Every Weapon Location and Upgrade You Can Get in Rage 2

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Rage 2 is all about inflicting mayhem together with your large arsenal of guns. Beneath is a operating listing of the entire Rage 2 guns.

View and Obtain the Weapon Places Map Right here

Notice: At release, this weapon is handiest to be had to those that bought the Deluxe or Restricted-Version of Rage 2.

After you whole the academic of the sport, you can download your Ranger outfit, get the Phoenix automobile, and start to go away Vineland on the lookout for lend a hand as you start to discover the Twisting Canyons area of the Barren region.

As you do, you will be notified that sure bonuses are actually energetic – and this may occasionally come with the BFG 9000. Stay a watch out within the sky – and also you must see a big crimson meteorite rocket down in entrance of Vineland to crash into one of the most hillside that is simply North of Vineland at the second one 3 method intersection at the proper.

Search for the scorched earth and you can discover a sparkling house with a big crimson rock that is cracked open – and throughout the cracked meteorite you can to find the BFG 9000, in a position to head!

For those who ignored the weapon when first leaving Vineland – to not concern, the meteorite will keep in position in conjunction with the weapon till you select it up.

Notice that the BFG can handiest hang 7 ammo, and handiest weapon distributors in business settlements promote BFG Plasma Pills for $1,000 in step with tablet.

Gun Description: A powerhouse of a weapon, neatly worthy of expletives. Emits an enormous explosion that rips and tears thru no matter is in its trail.

The Sidewinder Pistol is given to you robotically as a part of the The Ranger tale undertaking.

Gun Description: a trusty sidearm for Enclave workforce. Packs sufficient punch to forestall a mutant in its tracks.

The Ranger Attack Rifle is given to you robotically as a part of The Ranger tale undertaking.

Gun Description: Complete-automatic, prime speed rifle in Ranger configuration. Flexible and sturdy.

The Battle Shotgun comes from the Gunbarrel Sewers Ark as a part of the primary marketing campaign. In particular, this occurs all over the primary tale undertaking for John Marshall referred to as Blackout.

Gun Description:Strengthened and head shielded battle shotgun. Fatal up shut in opposition to unarmored fools.

The Sensible Rocket Launcher is positioned within the Strongbox Ark within the Torn Plains area.

Gun Description: Fires Prime Explosive missiles. Goal to fasten onto goals.

The Grav-Dart Launcher is positioned within the Needle Falls Ark in The Wilds area.

Gun Description: Spray goal stuffed with grav-darts – then throw them round like ragdolls.

Firestorm Revolver Location[edit]

The Firestorm Revolver is positioned within the Dank Catacomb Ark.

Gun Description: Brief vary, tough amusing, with incendiary rounds that connect themselves to no matter they hit. Use exchange hearth mode to remove darkness from your goal.

The Hyper-Cannon is positioned within the Greenhaven Ark.

Gun Description: Can also be fired with a unmarried cause pull, but if aimed, it may be charged prior to launching to devastating impact. Best possible used as a primary strike weapon over vary.

The Charged Pulse Cannon is positioned within the Shrouded Vault Ark.

Gun Description: Fireplace super-heated power bolts at your enemies and soften faces.

The Settler’s Pistol is a preorder bonus. It is rewarded to you after finishing the Cult of the Demise God major marketing campaign undertaking.

Gun Description: A Wastelander vintage, the Settler Pistol is as crude as it’s efficient. Whilst it makes use of standard-issue pistol ammunition, the Settler’s sheer firing pressure packs an enormous punch and is certain to position a good-sized hollow in whoever is in the best way.

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