Dave Chappelle's 5 most controversial jokes from 'The Closer' Netflix special

Dave Chappelle is dealing with immense backlash over jokes he made all the way through his 6th and doubtlessly ultimate standup particular for Netflix’s “The Nearer.” 

The comic, 48, is being criticized via many within the LGBTQ+ group for apparently doubling down on feedback he made concerning the transgender group in his earlier particular “Sticks & Stones,” and he’s proven no indicators of contrition since distinguished LGBTQ+ organizations have spoken out towards each him and Netflix for giving him a platform. 

With such a lot debate and controversy surrounding the comic, some could also be puzzled as to what precisely he mentioned that induced such a lot scorn. To lend a hand stay the controversy in context, underneath is a rundown of the highest five maximum debatable jokes from Chappelle’s “The Nearer.”

Addressing earlier feedback

Dave Chappelle caught backlash for comments he made on his recent Netflix special ‘The Closer.’

Dave Chappelle stuck backlash for feedback he made on his contemporary Netflix particular ‘The Nearer.’
(Mathieu Bitton/Netflix)

The explanation such a lot of folks assume that Chappelle is doubling down on previous feedback is that he devoted kind of the ultimate 3rd of his comedy particular to discuss LGBTQ+ problems, particularly in relation to the transgender group. He up to now stuck backlash for feedback made on each “Sticks & Stones” in addition to his different Netflix specials. All the way through a portion of this newest particular, Chappelle argued that anybody who used to be really being attentive to his previous paintings would know that he wasn’t ever in fact speaking concerning the transgender group when he used to be making them the butt of his jokes. 

“I’ve by no means had an issue with transgender folks,” he broadcasts. “If you happen to concentrate to what I’m announcing, obviously my downside has at all times been with White folks.” 


He added: “Return, return this night, after the display … I mentioned, ‘How a lot do I’ve to take part on your self-image?’ I mentioned, ‘You shouldn’t speak about this in entrance of Black folks,’ ‘I do know n——s in Brooklyn who put on excessive heels simply to really feel protected,’ I requested you why is it more uncomplicated for Bruce Jenner to modify his gender than it’s for Cassius Clay to modify his title?”

“I’m no longer even speaking about them, I’m speaking about us they usually don’t concentrate.” 

Protecting J.Okay. Rowling

Dave Chappelle defended J.K. Rowling during his latest Netflix special 'The Closer.'

Dave Chappelle defended J.Okay. Rowling all the way through his newest Netflix particular ‘The Nearer.’
(Getty Photographs/AP)

Whilst Chappelle apparently had a protection for his previous feedback, numerous individuals who tuned into “The Nearer” discovered his feedback protecting “Harry Potter” writer J.Okay. Rowling indefensible. 

“They canceled J.Okay. Rowling – my God,” Chappelle says in his particular. “Successfully, she mentioned gender used to be a reality, the trans group were given mad as (expletive), they began calling her a TERF.”


“TERF” is a time period that many critics have implemented to Rowling that stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” It pertains to any individual who believes in feminism however does no longer come with transgender girls as a part of their non-public trust or activism at the subject. 

“They have a look at transgender girls the way in which we Blacks have a look at Blackface,” Chappelle explains. “They cross ‘oh, this b—- is doing an affect of me!’”

That’s when Chappelle proudly declared that he too identifies as a “TERF.” 

‘Gender is a reality’

Dave Chappelle as featured in Netflix's ‘The Closer.’

Dave Chappelle as featured in Netflix’s ‘The Nearer.’
(Mathieu Bitton/Netflix)

The comic then spent a couple of mins harping at the organic sides of gender, discounting what many critics and transgender activists have argued reduces the dialog to mere biology reasonably than the social constructs of gender. 


“Each and every human being on this room, each human being on Earth needed to move during the legs of a lady to be on Earth, that may be a reality,” Chappelle says within the particular. “Now It’s not that i am announcing that to mention that trans girls aren’t girls. I’m simply announcing that the ones p—–s that they were given … you already know what I imply?” I’m no longer announcing it’s no longer p—-, however that’s like past p—- or unattainable p—-.”

DaBaby controversy

Dace Chappelle spoke about rapper DaBaby in his recent Netflix special.

Dace Chappelle spoke about rapper DaBaby in his contemporary Netflix particular.
(Mathieu Bitton/Netflix)

Chappelle pulled no punches in mocking the LGBTQ+ group for “canceling” DaBaby after he made homophobic feedback at a up to date Miami-area live performance. He used to be pressured to make a number of apologies as grievance ended in him being dropped from the Lollapalooza lineup.

In “The Nearer,” Chappelle famous that the rapper, whose actual title is Jonathan Kirk, suffered extra profession strife from the homophobic feedback than from a 2018 capturing he dedicated that left a 19-year-old lifeless.


“A part of the LGBTQ+ group does not know DaBaby’s historical past,” Chappelle says. “He as soon as shot [19-year-old Jaylin Craig] and killed him, in Walmart. That is true.”

“DaBaby shot and killed a [man] in Walmart in North Carolina. Not anything dangerous took place to his profession,” he endured. “Do you spot the place I am going with this? In our nation, you’ll shoot and kill a [man], however you higher no longer harm a homosexual individual’s emotions.”

Fox46 reported on the time that the costs within the capturing had been dropped after a key witness didn’t display as much as testify. DaBaby claims that Craig used to be looking to rob him, however his circle of relatives says that used to be no longer the case. 

In October 2019, the Grammy-nominated rapper instructed Billboard, “I don’t lose no sleep” over the capturing that he mentioned used to be “unavoidable.”

Calling a truce

Dave Chappelle spoke directly to the LGBTQ+ community to close out his special.

Dave Chappelle spoke immediately to the LGBTQ+ group to near out his particular.
(Mathieu Bitton/Netflix)

A large number of Chappelle’s particular used to be devoted to speaking about his previous jokes concerning the LGBTQ+ group and the following controversy it sparked. He closed his particular with a notice about empathy and the way it does no longer belong to any unmarried group. Despite the fact that he intended it as a rebuke of cancel tradition, he in the end pivoted again to the LGBTQ+ group. Because of this, regardless of spending numerous time in his particular discussing the group, he famous that he would no longer be discussing it any more. 

“It’s not that i am telling some other shaggy dog story about you till we’re each certain that we’re guffawing in combination. I’m telling you, I’m finished, I’m finished speaking about,” he concluded. “All I ask out of your group, with all humility, will you please forestall punching down on my folks.”


For context, the word “punching down” is generally reserved for when any individual of excessive fame makes use of a platform to mock an individual or group with a decrease fame. All through “The Nearer,” Chappelle famous how the word frustrated him when it used to be implemented to his feedback at the LGBTQ+ group via his critics. Because of this, the slight truce he used to be providing flipped that script and implied that the group at huge used to be able to canceling high-profile folks like him, and subsequently sits within the high-status seat.

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