Full Q&A: Casey Newton and Louie Swisher on the 300th episode of Recode Decode

The newest episode of Recode Decode with Kara Swisher is a bit of of a milestone: It’s our 300th episode! To rejoice, Kara invited her older son Louie, in addition to the Verge’s Silicon Valley editor Casey Newton, to discuss the state of social media, how their tech conduct are converting and why Casey thinks 2019 would be the 12 months we spend much less time posting publicly on-line and extra time in non-public workforce chats.

“In the event you communicate to other folks about the type of social interactions they in reality like, it’s workforce textual content, whether or not it’s an iMessage, whether or not it’s in your Snapchat, speaking to a small workforce of pals, precisely who’s there, you’ll proportion your in-jokes, you don’t must pose for other folks, you’ll simply be dumb, there’s none of this force,” he mentioned. “In the event you use an app like Snapchat, all the ones chats can simply disappear, they’re now not going to hang-out you ceaselessly, or perhaps you simply use iMessage and end-to-end encrypted and you are feeling such as you’re most likely going to be nice.”

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Beneath, we’ve shared a calmly edited complete transcript of Kara’s dialog with Casey and Louie.

Kara Swisher: Hello, I’m Kara Swisher, editor at huge of Recode. It’s possible you’ll know me as any individual who has finished greater than 300 of those freakin podcasts, that is our 300th podcast right here at Recode Decode. However in my spare time I communicate tech, and also you’re being attentive to Recode Decode from the Vox Media Podcast Community.

To rejoice this august tournament as of late, within the crimson chair now we have two returning fan favorites, my older son Louie Swisher and Silicon Valley Editor of The Verge, Casey Newton. Each my youngsters. No, they’re now not.

They gave the impression in combination a host of instances on my outdated podcast, Too Embarrassed To Ask with Lauren Goode, and as of late we’re going to discuss tech tendencies, social media and what the younger peoples are the usage of this present day, which might be Casey. Louie and Casey, welcome to the display.

Casey Newton: Great to be right here. And I simply sought after to congratulate you, Kara, on an enormous 12 months for Recode, , having Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and me and Louie, multi function 12 months.

I do know.

Casey Newton: What an enormous 12 months you’ve had.

Louie Swisher: We’re kinda the highest tier, despite the fact that.

I do know you might be, I do know, you in reality are, in comparison … smartly in reality, Elon is beautiful excellent. And it’d be humorous to look you and Elon discussing issues. We’ll speak about him too, we’ll speak about … there’s lot of items we need to speak about, and Louie made the plea to me that he doesn’t need to do “what the younger peoples are pondering” kinda factor, as a result of he does now not constitute the entire younger, proper? Is that proper?

Louie Swisher: I imply, you simply requested me about it prior to, and I believe like I will speak about different issues too.

K, ok, ‘motive you’re increasing as a person, ok. However so Casey will maintain the juvenile teenage …

Louie Swisher: Casey can also be our resident teenager.

Casey Newton: Precisely, all teenager query, please direct them my means.

So now we have a large number of stuff to head over. I do have first of all a large tale this 12 months, which is Fb, and the mess at Fb, and I’d simply like to get either one of your insights on what’s happening.

I do know, Louie, you don’t use Fb, however you utilize Instagram, and I don’t know for those who use Whatsapp. There’s a variety of fiddle Fb, so Casey, ideas? You will have a great — identify your e-newsletter, which is improbable.

Casey Newton: Smartly thanks, I write a day by day e-newsletter about social networks and democracy, it’s known as The Interface, you’ll to find it at TheVerge.com/interface. And within the e-newsletter, which I ship out each day of the week, we kind of move over what took place with those giant social networks, particularity because it pertains to what governments are doing about them as they’re seeking to perceive them, and perhaps in the end keep watch over them.

However in your level, Fb has had a actually, actually tricky 12 months, and after I communicate to parents there … , this present day there’s roughly a way of, I feel, some actual being worried about what’s coming down the pike for them. I feel they notice they’ve misplaced a large number of agree with with their customers and they’re seeking to win it again.

Folks internally.

Casey Newton: Yeah, completely.

Do they’ve any sense of accountability?

Casey Newton: Sure, I feel they do. I feel in addition they really feel unfairly centered, on occasion.

Yeah, they’re, they’re sufferers.

Casey Newton: They really feel like they’re scapegoats, and I feel one downside is that Fb is so giant and it’s so consequential and it has such a lot of results on such a lot of various things, that while you’re speaking about “Fb” it’s a must to make sure that each individuals are speaking about the similar factor, correct? ‘Motive Fb could be chargeable for something, and it in reality will not be chargeable for one thing else, however actually kinda nailing that down is tricky simply because it’s such a huge corporate.

I’m occupied with their victimization, it’s hard to me, find it irresistible used to be the sort of other reaction with the Google other folks as opposed to the Fb other folks only in the near past.

Casey Newton: Proper.

I name them docile, they’re simply docile cult contributors.

Casey Newton: Smartly, right here’s one thing I need to communicate to you about as a result of I in reality disagreed with one among your columns lately.

Did you?

Casey Newton: And I sought after to discuss it, so …

You’re out.

Casey Newton: Yeah, I do know.

You’re out.

Casey Newton: Yeah, I do know, that is my remaining look at the podcast. So, the newest Fb scandal that your listeners have most likely heard of is what I’ve been calling the Definers scandal, which used to be they employed a public family members company to focus on George Soros in ways in which so much …

Amongst others.

Casey Newton: Amongst others.

Critics, critics of Fb.

Casey Newton: Yeah, goal critics in ways in which some other folks have mentioned have been actually anti-Semitic and this result in many indignant op-eds. And one thing that folks mentioned within the wake of that used to be, let’s actually center of attention on Sheryl Sandberg’s position right here.


Casey Newton: Folks have written again and again about Mark Zuckerberg’s position on this, however Sheryl Sandberg kind of runs the coverage and communications store and so some other folks have mentioned, it’s time for her to actually get out in entrance of this and provide an explanation for herself. And also you wrote a column through which you mentioned, or no less than the best way I learn it used to be like, other folks want to prevent specializing in Sheryl Sandberg as a result of …

No, I mentioned she used to be a lot accountable and I mentioned it thrice, I in reality did it thrice, which individuals … she will be able to’t say she’s sorry sufficient, what I imply? My level used to be that Elliot Schrage, who used to be in reality in rate, and possibly employed those … it’s an Elliot particular to … no matter used to be happening, and if Elliot, this used to be his doing.

And he got here out like a faithful member that fell on his sword. I’m like, he created the placement, however he must do this. And in order that used to be what … after which no one’s discussed Chris Cox, who runs, what’s his …

Casey Newton: He’s the top of product.

Head of product, that no one has discussed Schroep, who’s pretty, no one’s discussed the CLO, any of them. None of them get … and Rose, some of these individuals who all had a hand on this stuff, they only don’t point out her. I am getting that she’s kind of the high-profile consumer, however he will get let off like he’s some geek, like I mentioned, misplaced within the woods, and so they get no point out, and he or she will get … the phrases round her are she’s a Cruella DeVille, that’s all I’m announcing, that’s what I used to be speaking about.

Casey Newton: And also you’re correct, and glance let’s face it, a large number of the complaint that Sheryl Sandberg will get is actually gendered, and I feel we must be actually delicate to that, and I feel it’s actually simple for other folks to discuss her in a misogynist means. On the identical time, I felt like …

She merits accountability.

Casey Newton: And in addition I felt just like the scrutiny that she’s confronted over this has lasted for roughly 5 mins, and I simply suppose that the executive working officer of a large corporate can take it. I additionally suppose we must speak about what position Chris Cox could have performed.

And Mark. Mark controls the whole lot, that’s my best factor. The opposite day, Sheryl used to be in comparison to Jeff Skilling at Enron. Jeff Skilling used to be the CEO. Like, prevent! Come on, Mark must be in comparison to Jeff Skilling, however they don’t do this, that’s all I’m announcing is that he owns the entire corporate’s … he controls the inventory, he’s the CEO, he’s the founder, he clearly controls large sway over a wide variety of industrial, for him to head, “I don’t know”? It’s simply that’s how they do it. Like he’s some geek who’s misplaced.

Louie, let me flip to you. Do you care in any respect about Fb in anyway?

Louie Swisher: Oh, no, and I do know none of this. That is the primary I’m listening to of any of this.

