Dungeons And Dragons Has A New Collectible That's Exceptionally Weird

Dungeons & Dragons is stuffed with larger-than-life characters, mystical parts, and out-of-the-ordinary pieces. And whilst WizKids has been generating collectibles in keeping with content material from D&D books for years—-it’s now shifting into pieces that may not assist your marketing campaign however will glance nice in your shelf. And arriving this February is the Hand and Eye of Vecna, which is–simply put–a severed hand retaining an eyeball.

For just a little background from D&D lore, Vecna was once an impressive wizard who used darkish magic to create a horrific empire. Scared of his eventual death–as he was once a mortal–Vecna realized from the demon prince of undeath, Orcus, the right way to continue to exist after demise as a lich. Vecna was the best of all liches, however his lieutenant, Kas, discovered a approach to defeat him. And all that is still of Vecna is his left hand and eye–both coveted pieces with magical talents. WizKids despatched us the collectible somewhat early to try, and you’ll be able to see the footage of it beneath.

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The WizKids collectible comes with the hand, the attention, a tumbler jar and wood stand, a steel cord mount, and a work of material to hide the mount. The attention suits between the palms of the hand, with just a little assist from a magnet. How a lot does one thing like this value? $130, and whilst it’s to be had for preorder on Amazon, there is not an legitimate WizKids Retailer list on the time of this writing.

Whilst it appears to be like cool, there have been a few minor drawbacks we discovered whilst checking this piece out. The attention is held between a couple of palms at the Hand of Vecna as a result of the magic of magnetism, however any little bump–like when hanging it at the shelf–made the attention fall out of the hand. This was once rectified through pushing the attention between the palms just a little. There have been additionally some minor problems getting the cord give a boost to stand into the wood base, however bending the cord helped so much with retaining it in position.

Then again, the Hand and Eye of Vecna is surprisingly gorgeous and essentially the most abnormal and macabre piece WizKids has produced up to now. It is a severed hand and eye from a wizard that sought after everlasting existence at complete scale. However that does not imply D&D fanatics will have to cross this one through. It is extraordinarily detailed and an ideal dialogue piece for fanatics of the tabletop RPG. Whilst Venca’s frame portions might not be marketed as a part of your day-to-day gameplay, it may well be utilized by a DM if these things are a part of a quest. A bodily illustration of those magical pieces may upload just a little little bit of spice in your adventure–and who hasn’t pretended that your cube dangerous is a Bag of Preserving at one level?

The Hand and Eye of Vecna from WizKids is coming to retail outlets in February.

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