . yet that by no means took place with him.

Menhennet: My opinion, I suppose, shifted, as a result of he can come throughout as roughly know-it-all-y now and again. However he’s one of these common man in individual.

Holznagel: Ultimate Jeopardy! used to be a triple stumper in regards to the identify of a Sean O’Casey play “The Plough and the Stars.” After, he mentioned, “I’m shocked none of you were given that one. No Sean O’Casey lovers right here?” He used to be plain-spoken, now not in a median approach. Simply in a decent approach.

Leszek Pawlowicz, 1992: The minimum occasions we interacted, he used to be so pleasant and gracious. He mentioned his youngsters — he had simply had considered one of his first youngsters along with his spouse, Jean — and whether or not Los Angeles used to be a excellent position to lift a child.

Lowe: Everybody related the demonstrate with him. By means of this time, he had simply turned into a large a part of American tradition.


In the beginning, it gave the look of the most important tale for “Jeopardy!” within the new millennium could be that Trebek shaved off his mustache in 2001. (“Get a existence,” Trebek answered when his hairless higher lip brought about a minor media meltdown.) Then in 2003, the manufacturers instituted a brand new rule that a contestant may just win a vast quantity of video games, not like the former restriction that capped successful streaks at 5. After which, properly . . .

Matt Ottinger, 2004, Ken Jenning’s 14th sport: I imagine [Trebek] mentioned, “What’s been going down is we begin the demonstrate, Ken wins about $30,000, after which we finish the demonstrate.” He used to be experiencing it in conjunction with us.

Ryan McClaren, 2004, on Ken Jennings’s 21st sport: Within the section the place Alex talks to contestants, whilst speaking to Ken — and it used to be exceptional, as a result of they by no means had any person cross this lengthy — he mentioned one thing like, “Ken, do you will have any questions for me? As a result of I’m working out of items to speak to you about.” I assumed that used to be a adorable approach of addressing that factor with out making too giant of a deal out of it. He requested Alex what he had for breakfast. I believe he mentioned he doesn’t normally have breakfast, possibly a Nutrition Coke.

Rob Kimbro, 2004, on Ken Jennings’s 74th and ultimate successful sport: Ultimate Jeopardy! used to be a in point of fact convoluted query, and I did make Alex ruin and snicker whilst studying my resolution. That made me satisfied, as a result of he’s one of these professional and I were given a snort out of him. . . . Then, [in the next game], in a stunner, Ken misplaced and it used to be pandemonium.

McClaren: I take into accout Alex telling the target market a tale [during a commercial break] about when he used to be in faculty and ingesting such a lot of liters of beer . . . You want to simply see that the target market in point of fact beloved that interplay, to get to look him now not simply because the “Jeopardy!” individual, yet as the overall human.

Kevin Keach, 2001: He put the contestants relaxed . . . He used to be at all times very delightful and speaking to us on the finish whilst the credit had been rolling.

Celeste DiNucci, 2006: His focal point used to be at the sport. There wasn’t a way of Alex as a character outdoor the demonstrate; he used to be very quiet and really personal. But if he used to be there, he used to be there for everyone — for studio target market and for broadcast target market.

Early 2010s

Greater than twenty years into the demonstrate’s run, Trebek wasn’t just a popular culture icon, yet a comforting nightly TV determine on par with Walter Cronkite and Johnny Carson. In 2013, a extremely cited Reader’s Digest ballot of “the 100 most-trusted folks in The united states” indexed Trebek at No. eight. But he at all times stayed humble. For hundreds of thousands of audience, the demonstrate used to be a 30 minutes all over which you have to song out the nervousness of the sector and be soothed by means of minutiae and Trebek’s meticulous, dulcet tones.

Adam Marshall, 2011: I believe to a point, he might type of be grandfathered in from a time when media intake wasn’t as polarized.

Eric Brach, 2014: All sport presentations are apolitical, it’s folks looking to experience a pleasant pageant with stakes from a distance. Other folks don’t watch sport presentations to get riled up — it’s escapist, fantastical a laugh.

Marshall: He in point of fact hardly made any type of errors. All of the time I used to be there, I believe they needed to again up possibly as soon as. Which is in point of fact outstanding as a result of he’s saying quite a lot of languages and correct names, yet didn’t omit a beat.

Caitlin Peruccio, 2013: He mentioned one thing like, “Phil Seymour Hoffman performed [blank] on this film.” Within the business ruin, the manufacturer mentioned, “You learn the clue fallacious.” After which, now not that he berated himself, yet he used to be [clearly upset] he misinterpret it. “Ah, I do know his title is Phillip Seymour Hoffman!” . . . They reshot it, and except you had been there, you could possibly by no means know he reread the query. It used to be little such things as that. Some folks suppose it’s a sexy simple process, yet he did a lot of studying and he took it in point of fact significantly.

