Dauntless review — exciting combat hamstrung by repetition

Between borrowing the core gameplay loop of Monster Hunter and the free-to-play industry type popularized by way of Fortnite, developer Phoenix Labs makes no secret of the affect at the back of Dauntless. It’s out now for PlayStation four, Xbox One, and PC (I performed the sport on PC). A Transfer model is scheduled to return out later this yr.

On paper, an obtainable motion role-playing sport with out a cost-for-entry barrier sounds improbable. And, for the primary a number of hours, it’s. Dauntless, which lately introduced model 1.zero after a long beta duration, provides some extremely pleasing behemoth-slaying gameplay. The issue is that it briefly turns into boring and repetitive, most commonly because of a loss of gameplay selection.

Till you hit that wall, there’s so much to love. After a handful of hunts in Dauntless, I used to be feeling excellent about my growth. Each and every slain behemoth yielded crafting fabrics that allowed me to briefly improve from my amateur armor and guns, giving me the power had to tackle harder monsters. That central conceit is what drives development, and can most likely decide how lengthy you’re prepared to play. For me, Dauntless began to fizzle a little across the time I used to be in a position to craft guns and units of armor overlaying each and every of the component varieties provide within the sport.

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What you’ll like

Implausible struggle

There are six other component varieties provide: blaze, frost, terra, surprise, radiant, and umbral. Each and every behemoth aligns with certainly one of them, and so they take further harm from the opposing component. Frost, for instance, is susceptible to fireplace, and vice versa. This could also be true for terra/surprise and radiant/umbral. For far of the early sport, gearing up with a purpose to be ready for any component is the carrot at the stick, so that you could talk. The possibility of getting all my bases coated was once strangely motivating. And with a handful of various armor units and guns inside each and every component, there’s no scarcity of objectives to attempt for.

The real looking of behemoths could also be numerous a laugh. Battle is fast moving, and each and every of the guns boasts a novel play genre. On the time of newsletter, there are seven other guns, all with distinct movesets. For instance, the awl favors a slower, extra planned way, whilst the chain blades are a whirlwind of fast slashes. Developer Phoenix Labs surely flexed its inventive muscle mass with some a laugh designs, comparable to a hammer that doubles as a shotgun, and — my private favourite — a spear that may fireplace missiles. For essentially the most phase, each and every weapon is obtainable sufficient that they’re simple to select up and get started doing harm, however boast various intensity for devoted avid gamers taking a look to focus on only one or two.

Rewards for doing just about the rest

Dauntless’ manner of persona development is the mastery gadget. Having a look on the mastery display screen within the menu gifts a sprawling tick list of targets to attempt for. Those come with breaking behemoth portions with particular guns, attaining crafting milestones, slaying a undeniable choice of each and every monster, and extra. The praise for finishing targets is normally enjoy that contributes on your slayer’s general stage.

The upside of the mastery gadget is that it feels such as you’re rewarded for the entirety you do. A hunt normally leads to two or 3 pieces getting checked off the listing, which can also be pleasing for some time. It’s additionally properly categorised with sections for each and every weapon and monster, making it simple to navigate to the duties you’re maximum excited by.

Gamers can take their monster slaying on the go.

Above: Behemoths can also be beautiful giant.

Symbol Credit score: Phoenix Labs

Excellent for brief periods

Hunts are refreshingly bite-sized. I infrequently encountered a quest that lasted greater than 15 to 20 mins, making Dauntless an effective way to kill brief quantities of time. It additionally implies that you’ll be upgrading equipment at a relatively brisk tempo within the early sport. That is most likely a design choice geared toward holding you gambling, and it definitely labored on me. I by no means felt the fatigue that may accompany one of the crucial extra long-winded quests of Monster Hunter.

I want the small environments have been a little extra thrilling, however I used to be by no means left aimlessly wandering via a directionless labyrinth of tunnels both. In all, Dauntless’ compact presentation performs neatly with its meant target audience.

Move-platform play

One among Dauntless’ maximum touted options is its cross-platform play. The sport is to be had on PS4, Xbox One, Transfer, and PC, along with your persona’s development consistent throughout all 4. It’s no longer unusual for matchmaking to put you in a workforce with avid gamers on different platforms, and I didn’t realize any vital lag or technical problems.