All correct, so that you don’t care, it doesn’t impact you since you’re now not the usage of it anyway. Have you ever modified your thoughts on any facet of Fb? You by no means used it.

Louie Swisher: No, I nonetheless don’t use it.


Casey Newton: Let us know, what’s the primary means that you simply keep involved with other folks you care about?

Louie Swisher: I mentioned this prior to, like on Snapchat and textual content and stuff, however I’ve kinda actually lately simply been decreasing my Snapchat intake, like I went on a travel for Thanksgiving and I used to be with out web for every week, after which I simply discovered over the travel, I don’t actually want any of this social media stuff, you’ll get too stuck up in it. And so I’ve been like decreasing my Snapchat use.

And why?

Louie Swisher: As it’s kinda silly.

That means?

Louie Swisher: Sending footage of your face backward and forward, like positive, however like …

Yeah, however you have been doing that ceaselessly.

Louie Swisher: I used to be doing that ceaselessly, after which had an epiphany, I suppose.

In Cuba.

Louie Swisher: In Cuba, epiphany in Cuba.

What do you imply “silly?” Do you suppose you’ll prevent the usage of it, or when …

Louie Swisher: I imply, I don’t suppose I’m going to prevent the usage of it, there’s nonetheless nice techniques, I feel like the crowd chats and I really like that so much, and prefer how …

Getting in combination.

Louie Swisher: Now not the entire knowledge is stored, and find it irresistible’s now not … the textual content feels extra formal, in a way, and Snapchat’s extra casual. I really like that facet. However simply the entire obsession with streaks and different stuff, I’m now not actually … I believed it used to be silly for some time however I used to be nonetheless doing it, after which now I’ve the excuse to not do it anymore.

So what is going to you utilize?

Louie Swisher: I imply, simply speaking to other folks, I suppose, in consumer.

Oh. that.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, that outdated factor.

That outdated factor. We used to try this, telephone. You communicate to other folks at the telephone, despite the fact that, so much, correct?

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I Facetime so much however I additionally similar to speaking to other folks in consumer as an alternative of simply sending an image of your face backward and forward, being like, “Oh guy, I Snapchatted this consumer however anxious to speak to them in consumer,” I feel it’s higher to take step one and simply communicate to that … and determine like an in-person relation.

So that you’re the analog era, necessarily.

Louie Swisher: I don’t know what that implies.

It way in-person.

Louie Swisher: Oh, ok. No, no we’re surely now not, however I feel we must have a push to begin that and check out to reestablish that.

What do your folks suppose, despite the fact that? What are they doing?

Louie Swisher: I don’t suppose they actually care.

They don’t care, they’re simply the usage of the Snapchat.

Louie Swisher: They’re simply the usage of Snap … it’s as much as the person, I feel, in the event that they need to use it.

However none of you utilize Fb, on your college?

Louie Swisher: No, no, no one makes use of Fb.

No person makes use of Fb, however you all use Instagram nonetheless?

Louie Swisher: I imply yeah, however I feel Instagram is a much like, I’ve heard this so much prior to, it’s like an overly perfected projected type of your self that you need other folks to suppose …

What did you name it to me? You had a really perfect time period.

Louie Swisher: I don’t take note.

A museum.

Louie Swisher: Oh, yeah I suppose, it’s a museum of like photographs of what you would like you seemed like or what you need other folks to suppose you seem like. And I feel that’s, in some way, kinda foolish, it’s very foolish in reality, it’s kinda silly. I feel other folks simply want to prevent being concerned about others, ‘motive everyone has the similar anxieties and stuff over that, and if all of us discovered that … and that’s what I noticed, that we’re all nervous and stuff, what our Snapchats appear to be, what our Instagrams appear to be. As soon as everyone realizes that, we’ll notice the stupidity in it, and I feel we’ll most likely get again to what the apps have been supposed to be at their truest shape.

Casey Newton: I’ve a sizzling take about social media.

K, sizzling take, ok. Sizzling take.

Casey Newton: In 2019, I feel 2019 is the go back of the crowd chat. In the event you communicate to other folks about the type of social interactions they in reality like, it’s workforce textual content, whether or not it’s an iMessage, whether or not it’s in your Snapchat, speaking to a small workforce of pals, precisely who’s there, you’ll proportion your in-jokes, you don’t must pose for other folks, you’ll simply be dumb, there’s none of this force. In the event you use an app like Snapchat, all the ones chats can simply disappear, they’re now not going to hang-out you ceaselessly, or perhaps you simply use iMessage and end-to-end encrypted and you are feeling such as you’re most likely going to be nice.

However I feel increasingly more increasingly more individuals are simply going to need to workforce chat and now not concern about the remainder of the whole lot that social media has to supply.

What do you suppose, Mr. Swisher?

Louie Swisher: I believe that.

Yeah. And you utilize that simply to speak with pals, correct?

Louie Swisher: I imply, I truthfully to find myself …

Let me simply say, you’re on that telephone so much.

Louie Swisher: However now not up to Alex.

No, that’s true. Our 13-year-old now has unexpectedly began texting, he’s texting, which is fascinating. That’s cool, it’s like hiya, he has pals.

Louie Swisher: He in reality added me to his workforce chat lately, I wasn’t actually keen on being in a gaggle chat with a host a 13-year-olds. I attempted to depart on a number of events however they stored including me again.

Casey Newton: What are 13-year-olds speaking about in workforce chats presently?

“Hiya dude.”

Louie Swisher: I don’t know, I don’t know, lots of the phrases are like, now not phrases.

They prefer a large number of emojis, correct?

Louie Swisher: Oh no, no, it’s similar to, I don’t even know …

Casey Newton: It’s a host of slang phrases.

Louie Swisher: Slang phrases that I don’t even get. I’m beginning to really feel just like the older era now, like I don’t perceive what those phrases imply.

Was once there emojis?

Louie Swisher: I imply, yeah. Like, now not that many.

They maintain placing you again at the workforce chat?

Louie Swisher: Yeah and I stay seeking to go away! It’s what you get in case you have a 13-year-old brother, I suppose.

I do know, however you want to get in there and be cool older brother, after which go away.

Louie Swisher: I am the cool older brother.

I do know however say some, “hiya dudes,” like one thing like that.

Louie Swisher: I feel me seeking to go away the chat, I don’t know, like …

Casey Newton: I feel you must keep within the chat however best say like, “Hiya children, don’t do medicine.” You realize, simply a large number of sure messages, “Hiya, do your homework,” , that roughly factor.

Louie Swisher: Precisely, similar to, “Did you end your lab file?”

Casey Newton: Yeah, there you move, 13-year-olds love that.

Then they’ll kick you out.

Casey Newton: No, they’ll admire you to your authority.

They’re going to now not. We’re now not letting you close to that workforce chat.

Casey Newton: “No dessert until you’ve finished your homework.”

So get again to this workforce chat factor, so that you suppose that that is how other folks … and likewise with video? Or what?

Casey Newton: I do suppose there may be going to be a chance like for an Instagram to create a few of these options that …

Wait, does Instagram have workforce chat?

Louie Swisher: I’m hoping they don’t.

Casey Newton: In order that they do have workforce chats, and I feel you’re going to look them lean into that and do extra forms of issues for smaller teams of other folks, to your shut pals, like I feel that’s going to be a large theme for them subsequent 12 months. Snapchat is already doing this and I feel it’s been actually a success for them.

Louie Swisher: Why does Instagram want to do this?

As a result of they may be able to replica and thieve the whole lot Snapchat does.

Louie Swisher: Smartly precisely, that’s kinda like their entire downside, everyone acknowledges that. I feel Instagram must prevent seeking to replica some of these different firms as a result of other folks can see that they’re copying it and so they don’t need to use like the ones messaging platforms …

Casey Newton: Smartly glance, there’s a strategic solution for that too despite the fact that, which is that on Fb, it grew so giant that finally, Fb wasn’t your folks, it used to be your folks, it used to be other folks you noticed as soon as at a marriage, it used to be your ex, it used to be your boss, and so other folks stopped posting, since you don’t need to carry out for all of your phonebook.

And as Instagram will get extra common, it’s inheriting that individual downside from Fb, so Instagram has to determine a solution to make it really feel intimate once more, and I feel you’re going to look it in Tales.

Your going to look it in … the folk with the crowd chats then?

Casey Newton: Precisely.

Simply between and amongst each and every different.

