Fastest-moving animal in the world is… an ant

The fastest-moving animal on the earth has been printed – and scientists say pace is not all the time influenced by means of dimension.

Referred to as the dracula ant, its jaws snap close five,000 instances quicker than the blink of an eye fixed at 200mph.

The tiny insect is conveniently forward of the cheetah, whose list working pace is 60mph.

Researchers imagine the ants, present in Africa, Australia and southeast Asia, use their abruptly accelerating jaws to ruin into doable prey.

Entomologist Professor Andrew Suarez, from the College of Illinois, stated: “Their robust jaws paintings like a mousetrap, with the exception of the latch and spring mechanism are multi functional.

“The ants use this movement to smack different arthropods, most likely surprising them, smashing them towards a tunnel wall or pushing them away.”


As a substitute of pushing their jaws in combination, dracula ants slide one around the different in a movement that takes 23 microseconds.

He added: “Even amongst ants that power-amplify their jaws, the dracula ants are distinctive – as an alternative of the usage of 3 other portions for the spring, latch and lever arm, all 3 are mixed within the mandible.”

They use venom to stun their prey that are then introduced again to the colony for the larvae to feed upon.

They’re known as dracula ants after Depend Dracula, the fictitious vampire, because of their extraordinary feeding behavior.

Queens and staff follow a type of “non-destructive cannablism”, which comes to chewing holes into and feeding at the haemolymph, insect “blood”, of the colony’s personal pupae and larvae.

Dracula ants had been came upon in 1994 – and at 200mph, their jaw movement is thrice quicker than trap-jaw ants – the former record-holders.

The findings had been revealed within the magazine Royal Society Open Science.

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