What you gained’t like

Repetitive gameplay 

Out of doors of struggle, Dauntless is an sadly sterile enjoy that feels somewhat mechanical. The free-to-play type performs a small position on this because of consistent commercial of a “hunt cross” and purchasable loot bins (the sport calls them cores) that comprise weapon and armor adjustments. Those are commonplace conceits in 2019, alternatively, and are most commonly simple to put out of your mind if you happen to’re in any respect aware of such monetization.

My greatest gripe is with quest structuring. While you’re first dropped into the hub the town of Ramsgate, you obtain a number of quests that are supposed to introduce you to the core tenets of the Dauntless gameplay loop. You’ll hunt first-tier monsters and use the won portions to craft first-tier armor; you’ll acquire a handful of first-tier herbs from the sphere to make first-tier potions. After which, as soon as the ones targets are entire, you’ll do it once more excluding for second-tier behemoths and herbs with out a lot fanfare.


Above: You have got a host of various guns to make a choice from.

Symbol Credit score: Phoenix Labs

A sterile presentation

Quests are offered in a listing layout that can as neatly be an Excel tick list. All of the construction lacks any character, highlighting a disappointing absence of storytelling exacerbated by way of a surroundings ripe with possible. This system of assigning quests lays naked Phoenix Lab’s seeming apathy towards construction an immersive global.

Just like the questing construction, the mastery gadget could also be tiered, which means you’ll be doing the similar factor again and again from the start all of the method to the tip sport. It’s each overwhelming and demotivating, any other look at the back of the curtain at a system extra excited by holding you gambling somewhat than offering any compelling explanation why to take action. I needless to say some avid gamers will to find this tick list genre an interesting method to monitor growth, however to me it seems like a slog.

The most important omission

Given Phoenix Lab’s unabashed appreciation for Monster Hunter, it’s sudden to peer a loss of options borrowed by way of Dauntless. The obvious omission is any more or less a coaching house. Whilst the struggle is forged, the one method to cross hands-on with new guns is out within the box, which means you’ll be stumbling with the ones aether strikers whilst below risk of behemoth assault.

This into-the-fire way leads to two issues: It makes finding out new guns more difficult than vital, and I regularly felt like a detriment to my workforce whilst I fumbled with unfamiliar controls. Ramsgate is in determined want of a space the place avid gamers can be informed a brand new weapon at their very own tempo, and I believe that that is going to be the most important to Dauntless’ skill to draw and retain new avid gamers ultimately.

Styxians in Dauntless.

Above: Styxians in Dauntless.

Symbol Credit score: Phoenix Labs


The largest praise I will be able to give Dauntless is its willingness to shake up the free-to-play formulation. Till now, the industry type has been restricted virtually solely to shooters, MOBAs, and the occasional card sport. Phoenix Labs has constructed essentially the most bold F2P action-RPG this facet of Warframe, and, with some extra polish, it would in reality cross directly to turn out to be one thing particular. At this time, even though, it’s a transparently barebones enjoy with some a laugh struggle layered on.

A lot of your enjoyment goes to be dependent for your skill to place up with the grind and a syllabus-style presentation. For me, all of it feels too mechanical. I don’t recall any of the NPC’s names, and I don’t care to as a result of they’re not anything greater than a supply gadget for piles of repetitive quests. Others would possibly not thoughts, even though, which is superb. I simply want there was once a little extra character on show. Dauntless is a residing sport, even though, and Confidently Phoenix Labs can refine its presentation someday.

I sought after very badly to like Dauntless, and for a time I believe I did because of the improbable struggle and weapon selection. However the loss of any actual storytelling makes the repetitive questing construction a obvious factor in determined want of a few TLC. If you happen to’re in search of a brand new go-to F2P enjoy, you have to do a lot worse — simply don’t be expecting a global soaking wet teeming with lore and compelling characters.

Rating: 75/100

Dauntless is out no for PlayStation four, Xbox One, and PC. We reviewed the sport on PC with a VIP Package deal code equipped by way of the developer that integrated in-game pieces and foreign money.

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