Casey Newton: Precisely.

Louie Swisher: However why can’t other folks simply use Snapchat and textual content for the ones platforms?

Why can’t Fb prevent its rapacious march into everyone else’s trade through stealing concepts? Casey?

Louie Swisher: Yeah, precisely, in smarter phrases.

Casey Newton: Fb is paranoid and so they’re sensible to be paranoid, as a result of they know that each social app is a fad, and this shall be true ceaselessly, and so with a view to live on they’ve to stay remodeling time after time into what works presently. As a result of what works presently may now not paintings in six months, and so if that implies copying, they’re going to replicate for the reason that selection is dying.

Proper, however Louie, the copying is offensive to you.

Louie Swisher: Or they may simply … the opposite might be staying authentic.

And make one thing of themselves.

Louie Swisher: Doing what other folks need, like holding Instagram as what other folks suppose Instagram of … like doing what they got here to Instagram to do, as an alternative of like, I don’t move to Instagram to … in reality I to find myself, as a result of when I used to be in Cuba, the Cuban govt has blocked Snapchat, so after I in the end were given Wi-Fi, I used to be ready to speak to a couple of my pals, however now not over Snapchat as it’s blocked.

And so I finished up in reality having to make use of Instagram as a Snapchat in some way, doing the entire stuff like texting and sending footage and stuff, and one of the vital texts my pals despatched me is, “It’s so miserable that it’s a must to use Instagram for this fashion.”

So I don’t suppose individuals are going to need to use Instagram that means if that’s what simply two informal teenagers are speaking about, I feel Instagram must simply persist with what it’s, a photo-sharing platform.

You realize, the founders left, and also you’ve met Kevin, I discovered an image of you while you have been nine or 10 years outdated assembly him, you have been very extremely joyful to fulfill him on the time. Even supposing you have been happier … I’ve some other image of you assembly Evan Williams and also you have been in reality a …

Louie Swisher: I used to be a bit of happier to fulfill him.

You have been more than happy to fulfill him, you have been like …

Louie Swisher: I feel I used to be too younger, I didn’t actually notice who Kevin used to be.

Sure, however in spite of everything, you’ve talked to him a few instances. He left as a result of he used to be now not glad at Fb and the route Fb used to be taking, and have been you acutely aware of this or now not?

Louie Swisher: I feel you discussed it to me.

I wrote a column within the New York Instances you may learn someday, it’s like a groovy factor …

Louie Swisher: Possibly.

New York Instances employed me to put in writing a column that may be great that my son would learn, perhaps one of the vital articles.

Louie Swisher: Possibly.

Possibly, ok. Finally, Casey, what do you suppose …

Louie Swisher: Possibly to your birthday, it’s bobbing up, isn’t it?

Casey, what do you call to mind that? With what is going to occur? As a result of Kevin used to be copying, and he in reality mentioned it, he’s like, “They have got nice concepts, we take them.”

Casey Newton: I’ve kind of transform extra sympathetic to that concept, in reality.

Yeah, you appear to be. You’re like an apologist for his or her stealing.

Casey Newton: Smartly, positive, I feel it will even be nice if they are attempting their very own concepts, however what I can say is when they copied Tales — which used to be very shameless — they did begin to construct their very own characteristic set round it. And the best way that they’ve all the time mentioned it’s, “We predict it is a structure and we don’t suppose that anybody corporate must have an unique license to it, so we’re going to check out to construct our personal set of options round it.” And in a large number of techniques I feel they stepped forward on what Snapchat did. And so, I don’t know … it’s simply trade.

They stepped forward on a structure, however why can’t they get a hold of their very own structure for the … that any individual else can replica?

Louie Swisher: Precisely.

Casey Newton: You’re utterly correct, they must. It’s simply in any trade it’s very uncommon for a trade to have a series of inventions, like for essentially the most section, they’ve one or two excellent concepts for all the life of the corporate.

Is it going to harm that Kevin’s long past?

Casey Newton: I in reality do suppose it’s actually going to harm them. I feel that now …

Now not simply Kevin, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.

Casey Newton: Yeah, I feel … I wrote a work known as “The Finish of Instagram As We Know It” once they give up, and my level used to be, as of that day, Instagram become simply some other workforce at Fb. Like, we must now not call to mind Instagram as this positively separate factor, it is only a special entrance finish for the Fb promoting community.

They usually’re transferring, correct, precisely. And that used to be the issue Kevin had, that that used to be taking place, he couldn’t cling it again.

Casey Newton: Yeah, even if I’d simply put in the market, we nonetheless don’t know what the general straw used to be for Kevin Systrom and that is my white whale, and I’m determined to understand.

The battle assembly.

Casey Newton: The battle assembly?

The only the place he used to be like, “That is battle, we’re at battle.” I wrote about it after I wrote that column, when he had that assembly the place he mentioned, Mark mentioned, “That is battle,” like he used to be like in “The Godfather” or one thing, and Kevin used to be like, “What the hell?” And he sidelined him there.

Casey Newton: Attention-grabbing.

And he were given tremendous sidelined there.

Casey Newton: Yeah.

And , he’s very tasteful. I feel he idea he has distaste for that, I’d bet. He would have distaste for the fats, bloated Fb platform.

Casey Newton: Yeah, he’s a actually, actually sharp man, and he used to be additionally very aggressive, and I feel he persevered to look Instagram very a lot as his factor.


Casey Newton: After which it roughly were given taken away.

They usually were given dragged into the Russia factor, he didn’t like that. He idea that used to be distasteful. We met at one level, and he couldn’t conceal it. He knew what he sought after to do, and so they weren’t going to let him do it ‘motive they owned it. I feel that used to be it. That’s how I felt on the Wall Side road Magazine when I used to be there.

Casey Newton: Oh fascinating. And also you began your individual factor, and it labored out nice.

Yeah we did. It used to be kind of like, ugh. I couldn’t do that. Folks could be like, “How’s the Magazine?” I’d be like uhhh. You realize what I imply? That’s what it used to be. Anyway, Rupert Murdoch’s an terrible consumer.

Louie Swisher: Throwing coloration at your ex.

What did you do?

Louie Swisher: No, I simply mentioned you’re throwing coloration at your ex.

That’s now not my ex, he simply inserted himself through purchasing the Wall Side road Magazine. Anyway, I had no keep an eye on over that.

So, remaining I need to end this up at the thought of making some other social platform. Folks have mentioned that. Louie, would you need some other … If it’s worthwhile to develop a social community, or a spot the place it’s worthwhile to keep up a correspondence with your folks that used to be from a inexperienced box, a large number of individuals are speaking about why isn’t there a social community that you simply pay for, or a separate one with everybody being mad or dissatisfied with Fb or uninterested in Fb or any of the others. Why now not create one? Would you need one thing like that? What would it not be like?

Louie Swisher: I imply, I don’t actually suppose I’m the kind of consumer to be asking that. I’m now not actually an entrepreneur in that facet. I feel we simply must look ahead to the following tech genius of their folks’ basement to make an app.

Smartly, yeah, however what would you need? What do you want to …

Louie Swisher: I feel, truthfully I don’t know. I feel it’s as much as a large number of components. Like what the general public opinion is, what other folks really feel there’s a want, and in social media what there’s missing. I don’t know, I feel simply time will inform our solution.

What about you, Casey?

Casey Newton: Smartly, right here’s one thing I’m taking a look ahead to. It’s possible you’ll take note the social community Vine, which used to be began through Dom Hofmann and a few others.

Yeah, you used to look at them, correct?

Louie Swisher: Yeah, however then it were given purchased out.

What do you imply?

Louie Swisher: Like, I don’t know. All of the Viners who have been as soon as like authentic artists, or now not artists, like authentic …

Casey Newton: Creators.

Louie Swisher: They name themselves “creators” now. And so what they did used to be they’d those humorous platforms, after which they were given too fascinated by it. They usually began …

You really liked the man who’d slam his face within the door always. Who used to be that?

Louie Swisher: I haven’t any clue who you’re speaking about.

You probably did, you confirmed it to me.

Casey Newton: All correct, let’s put a pin in that.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, you’ll take it away, Casey.

Casey Newton: So, it offered to Twitter, after which Twitter had no thought what to do with it and close it down. Smartly, what now we have discovered within the years since is other folks actually, actually pass over Vine. And also you move to YouTube, and so they’re simply compilations of outdated Vines…

Louie Swisher: Hours value.