And with the upward push of social media, Trebek discovered what it intended to “cross viral” — now not that he participated in that specific tradition.

Arthur Chu, 2014, who made headlines for his competitive technique: Alex, to his nice credit score, by no means created a Twitter account or Instagram account. He by no means did social media issues.

Brach, who used to be within the viral clip of Trebek studying rap lyrics: It used to be nice. You bring to mind this man and he’s at all times been silver-haired ever because you’re a kid . . . then he’s up there throwing some Beastie Boys at you and a few West Coast rap. It’s like, “You’re a kindly previous Canadian grandpa whose favourite film is ‘How Inexperienced Was once My Valley,’ what are you doing?”

Chu: He used to be acutely aware of his symbol and he would poke a laugh at it. He understood it used to be humorous for him to show issues that didn’t appear to suit along with his game-show host character, such as you had been working right into a trainer outdoor of faculty. . . . They haven’t tweaked the system of the demonstrate in years — they by no means grew to become it right into a jazzed-up fact TV model of “Jeopardy!.” I believe Alex Trebek being an icon has so much to do with that.

Past due 2010s

In March 2019, lovers had been devastated when Trebek introduced he have been recognized with Level four pancreatic most cancers. He saved audience up to date on his prognoses and chemotherapy therapies, and used to be candid in regards to the brutal nature of his sickness. Nonetheless, he endured filming, and no person used to be extra disillusioned than him when the demonstrate went on an surprising hiatus because of the coronavirus pandemic. His ultimate day within the studio used to be Oct. 29, lower than per week and a part sooner than he died.

Dhruv Gaur, 2019, who wrote “What’s: We adore you, Alex!” as his Ultimate Jeopardy! resolution: Everybody there may just see Alex used to be having a troublesome time along with his most cancers and used to be feeling a little bit bit discouraged. I simply sought after to precise to him the way it’s now not simply me, yet all folks who’re lovers of the demonstrate and who’ve been at the demonstrate, love and admire his presence.

In a unprecedented second, Trebek visibly choked up. “That’s very type,” he mentioned. “Thanks.”

Gaur: I in point of fact wasn’t anticipating that. You notice Alex Trebek on TV and in actual existence, and he’s probably the most composed, consummate skilled. He’s extremely smart and really witty, yet you don’t see that tremendous emotional facet of him too steadily. I used to be in point of fact shocked and a little bit greatly surprised that what I wrote had that have an effect on.

Burt Thakur, 2020, whose win went viral after he teared up when he advised Trebek “I discovered English as a result of you”: I assumed it used to be a private second; I didn’t even know the cameras had been on. It used to be in reality after the demonstrate, he simply came around and requested a handy guide a rough query and once I advised him that, I assumed I used to be simply telling him . . . He used to be intertwined with my reminiscence of america, my early life reminiscence of coming right here for the primary time. There’s a announcing that on every occasion you meet your heroes, don’t have many nice expectancies since you’ll be dissatisfied. This couldn’t be farther from the reality.

Gilbert Collins, 2018 and 2019: The affection Alex had for what he did, the affection he had for assembly contestants and making issues relaxing for folks within the studio and folks gazing at house — he did this whilst preventing thru actual, actual ache.

Devin Rossiter, 2020: It wasn’t almost about having the ability to see Alex on that degree — it used to be having the ability to see him as he used to be going throughout the biggest battle of his existence, in addition to the encompassing cases with covid.

Cory Barger, 2020: All of us were given covid checks inside per week of being at the set and we had been in point of fact distanced; everybody wore mask apart from for when cameras got here on. We couldn’t get very with reference to Alex or shake arms or anything else like that. It used to be essential to verify he used to be as secure as conceivable. . . . Nevertheless it used to be very thrilling to only be in the similar room, and roughly overwhelming.

Kristin Hucek, 2020: He made some remark off-air about how divided issues are politically. However no matter his private political emotions had been, he noticed it as his process as host of “Jeopardy!” to roughly put that apart and concentrate on one thing that everybody can experience that isn’t divisive.

Thakur: From a cultural point of view, it used to be greater than a quiz demonstrate, greater than a sport demonstrate. For a large number of folks, it used to be an creation into Western tradition itself. . . . As immigrants, we were given to know the cultural zeitgeist of the Western international. Whoever that subsequent host might be is not going to best have giant footwear to fill, yet I am hoping they understand how a lot of an have an effect on that demonstrate has had on such a lot of folks.

Collins: He simply sought after everybody to benefit from the demonstrate, experience studying and the enjoy of “Jeopardy!.” It’s probably the most many stuff that makes it so tough that he’s long gone.

Interviews and statements were edited and condensed for readability.

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