Atticus Lish’s new novel is about manhood, but don’t expect to find any social commentary

Lish makes this sort of melancholy persistently engrossing, partially as a result of he’s so conscientiously poker-faced. Regardless that he writes from an Olympian third-person, he delivers no remark on his characters’ dilemmas, no winking pronouncements or broader messages. His lens is regularly skilled on Corey’s catch 22 situation, Gloria’s failing frame or the atypical friendship that develops between Leonard and Adrian. Lish has an eye fixed for the main points — of Quincy normally and Corey’s house particularly — that’s downright Victorian, a ability he demonstrated in his first novel, 2014’s “Preparation for the Subsequent Existence,” revealed via the indie press Tyrant Books. (Its founder, Giancarlo DiTrapano, who died previous this yr, had an affinity for streetwise writers.) He is aware of a lot of this turf in detail: His mom used to be identified with ALS when she used to be a young person, and he’s fought in MMA fits. He’s additionally nearly been raised for the gig: His father, Gordon Lish, an established literary eminence, is possibly easiest recognized for ruthless enhancing of Raymond Carver tales that ushered within the age of grimy realism within the ’80s.

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