Casey Newton: … and they’ve like 80 million perspectives, correct? And so Dom Hofmann has the theory of bringing again Vine with some tweaks, and so subsequent 12 months he’s making plans to relaunch a model of Vine, he’s calling it Byte. And I’m very excited to look what the following model of Vine seems like.

The place’s he gonna release it? That is the founder?

Casey Newton: It’s gonna be an app, yeah.

That is the founder.

Casey Newton: Yeah.

So will you watch those compilations?

Louie Swisher: No, no. I don’t suppose I can. I don’t suppose … I don’t know.

No, however do you watch the …

Casey Newton: No, however you have got watched …

Louie Swisher: Oh, I watch the compilations, I don’t know if I’m gonna ever obtain Byte is what I’m announcing.

However why do you watch the compilations of Vine?

Louie Swisher: I don’t understand how smartly Byte will do, particularly with apps like Musical.ly and stuff which can be simply, transform a shaggy dog story in themselves.

Casey Newton: Yeah, we must speak about Musical.ly.

We’ll get to that subsequent.

Louie Swisher: Or now not Musical.ly, now not Musical.ly. What’s it known as? TikTok. TikTok.

TikTok. K, we’ll speak about that during a minute once we get again, however why … you watch the compilations of Vines, despite the fact that.

Louie Swisher: Proper, as a result of I feel …

You pass over the great outdated days.

Louie Swisher: It’s roughly like Disney taking their outdated vintage films after which revamping them to make some cash. Like, positive, they’re gonna be excellent. I’m in reality taking a look ahead to “The Lion King,” it’s gonna be stunning. However you’ll see, it’s now not gonna be what it at the start used to be, and it’s by no means gonna have that appeal that it at the start had.

I see. You probably did find it irresistible. You probably did find it irresistible. You observed …

Louie Swisher: Yeah, like Vine used to be actually excellent in the beginning, however then it were given too outdated. It simply advanced into one thing that it wasn’t at the start.

In order that’s all social networks are: A fad.

Louie Swisher: And I suppose that’s what made a large number of other folks draw clear of it.

Yeah. Smartly, that’s a captivating … So, Byte. When is it popping out?

Casey Newton: I imagine we’re meant to look a beta within the spring.

Within the spring. And he’s doing it through himself, elevating cash from others.

Casey Newton: I feel, yeah. He has some cash, and I don’t in reality take note if he’s raised new cash.

And Twitter has put that through the wayside, simply long past.

Casey Newton: No, and through the best way, why didn’t Twitter simply construct a six-second looping digital camera into their very own app? They didn’t want to kill Vine. However that’s some other tale.

We’re now not gonna … ‘motive Louie doesn’t use Twitter.

Louie Swisher: I’m roughly satisfied they did.


Louie Swisher: Kill Vine.

Oh, actually? K. You find it irresistible, ‘motive it misplaced the appeal for you.

Louie Swisher: Misplaced the appeal.

The nostalgia. The nostalgia of 1 12 months.

Louie Swisher: It used to be like, I don’t know. I imply, it used to be simply type of changing into … Attempting now not to consider a nasty analogy. All I will call to mind is more or less like an outdated unwell horse, and also you gotta put it out of its distress. However I don’t need PETA coming after me.

K, PETA. All correct, PETA avoid my son. You must come via me first.

Anyway, we’re going to take a snappy ruin now, we’ll be again in a minute with my son Louie Swisher, horse hater …

Louie Swisher: No no, I’m simply pondering like Seabiscuit, it simply were given too outdated!

K, all correct. And Casey Newton from The Verge.


K, we’re again with my son Louie Swisher, and Casey Newton from The Verge. We have been speaking about a large number of issues, we have been simply speaking about Fb, very fascinating stuff round that Louie desires to kill Vine, and Casey used to be speaking about Byte. However one of the vital issues that you simply discussed, Louie, used to be TikTok, and also you don’t like those Musical.lys, those TikToks and stuff.

Louie Swisher: I don’t handle them. I don’t know, I by no means in reality, I’ve by no means downloaded the app, I’ve by no means noticed one who’s now not in a meme, so I feel you’ll have to carry Alex in in this one. He’d be extra of knowledgeable.

Casey Newton: I imply, because the respectable teenager on the desk, I’m glad to let you know about TikTok.

K. Inform me. Let us know.

Casey Newton: So, TikTok is an app through an organization known as ByteDance, which is a Chinese language corporate.

Chinese language corporate, yeah.

Casey Newton: They usually allow you to movie brief movies, and there’s a large number of lip syncing that takes position. And so individuals who lose interest at paintings or in class will simply make those very humorous lip-sync movies. And the app has transform very talked-about, and it …

It used to be very talked-about in China, correct?

Casey Newton: Highly regarded in China, after which there used to be a identical app in the US known as Musical.ly. ByteDance purchased Musical.ly, built-in it into TikTok and now it’s simply known as TikTok. And it’s most likely the fastest-growing social community in The usa, even if it’s now not monumental at this level.

However the factor that simply journeys me up is it’s like, if an app is made through a Chinese language corporate, the Chinese language govt goes to have get entry to to principally all of that knowledge, correct? And prefer, positive, for those who’re simply creating a lip-sync video, that’s ok. However for those who take into consideration, if this community grows, that’s gonna be a large number of …

However it’s additionally on your telephone.

Casey Newton: It’s on your telephone.

I’m terrified of the Chinese language. You must be.

Casey Newton: You realize, and I’m now not seeking to make everybody paranoid, however it’s a attention, correct? In the event you’re ever gonna use a social community, then take into consideration the place that knowledge’s gonna be saved and the way it could be used.

Mm-hmm. Louie? Do you utilize TikTok in any respect?

Louie Swisher: No. No, I by no means will.

You don’t do lip-syncing movies after I’m now not looking at? No.

Louie Swisher: No, no I don’t.

Casey Newton: The opposite giant complaint that TikTok will get is it actually does court docket a teenage target market, like a tender teenage target market.

Louie Swisher: Like a 13-year-old target market.

Casey Newton: And so there were a large number of creeps taking a look at 13-year-old women doing lip-sync movies, and there have been a large number of criticisms about Musical.ly that it didn’t do an excellent process roughly policing that conduct.

Louie Swisher: Additionally, I feel the entire promotional commercials I’ve noticed for TikTok are together with younger women which can be like … It’s simply they’re doing it in an irrelevant means. Like, it’s disgusting. They’re simply selling those younger women, and so they’re the usage of them of their movies, and I don’t suppose that’s ok. I don’t know if the person consented to that, or anything else about that, however I don’t suppose it provides it a excellent glance.

Proper. I really like my feminist son. That is improbable. However as it’s promoting, they’re making an attempt … that’s why they’re doing it.

Louie Swisher: I feel they’re simply seeking to enchantment to a more youthful target market, however then …

Proper. No, it’s interesting to males. It’s interesting to males.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I imply like, yeah, I suppose.

Yeah, it’s creepy.

Casey Newton: We must additionally say, I stand at the back of all my criticisms, the app can be a large number of a laugh. This can be a actually foolish a laugh. And Fb took it critically sufficient that they cloned it, and so they made an app known as Lasso and so they put it out. And in order that is now in the market.

So what do you call to mind Lasso?

Casey Newton: I don’t suppose it’s nice. The fellow who ran it give up a few week after it introduced, which is rarely a excellent signal.


Casey Newton: I name those apps “homicide clones.” It’s when Fb appears to be like at your app and likes it, and so makes one expressly to kill it.

Doesn’t all the time paintings. They did it with, what did they do, they …

Casey Newton: They’ve attempted it 100 instances, and it labored with Tales, and perhaps a handful of different issues. However it doesn’t all the time paintings. I don’t know. Lasso has now not gotten a large number of site visitors in its first month.

Louie Swisher: I’ve by no means heard of Lasso.

I’ve by no means heard of Lasso.

Casey Newton: Smartly, you’ve gotta keep involved with the kids, y’all.

Is that with the Fb relationship carrier?

Louie Swisher: The teenagers aren’t involved with Lasso.

Casey Newton: The teenagers aren’t involved with Lasso. Yeah. It hasn’t roped them in but.


Louie Swisher: Oh, excellent one. Just right one.

