DTA certifies four cloud providers to store sensitive government data

4 cloud suppliers have gained qualified strategic standing underneath the Australian authorities’s internet hosting certification framework (HCF). The corporations are Amazon Internet Products and services, AUCloud, Sliced Tech, and Vault Cloud.

The Virtual Transformation Company (DTA) decided on those firms as a part of the primary wave of cloud suppliers to obtain the qualified strategic standing.

The HCF is accountable for a brand new virtual infrastructure provider throughout the DTA, which involves assessing and measuring provide chain dangers offered by way of internet hosting suppliers, and figuring out requirements, measures, and timelines to succeed in the federal government’s desired internet hosting requirements.

In step with the Minister accountable for whole-of-government knowledge and virtual coverage Stuart Robert, the HCF positions the government “as an exemplar in knowledge coverage and demonstrates our persisted dedication to safeguarding the protection and privateness coverage of government-held knowledge”.

All related authorities knowledge underneath the framework can simplest be saved in both qualified confident or qualified strategic suppliers.

In June, Australian Information Centres (ADC), Canberra Information Centres (CDC), and Macquarie Telecom’s Canberra Campus turned into the primary 3 knowledge centre suppliers qualified to retailer delicate knowledge in the community.

The June certifications have been for the qualified confident standing, on the other hand, moderately than the qualified strategic standing. The variation between the 2 is that qualified strategic standing is for cloud suppliers and the qualified confident standing is for knowledge centre suppliers.

Those are the primary set of qualified cloud suppliers for the government since July final yr, after its earlier qualified cloud listing was once scrapped upon suggestions made by way of the Australian Indicators Directorate.

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