Farmlife roguelike Atomicrops' Epic exclusivity is ending, and it's adding new stuff

Atomicrops is not like the ones different farmlife sims the place you inherit your grandfather’s farm. No, in Atomicrops you inherit your lifeless uncle’s farm. It is totally other! In truth, what makes it other is that once you inherit that farm a nuclear struggle begins and you’ve got to protect your farm from mutants each evening, operating your manner via seasonal bosses till you’re making it to Nuclear Iciness. Or die attempting and get started once more.

It left early get admission to on Might 28, however was once unique to the Epic Video games Retailer. That exclusivity ends quickly, and it is going to be launching on Steam and GOG on September 17. To have a good time the instance, builders Fowl Tub Video games are updating Atomicrops so as to add a lot of new weapons, upgrades, characters, and a tunneler tractor that may tunnel again on your farm. The Steam model could also be getting leaderboards and day-to-day demanding situations.

When our Chris Livingston performed Atomicrops in early get admission to, he arrived on the conclusion that, “Individually, I am not certain I am minimize out for farming within the post-apocalypse—there is way more capturing than gardening in Atomicrops, and I favor a farm the place the one risk is tipping over my tractor. However Atomicrops is amusing and fantastically animated, particularly the more than a few greens you develop, that have faces (or a minimum of eyes) they usually all leap and wiggle round excitedly within the irradiated soil when it is time so that you can harvest them.”

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