Oh, there’s horses come using via this podcast. So, one of the vital stuff you discussed, Louie, is memes. This is something that …

Louie Swisher: I feel TikTok is getting used very sarcastically. Like, for those who seek TikTok movies on YouTube and stuff, you’re now not gonna get authentic “perfect lip-sync movies,” you’re simply gonna get other folks making a laugh of the ones other folks. And prefer, it will get to some degree the place it’s cyberbullying. And there’s some degree the place it additionally issues out the absurdity in a few of these other folks on TikTok.

Proper. However you have a look at a large number of memes on-line, correct? Is that proper, or is that simply your brother?

Louie Swisher: I feel that’s extra Alex.

Yeah, he loves memes.

Louie Swisher: I was …

So what’s took place with the ones? The place’s the memes going?

Louie Swisher: I don’t know. It’s actually now not … It’s an strange factor. It’s an overly financial factor, too, and I feel truthfully us speaking about it roughly degrades it, so I don’t suppose we must speak about it.

What does that imply, an financial … what’s that meant to imply?

Louie Swisher: Two adults and an adolescent sitting in a podcast speaking about memes degrades memes. I feel for the integrity of them, we shouldn’t discuss of them.

Casey Newton: I’m simply curious, the place do you spot them? Are they despatched most commonly by way of textual content messages?

Louie Swisher: I see a large number of them on Instagram, and a large number of them on Instagram are stolen from puts like 4chan and Reddit.

Oh, ok. Do you utilize the ones?

Louie Swisher: No. Smartly, I downloaded Reddit for a bit of bit, and I believed it used to be humorous, and I noticed some humorous stuff, however it wasn’t actually my cup of tea.


Louie Swisher: I don’t know, simply didn’t click on.

In point of fact? You’re now not a neo-Nazi. That’s excellent.

Louie Swisher: I don’t suppose all other folks on Reddit are neo-Nazis, Mother.

No, I do know they’re now not.

Casey Newton: There’s some actually excellent stuff on Reddit. And Reddit doesn’t actually hobby …

Louie Swisher: In reality, Elon Musk supposedly joined a subreddit about memes lately, and that used to be somewhat the dialogue.


Louie Swisher: I don’t know why, however I went on it and so they mentioned that like, Elon Musk is in right here, let’s put up Elon Musk memes till he feedback again.

Feedback again, what does that imply?

Louie Swisher: Like he replies.

Casey Newton: He responds to the meme.

Oh, he feedback again. Oh, ok. All correct.

Louie Swisher: See, this is the reason we will’t speak about memes.

Oh, feedback. Feedback. I believed you mentioned “comets.” I used to be like, oh no, is that just like the pizza position?

Casey Newton: Yeah, comet is some other factor. It’s gonna make a comeback, larger than ever.

However you have been announcing Reddit is …

Casey Newton: Smartly, I feel it’s actually fascinating. One of the vital issues Reddit does that I really like is …

Which continues to be owned through Condé Nast? Is that correct? Or are they separate?

Casey Newton: No, it’s a solo operation now. It’s a venture-backed corporate. And one thing they do is they’ve like roughly a ground of regulations. So it’s like you’ll’t put up positive forms of hate speech. However then every other subreddit can roughly lift that ground, and they may be able to make their very own restrictions in line with their very own group. So, perhaps you probably have a knitting group, you’ll say “You realize what, we’re now not gonna speak about politics in right here,” or one thing. And so that you create those communities, and everyone has their very own regulations, and they may be able to all get alongside higher than for those who’re on a platform with 2.2 billion other folks, all of whom have very other expectancies for what forms of discussions must be allowed.

Positive. Positive. They usually’ve additionally put the unhealthy ones down. They’ve moved them. They haven’t got rid of all of them.

Casey Newton: Now not they all, however a lot of them.

Mm-hmm. They got rid of the worst ones, after which they’ve moved the unhealthy ones down, or onerous to search out, and such things as that.

Casey Newton: I’ll let you know the article that made me maximum occupied with Reddit lately is that my sister-in-law, who’s a tender mom, lately deserted Fb and Instagram, and her social networks at the moment are an iCloud Picture Flow, the place she stocks footage of my nephews; and he or she’s on Reddit. And she or he has a pair boards that she likes to head, and he or she by no means posts, however she reads the ones each day.

So those are like chat products and services.

Casey Newton: Yeah.

Just like the outdated chat boards.

Casey Newton: Smartly, yeah. So she chats, after which she simply roughly browses boards, principally. However for her, this is sufficient social networking. And I despite the fact that, smartly gosh, if Reddit can get my sister-in-law, there could also be much more right here than I’ve been giving it credit score for.

Mm-hmm. Attention-grabbing. Attention-grabbing. What about Gab? Those are those others … Louie, you would possibly not know, that is the place the person who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh and murdered all the ones other folks, he used to be thrown off of Reddit, or … ? He were given to this website online known as Gab, which feels like an adolescent lady website online, and it’s necessarily a free-speech website online, this means that it’s a host of neo-Nazis speaking to one another, necessarily.

Casey Newton: Proper. It’s a Twitter clone that permits hate speech, principally. That’s the shortest solution to describe it.

There’s a large number of the ones.

Casey Newton: It’s beautiful gross. Yeah. However it has an overly fraught lifestyles. It misplaced, within the wake of that capturing, it misplaced its web-hosting, it misplaced its fee supplier, and it used to be a platform that were given de-platformed. It recently has the ones issues, however …

In the similar vein, there’s gonna be, a large number of other platforms are gonna get started for the right-wing other folks, for the left-wing other folks. Do you spot that?

Casey Newton: Yeah, I do suppose that we’re going to see some fragmentation. And I’m truthfully now not positive it’s a nasty factor that we see extra fragmented social networks. Social networks which can be smaller are a lot more straightforward to keep an eye on, and we want extra keep an eye on.

That is too giant. All correct, Louie. Once we’re speaking concerning the thought of other folks announcing no matter they would like, you mentioned this remaining evening, , it begins with Trump, with the highest, on Twitter. You don’t be aware of any of that, correct? Do you listen?

Louie Swisher: No, I be aware of politics, I in reality to find them very fascinating, and I really like following it.

All correct, what do you call to mind his use of Twitter? And then you definitely mentioned, “However somebody can now say anything else.”

Louie Swisher: Smartly, I feel with a large number of other folks, I feel as instances are happening and other folks like Trump and audio system like Trump are announcing those ridiculous issues, and so they’re being able to say them. I feel we as a public transform desensitized to those issues. I used to be in reality looking at, it used to be most likely a Vox video, I feel, lately.

You’re keen on who?

Louie Swisher: I really like Strikethrough, and I really like Ezra’s presentations, or every time he does a video. I’m an enormous fan of Vox. I additionally just like the New York Instances Unfashionable File, I feel that’s very cool. However I feel they did a video about how this kind of language, and the way it circulates across the country desensitizes other folks, and issues we might as soon as believe absurd for politicians to mention at the moment are simply commonplace. And issues we couldn’t say …

So how does it have an effect on you? Do you simply forget about it?

Louie Swisher: I feel, truthfully, now individuals are like, “Oh, Trump did this,” and I’m like, “Oh, no matter.” I feel if any individual mentioned that to you while you have been increasing up, like, “Oh, Nixon did this,” and when he did the issues he did, if he mentioned the issues Trump used to be announcing, that may be ridiculous in the ones instances.

I do know, it’s loopy, yeah.

Louie Swisher: And so now, , Trump selling hate speech and selling some of these different issues that he does that aren’t excellent, I suppose, in the most simple phrases, I suppose are, it desensitizes us as a country, and makes us step by step transform ok with the issues he says. Or simply be like, “Oh, not anything’s gonna trade him.” So.

Yeah. You realize he retweeted me the day before today?

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I noticed that. It used to be …

Casey Newton: Trump retweeted you?

Louie Swisher: He didn’t retweet her, it used to be like a picture …

It used to be a video.

Louie Swisher: It used to be a video of Hillary Clinton announcing, “All black individuals are alike.”

However she wasn’t, she used to be …

Louie Swisher: It used to be now not a excellent shaggy dog story.

No, however it used to be now not … she used to be that means to …

Louie Swisher: She used to be joking at the shaggy dog story that each one black, like any black individuals are like.

Dangerous shaggy dog story.

Louie Swisher: It used to be now not a excellent shaggy dog story, I don’t suppose. She idea it used to be humorous and the entire target market laughed.

I didn’t suppose it used to be humorous.

