First funeral held using ‘living coffin’ made of mushroom fibre

After months of checking out, the primary funeral has taken position within the Netherlands the usage of a fast-composting “residing coffin” manufactured from mycelium, the mat of fibres that bureaucracy the underground a part of fungi.

“I didn’t in truth pass, however I talked to a relative previously – it was once a transferring second, we mentioned the cycle of lifestyles,” Bob Hendrikx, the founding father of Loop, the startup generating the Dwelling Cocoon, instructed the Metro newspaper.

“He had misplaced his mom, however he was once glad as a result of because of this field, she’s going to go back to nature and can quickly be residing like a tree. It was once a hopeful dialog.”

Hendrikx, a 26-year-old biodesigner who studied on the Technical College of Delft, instructed native media that the Dwelling Cocoon allowed “other folks to develop into one with nature once more. We will enrich the soil as an alternative of polluting it.”

Mycelium is “nature’s recycler”, Hendrikx mentioned. Now not best does it neutralise toxins and supply contemporary meals to the whole thing rising above flooring, however its fibres can be utilized to make anything else from meals to garments and packaging – together with coffins.

“Mycelium is repeatedly on the lookout for waste merchandise – oil, plastic, metals, different pollution – and changing them into vitamins for the surroundings,” he mentioned. “This coffin way we in truth feed the earth with our our bodies. We’re vitamins, now not waste.”

Hendrikx mentioned the method wherein a human frame in a conventional coffin turns into compost can frequently take a decade or extra, slowed through the varnished wooden and metals of the casket and artificial clothes, which is able to take even longer to collapse.

A mycelium coffin will probably be absorbed again into the soil inside a month or six weeks, he mentioned, actively contributing to the whole decomposition of the frame it incorporates and enriching the encircling soil high quality – all inside a duration of 2 to a few years.

Loop is operating with scientists to measure the affect of human our bodies on soil high quality, with a view, Hendrikx mentioned, to “convincing policymakers to transform polluted spaces into wholesome forests – with our our bodies as vitamins”.

Running in collaboration with two funeral cooperatives in The Hague, the startup has made 10 coffins at a value of about €1,250 (£1,150) every. It expects the fee to fall considerably as manufacturing intensifies and, Hendrikx hopes, mycelium caskets develop into “a brand new customary”.

Each and every Dwelling Cocoon takes a number of weeks to shape because the mycelium mat grows within the form of a coffin and is then allowed to dry naturally. Once it’s uncovered to damp soil once more it comes again to lifestyles and starts the decomposition procedure.

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