FontOnLake malware strikes Linux systems in targeted attacks

A logo of malware that has up to now long past undetected is being utilized in centered assaults in opposition to Linux programs. 

In keeping with researchers from cybersecurity company ESET, the malware, named FontOnLake, seems to be well-designed and whilst underneath energetic building already contains faraway get admission to choices, credential robbery options, and is in a position to initialize proxy servers. 

FontOnLake samples first seemed on VirusTotal in Would possibly 2020 however the command-and-control (C2) servers connected to those information are disabled, which the researchers say is also because of the uploads. 

The researchers added that Linux programs centered by means of the malware is also positioned in spaces together with Southeast Asia.  

ESET believes the operators are “overly wary” about being stuck and their actions uncovered as nearly all samples bought use other C2 server addresses and a number of ports. Moreover, the malware’s authors employ C/C++ and numerous third-party libraries akin to Spice up and Protobuf. 

FontOnLake is modular malware that harnesses customized binaries to contaminate a system and to execute malicious code. Whilst ESET remains to be investigating FontOnLake, the company says that amongst its identified elements are trojanized apps which might be used to load backdoors, rootkits, and to gather data.

“Patches of the programs are perhaps implemented at the supply code stage, which signifies that the programs will have to were compiled and changed the unique ones,” the staff says. 

In general, 3 backdoors have additionally been attached to FontOnLake. The backdoors are all written in C++ and create a bridge to the similar C2 for information exfiltration. As well as, they can factor “heartbeat” instructions to stay this connection energetic. 

FontOnLake is at all times joined with a kernel-mode rootkit to handle patience on an inflamed Linux system. In accordance to Avast, the rootkit is in accordance with the open supply Suterusu challenge. 

Tencent and Lacework Labs have additionally revealed analysis on what seems to be the similar pressure of malware. ESET has additionally launched a technical whitepaper (.PDF) inspecting FontOnLake. 

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