Louie Swisher: You laughed and the entire target market laughed!

What it used to be is she used to be making a laugh of the shaggy dog story, the unhealthy factor …

Louie Swisher: However nonetheless, as a presidential candidate, she must’ve —

Let me simply get via this obviously. I used to be speaking concerning the thought of Michelle Obama announcing, “Once they move low, we move excessive,” and I mentioned Cory Booker mentioned, “Once they move low, we kick ‘em within the shins.” And I mentioned is trade, and what do you call to mind this? And she or he mentioned, “In reality, that used to be Eric Holder.” And I simply idea it used to be Cory Booker, he’s been tremendous competitive that means, too. And I mentioned, “Oh, I’m sorry, I combined them up.” And she or he is going, “Smartly all of them glance alike.”

Louie Swisher: That’s now not, I don’t suppose that’s ok.

However she used to be kidding concerning the shaggy dog story of the shaggy dog story. You realize what I imply? Being there, that’s now not what … she wasn’t that means that by any means. And so, I used to be like …

Louie Swisher: Regardless if she supposed that, she shouldn’t have mentioned it.

I do know, as a result of she’s Hillary Clinton, and no matter, if she says “Hi” …

Louie Swisher: She all the time says the flawed factor. She all the time unearths how to keep the flawed factor. That’s what I feel.

No, however you listen it. Like, she may say “Hi” and also you’d be like, “What on this planet did that imply?”

Louie Swisher: No, no. I don’t suppose that. I feel you as a Hillary supporter on occasion get stuck up in it, and also you …

No, I don’t.

Louie Swisher: You don’t be aware of the fairly absurd issues she says on occasion.

No, as with Sheryl Sandberg, she will get …

Louie Swisher: No, I do know. I’m now not announcing that she doesn’t. You’re converting the subject. She surely does, like, she surely does obtain a large number of sexist enter as a result of she’s a lady, and that I feel partly …

Smartly, she’s additionally Hillary Clinton.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, she’s additionally Hillary. However you even have to bear in mind. She’s additionally Hillary Clinton. She all the time says the flawed factor on the correct time.

K, all correct, ok. Just right. I’m gonna …

Louie Swisher: We can have our personal politics podcast.

However right here’s the … He retweeted it. There used to be a number of other movies …

Casey Newton: So he tweeted a clip of it.

There have been a pair such things as, “She’s a racist,” with the video in it. And regardless of the individuals are announcing.

Louie Swisher: They neglected a large number of context.

They neglected a large number of context.

Casey Newton: Proper.

And so he retweeted it two times. And so happily he didn’t put my Twitter maintain, I’d’ve been coping with the base all day lengthy. However it used to be fascinating as a result of I believed, “Oh no, I’m gonna get inundated as of late and simply trolled out my yin yang.” And any individual used to be like, “How do you are feeling about it?” I’m like, “I don’t care. No matter, what did he say as of late? Who did he insult as of late?” As a result of he used to be additionally insulting other folks in Mexico, the caravans, he insulted Mueller. The whole lot. He used to be insulting everyone. And Louie, you’re correct, I didn’t be aware of the 20 insults he did, it used to be like Twitter vomit.

Louie Swisher: Mm-hmm.

Like stabbing any individual …

Louie Swisher: You simply roughly get so stuck up in it, you put out of your mind about the entire issues he’s announcing, and for those who ruin down the whole lot, you’ll indicate the person absurdity, I suppose, however we don’t do this.


Casey Newton: Yeah. We’re in an actual tough spot with this man, huh?

Yeah. Yeah. Actual tough. Which, , I used to be pondering of doing a column of like, what would occur if he couldn’t be on Twitter? If we have been to simply reduce him off at some point. The place would he move?

Casey Newton: I imply, other folks say that, and right here’s what would occur: He would put up in different places and any individual would write a bot that may screenshot it and that may straight away get posted to Twitter.

However it’s now not the similar have an effect on.

Casey Newton: I feel it’s like 95 p.c of the have an effect on.

All correct, I’m writing a column about this.

Casey Newton: K, opt for it.

As a result of take into consideration it: So, any individual would bot him and put it in different places.

Casey Newton: Yeah. Any individual would automate the method of taking no matter he used to be announcing all over and put that correct on Twitter. And , he may use Fb, after which if he were given kicked off Fb …

Yeah, however would it not paintings? Fb? It wouldn’t …

Casey Newton: He’d use Tumblr. I imply, there’s a number of puts to put up on the web, he may put up on Medium.

However I don’t suppose other folks rush, I feel it’s an overly fascinating query in the event that they did that.

Casey Newton: Yeah. I imply, . I don’t know. The fellow’s the president.

He used to be on holiday for Thanksgiving, I used to be like “Oh, phew,” he didn’t say … after which he did. He went loopy.

Casey Newton: Yeah. It’s actually hanging how a lot he makes use of Twitter.

Yeah. It’s. There have been 20 of them the opposite day. It used to be actually fascinating. However, so that you don’t suppose that that … Speaking about those concepts, you’re anesthetized to this. Are you … And what can Twitter do?

Casey Newton: I don’t practice the president, I don’t practice him.

Now not simply him, he’s simply the most productive troll there may be, roughly factor.

Casey Newton: Yeah. What must Twitter do about …

Yeah, anything else? Give me an replace on Twitter.

Casey Newton: Twitter, , Twitter has discovered lately that the tweets that carry out the most productive are those that have a tendency to make us panicked and outraged, and they’re desirous about that. And I feel they must, for the reason that extra you have a look at Twitter, most likely the extra panicked and/or outraged you’re going to transform, and it’s now not a wholesome solution to are living.

And so I feel Twitter wishes to determine techniques to make other folks really feel higher about themselves once they have a look at tweets. You realize, along with all the roughly horrifying global information, there’s additionally a large number of actually humorous stuff on Twitter. There’s additionally simply a large number of other folks being other folks, and sports activities highlights.

Sure, I find it irresistible for that. I just like the memes, Louie.

Casey Newton: There are some excellent memes.

Do you now not use Twitter nonetheless?

Louie Swisher: No.

You must. You’d find it irresistible. He simply threw off Jack Dorsey’s entire existence. “No.” Why would I …

Casey Newton: Even supposing there are excessive faculties the place Twitter is actually common.

I do know, it’s in reality actually excellent for information, Louie. You could find it irresistible. Let me ask you a query. One of the vital issues we have been simply discussing additionally used to be this concept of privateness. Twitter’s all in the market. You’re all in the market with Twitter. Your ideas at the privateness factor. Are you fearful about that? I imply, Casey talked concerning the issues in China, , you need those separate roughly issues on your own, you mentioned a number of instances ephemeral, ephemeral, ephemeral.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I feel roughly like how we’ve all transform desensitized to hate speech and different types of communicate that may be regarded as irrelevant. We’ve- no less than for me, and the folk round me- we’ve transform desensitized to our privateness. And I feel, , having two techie folks, you guys are very occupied with your privateness,and different stuff like that.

However increasing up in a social media age the place you’re meant to proportion up to you’ll, or up to you need to along with your public social self at the telephone and stuff like that, I frankly don’t actually care about … I’ve grown not to actually care about like … I can simply now not put non-public stuff on there, or put stuff that I don’t actually need to proportion on there. However I feel we’ve all simply transform rather less being concerned about our privateness.

The place do you take into consideration it, in any respect?

Louie Swisher: What do you imply?

Do you take into consideration it? Like, the place your location is? Do you care about …

Louie Swisher: No, such things as SnapMaps and stuff step by step make us care much less about our location, ‘motive we simply need to proportion with our pals, however we’re in reality simply sharing it with Snapchat and the entire those that they promote their knowledge to.

Proper, yeah.

Louie Swisher: So, I feel a large number of stuff … and likewise simply backhanded, backroom offers of information utilization that the general public doesn’t actually learn about. I imply, we’ve heard of it, however we don’t actually know …

Are you outraged through this?

Louie Swisher: I imply, you’ll take into consideration it … Yeah, while you ruin it down, I do get outraged.

You’re the product in some way, if you’re .

Louie Swisher: On the base degree, I feel other folks care so much much less about their privateness …

Do you want to be paid to your location and your knowledge?

Louie Swisher: That’d be great. Possibly I wouldn’t must get a summer time process.

K, simply wander round and be social. You realize, it’s fascinating about your location. That’s how I discovered you at a birthday celebration you mentioned you weren’t at. That used to be nice. Your brother helped me.

