Dad makes his daughter walk 5 miles to school to teach bullying lesson

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Through Elisha Fieldstadt

An Ohio dad made his 10-year-old daughter stroll 5 miles to college within the December chilly to show her a lesson after she used to be kicked off her faculty bus for bullying.

“Let me make this extraordinarily transparent: Bullying is unacceptable, particularly in my family,” Matt Cox stated.

Cox posted a video to his Fb web page Monday of his daughter as she trudged along the street as he adopted in the back of her in his automobile. Through Thursday, greater than 340,000 folks have shared the video, and it is been considered 15 million occasions.

Cox defined within the video that the lady had bullied some other pupil and used to be banned from using her faculty bus for the second one time this faculty yr.

When his daughter advised him about her suspension on Friday, she stated he must pressure her to college.

“As you spot this morning, she is finding out differently,” Cox stated within the video, including that the temperature outdoor used to be 36 levels.

“I do know numerous you oldsters aren’t going to believe this, however this is all proper as a result of I’m doing what I think is true to show my daughter a lesson and to forestall her from bullying,” Cox stated.

Because it grew to become out, many of us did believe Cox’s way.

“I think like such a lot of children are simply now not finding out the rest by means of ‘speaking it out.’ Once in a while movements in point of fact do talk louder than phrases and as I too am discovering,” wrote one one that commented at the video.

Some did criticize the punishment as being too harsh, whilst others agreed with making the lady stroll, however did not assume Cox must have posted publicly about it.

Cox shared that the trek served its function. He wrote his daughter “nonetheless has all her extremities intact is worked up and wholesome and turns out to have a brand new outlook on bullying in addition to a brand new appreciation for one of the vital easy issues in lifestyles she used to take without any consideration.”

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