Louie Swisher: No, that’s now not true. I simply wasn’t choosing up my telephone.

No, I noticed you on SnapNaps.

Louie Swisher: SnapMaps. That simply emphasizes your out-of-touchness.

I had your brother do it and what we did is you have been shadowing, ghosting your self? What’s it known as?

Louie Swisher: By no means thoughts, no. You don’t want to dive into this.

I’m simply telling you we discovered your folks after which we knew the place you have been.

Louie Swisher: With the exception of I wasn’t hiding from you.

I do know, however I didn’t know the place you have been.

Louie Swisher: I simply wasn’t choosing up my telephone as a result of I wasn’t on it.

I perceive, however I used to be ready to find you and felt excellent about that.

Louie Swisher: You should have felt very proud in that second.

I used to be, I discovered you.

Casey Newton: It’s a excellent Gen Z detective tale.

Gen Z, you’re Gen Z. That’s correct.

So, what do you take into consideration privateness presently?

Casey Newton: I don’t essentially call to mind it when it comes to privateness, however the creator Ben Thompson has this concept of information refineries, and Google and Fb, he says, are knowledge refineries.

Refineries, like they’re oil firms.

Casey Newton: Precisely, so that you give them your knowledge after which they flip it into this very treasured factor after which they monetize it in quite a lot of techniques. And the purpose that a large number of individuals are making is we don’t actually have a excellent sense of the way a lot our knowledge is value, correct? We don’t understand how a lot it’s value after it is going via that refinery.

So, we’re recording this in Washington, D.C., I used to be on Capitol Hill this week …

You have been dressed in a tie, I realized.

Casey Newton: I used to be dressed in a tie. Everybody used to be telling me how nice I seemed.

Louie Swisher: Very spiffy.

Casey Newton: Thanks. See, once more, everyone seems to be weighing in in this. However, anyway, what congressional staffers have been telling me used to be they need to get a greater sense of the way a lot that knowledge is value. And perhaps if we had a greater sense how a lot … now not simply how a lot those firms have been making off us within the sense of reasonable earnings consistent with person, however to the level of what are we giving freely and what’s the lifetime price of that.

Yeah, Louie’s value $75.

Casey Newton: Yeah.

Or no matter, don’t make a face.

Louie Swisher: I didn’t actually perceive what you simply mentioned.

Casey Newton: I’m value a $1.50, .

Years in the past, Steve Case did this. He used to be announcing we’re making $150 off of each person. This used to be 100 years in the past. That is how a lot they monetized you. And I submit my hand and I’m like, “The place’s my $75?” And he’s, “Haha, sit down down, Kara.” And I used to be, “In point of fact, the place is it? Why don’t I am getting a part of it?” Smartly, that’s kind of like promoting your liver, I suppose. Proper?

Casey Newton: Smartly, there used to be a social community known as Steem and so they launched crypto tokens, and the theory used to be that everybody who participated would kind of earn crypto cash for taking part. And for those who had a actually common put up, you’d receives a commission a host more cash. It used to be a profitable experiment. They introduced this week that they’re just about shutting down and it actually didn’t figure out.

It does. It may get unpleasant, the issues you’ll do.

Casey Newton: Yeah, it’s now not a really perfect trade.

Proper. Once we get again, we’re going to discuss units and such things as that. We’re right here with Louie Swisher, my son, and Casey Newton, now not my son, from The Verge.

Louie Swisher: You want he used to be.

Oh, I do in a large number of techniques.


K, we’re right here with Louie Swisher within the ultimate segment of our pretty 300th podcast of Kara Swisher’s Recode Decode. Thanks very a lot.

I agree. I deserve the kudos. Forestall that. Now, you’re making a laugh of me. You two are actually unhealthy.

Louie Swisher: Great little golfing clap for you.

What’s a golfing clap?

Casey Newton: Only a actually gentle…

I’d like a cheer.

Casey Newton: Huzzah!

Don’t huzzah.

Casey Newton: All correct.

Anyway, I’m improbable. Everyone is aware of that. Louie, you’re absolutely conscious you have got essentially the most improbable mom ever. I simply need to underscore that to you presently.

Louie Swisher: That’s how she wakes me up within the morning. “I’m improbable!”

I do. I did that in your brother this morning. I’m going, “You’re welcome, mother! You’re the most productive mother!” And he rolled his eyes in moderately dramatic model at me.

All correct, I need to speak about units and video games and such things as that. Louie, what units are you the usage of? You will have your bizarre little audio system, correct?

Louie Swisher: In truth, the one units I’m the usage of are my telephone and my headphones and my audio system and my Xbox. I believe like 5 or seven years in the past there used to be roughly a machine revolution and some of these tech units have been popping out and when they all got here out, other folks discovered which of them they preferred, which of them have been helpful, and so they settled with what they preferred to make use of. And I believe this present day I’ve means much less units than I did then. As a result of additionally you have been going to some of these promotional issues and also you’d come house with some of these loose units, and I’d check out them out and display them to my pals.

I feel now, truthfully, my tech merchandise are beautiful easy and a small quantity.

Would possibly say the telephone, duration.

Louie Swisher: Telephone, after all. Laptop for schoolwork and stuff, headphones, audio system and earbuds. That’s about it.

Casey Newton: What headphones are you the usage of and are they wi-fi?

Louie Swisher: Sure. I’m the usage of the Beats Solo wi-fi. Please sponsor me.

I’ll name them.

Louie Swisher: They’re a actually excellent set of headphones.

Why do you prefer them? As a result of they’re now not an excessive amount of.

Louie Swisher: They’re at ease.

They’re at ease, yeah. So, you utilize the ones totally. That’s all you utilize, not anything else.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I simply just about use the ones and my earbuds.

All correct, if needed to surrender your telephone, your pc or your sport participant, which one would you surrender? Stack-rank them.

Louie Swisher: I believe like telephone is surely most sensible tier, then pc … In reality, perhaps, the pc’s much more flexible. If I misplaced my telephone or I didn’t have a telephone, I believe like I may to find a large number of techniques to make use of my pc to interchange it. I will textual content as it’s an Apple pc.

However your telephone is the vital component.

Louie Swisher: I feel, yeah, telephone is beautiful vital, however I do like my pc so much. I feel I’d surrender the Xbox, however I actually do just like the Xbox.

All correct, we’re gonna speak about that during a minute. Casey? Your ideas in your units, anything else cool? And, through the best way, Louie has audio system. What audio system do you have got … Extremely, Final?

Louie Swisher: It’s Final Ears Growth 2.

You will have a number of of them.

Louie Swisher: I’ve one among them and Alex has one.

Oh, you’re correct. K, you thieve it from him.

Casey Newton: That’s why I really like transportable Bluetooth speaker issues. Yeah, I’m additionally now not an enormous machine head. I’ve the iPhone X. That is the primary 12 months in 5 years that I didn’t simply move purchase the brand new iPhone …

I didn’t both!

Casey Newton: as it looked like there used to be simply no actual receive advantages to upgrading.

Louie Swisher: I desire a new telephone. I’ve had the similar telephone for 2 years and it’s beginning to ruin down.

We’re getting it on Monday, however move forward.

Casey Newton: My most up-to-date machine acquire that I do love is the brand new iPad Professional. I have been looking ahead to the iPad that had FaceID. I exploit it most commonly as simply a type of TV, however I’ll additionally test my e mail and browse tweets. However, yeah, that factor is improbable.

I’ve one and I haven’t used it in any respect.

Casey Newton: Oh, actually?

Louie Swisher: I’ve now not even checked out an iPad in…

Casey Newton: I communicate to such a lot of other folks and they’re, “I by no means use my iPad for anything else,” and I don’t get it as a result of it’s the most productive factor for looking at Netflix …

Louie Swisher: Why now not in your pc?

Casey Newton: Smartly, I will’t obtain episodes of anything else to look at on my pc, so if I’m taking an extended flight …

Louie Swisher: Yeah you’ll, on iTunes.

Casey Newton: Yeah, you’re correct. I may pay for it, however what if need to watch a season of Netflix presentations? Like, I take an extended flight. On my means right here, I used to be making plans on getting all this paintings finished after which United Wi-Fi simply didn’t paintings for all the cross-country flight. And so, , I had a host of episodes of a TV display downloaded on Netflix and I simply watched on my iPad.

Which one?

Louie Swisher: What display?

Casey Newton: It’s known as “Schitt’s Creek.”

Louie Swisher: Oh!


Casey Newton: Which I’m now not positive if we’re allowed to mention that.

That’s all correct. You’ll be able to say it.

Louie Swisher: You’ll get a go.

Casey Newton: However it’s created through Eugene Levy and likewise stars Catherine O’Hara.

Oh, wow.

Casey Newton: It is without doubt one of the funniest TV presentations I’ve ever noticed, and so they’re coming to San Francisco in January and I’ve a price ticket to look them.

As in up. Is it “Up Schitt’s Creek”?

Casey Newton: Precisely. Oh my gosh, it’s so humorous.

Yeah, ok. All correct, so you utilize that and then you definitely use your telephone, clearly.

Casey Newton: Yep, use my telephone.

I to find myself now not the usage of my pc all day now. I do such a lot stuff at the telephone.

Casey Newton: In point of fact?

100 p.c. Simply writing, that’s it. Simply writing.

Casey Newton: Yeah, I don’t know. I put in combination my e-newsletter at the pc. The pc continues to be tremendous helpful to me.


Louie Swisher: Your process is textual content, tweet, write. That’s roughly your process, so it’s worthwhile to do maximum of that out of your telephone.

And chatting right here …

Louie Swisher: Speaking.

I’ve a tv display, which you additionally don’t watch. However that’s ok.

Louie Swisher: Nope. In truth, I’ve been questioning why we nonetheless pay for cable.

Anyway …

Louie Swisher: There’s little need. Why can we pay for cable?

Smartly, I don’t know.

Louie Swisher: Do you watch cable?

No, however I didn’t purchase the entire bundle this time in Washington.

Louie Swisher: This is true.

I didn’t purchase it. I simply have the common one.

Louie Swisher: You simply watch the inside track, however that’s about it.

I watch the inside track. I watch cable information.

Louie Swisher: I finished looking at information some time in the past.

Yeah, you don’t watch anything else on TV. What do you watch on that TV of yours? Why did I purchase you one?

Louie Swisher: As a result of I love to play video video games on it.

Video video games. All correct, we’re gonna get to that during a minute.

Louie Swisher: It’s extra of a track than a TV.

It’s a track. That’s precisely it. Years in the past, Jason Kilar, who began Hulu … I had a bit of tournament at Sundance and I invited, this used to be once they simply began, and I invited him; Reed Hastings, who had simply began Netflix; and the 3rd consumer used to be Chad Hurley, who had simply began YouTube.

And we have been in a basement and it used to be complete, however I used to be, “Those guys are going to modify the whole lot” and the entire Hollywood individuals are like, “No they’re now not.” It used to be like they have been so bored to death in them. I’m like, “I’ve assembled, that is the long run!” They usually have been, like, “No.”

Louie Swisher: I take note I met the CEO of Netflix as soon as at your convention. The one factor I mentioned to him used to be, “You wish to have to position extra systems on Netflix. It’s somewhat dull.”

Oh! And he did.

Louie Swisher: And he did!

Casey Newton: Now, he’s hugely in debt on account of you, however he did.

Sure, he’s.

Louie Swisher: Precisely.

You’re correct. It used to be an excessive amount of …

Louie Swisher: I feel I may take credit score for that inspiration.

K, I can ask him as a result of he’s with a bit of luck coming again to Code this 12 months. You’ll be able to ask him your self for those who’re there. In reality, you’re now not gonna be there…

So, let’s get to video games. Let’s end up speaking about video games. And so, you’re a large sport participant.

Casey Newton: I like to play video video games, yeah.

I do know you do. I see the glow. There’s no different lighting fixtures on…

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I’m simply within the kitchen cooking and I’ll glance over and there’s only a sparkling display screen. Casey’s simply observing this TV with this focus I’ve by no means noticed prior to. And I adore it. I adore it. I adore it.

Casey Newton: It’s nice. It’s a a laugh solution to blow off steam. Additionally, video video games now are nice at telling tales and I really like tales, so it’s a laugh to play.

Louie Swisher: Sure, surely.

K, so inform me what you prefer after which, Louie, inform me…

Casey Newton: So, the sport I’ve been taking part in maximum lately is solely known as “Spider-Guy” and it’s precisely what you suppose.

Louie Swisher: It’s nice. It’s improbable.

Casey Newton: You play Spider-Guy, you swing everywhere in the global. It’s superb. I adore it such a lot.

Why do you adore it such a lot?

Casey Newton: Smartly, it kind of offers you the sensation of being Spider-Guy as a result of anything else on this planet you’ll simply kind of swing from. So, you simply sling your webs and also you fly everywhere the sector and then you definitely run into unhealthy guys and also you punch them within the mouth and then you definitely tie them up along with your webs.

Louie Swisher: However you don’t kill them. You’re a pleasant community Spider-Guy.

Casey Newton: Pleasant community Spider-Guy, so it isn’t as violent because it sounds.

K, so that you simply swing round.

Louie Swisher: Alex has it. It’s a actually excellent sport. Graphically, it’s stunning.

Casey Newton: It’s actually stunning.

So, what’s the tale at the back of it?

Casey Newton: I imply, the tale is that Peter is operating with a health care provider who seems to be Dr. Octopus, spoiler alert. So, he’s gotta care for that.

K, I see. And why do you find it irresistible, Louie?

Louie Swisher: I haven’t actually performed it. I simply performed it a couple of times, however it’s a actually stunning sport and I want I may play it extra. However, Alex has the PS4 in his room.

K, did you ask for that for Christmas?

Louie Swisher: No, that used to be him.

What did you ask for?

Louie Swisher: I’m a gradual Xbox fan.

Why is that?

Louie Swisher: I don’t know. I’ve simply been the usage of an Xbox for some time. All my pals have Xboxes.

And also you communicate to one another on them, correct?

Louie Swisher: Yeah, on occasion.

Alex does that always. He used to be speaking to any individual.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I really like taking part in single-player video games extra, like “Murderer’s Creed” and the brand new “Crimson Lifeless Redemption,” which is actually excellent.

Why is that excellent?

Louie Swisher: It’s an improbable sport.

Will have to I be letting you watch that?

Louie Swisher: Yeah, it’s nice.

Casey Newton: It’s a western!

Louie Swisher: Yeah, it’s a prequel to the unique “Crimson Lifeless,” which got here out a pair years in the past, in 2010, I feel.

Casey Newton: Yeah, a very long time in the past.

Louie Swisher: It’s about, , doing western stuff, like robbing trains and, I don’t know.

Casey Newton: Robbing other folks, capturing other folks.

Louie Swisher: Precisely, I haven’t dived that a lot into the 60 hours of shit you’ll do.

Casey Newton: It’s an enormous sport.

Louie Swisher: However, I’m an enormous fan of it and I plan on spending a while this weekend taking part in it.

All correct, superb. What’s the opposite one you simply discussed?

Louie Swisher: “Murderer’s Creed,” which I actually like.

That’s the man with the cloak, correct?

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I’ve simply been an enormous fan of that since “Black Flag” got here out, which used to be a actually excellent sport. And I feel they’ve simply gotten higher since.

Why is that?

Louie Swisher: With the exception of for some dips, with Cohesion and Syndicate.

Casey Newton: However, , for those who’ve by no means performed those video games, they’re all ancient fiction and so each and every one takes position all the way through a special ancient time and as you play the sport and homicide unhealthy other folks …

Louie Swisher: Or excellent other folks, relying on the way you’re feeling.

Casey Newton: You be told concerning the historical past of historical Egypt or historical Greece.

Louie Swisher: And you’ll have interaction with ancient figures. Maximum lately, I simply did a venture with Plato and some of these Greek philosophers, which I feel is actually fascinating.

Yeah, ok.

Casey Newton: That is how teenagers are finding out their historical past. They’re murdering other folks, however then additionally finding out about Plato.

Murdering other folks with Plato.

Casey Newton: Homicide other folks with Plato.

I’m disturbed and intrigued on the identical time.

Louie Swisher: And perhaps on occasion murdering other folks for him.

Casey Newton: Murdering for Plato, yeah. Plato had a large number of blood on his arms.

Give me a Plato quote, please? Anyone?

Louie Swisher: I will’t.

K, as a result of he doesn’t say any.

Louie Swisher: In reality, “Kill him.”

Casey Newton: As Plato famously mentioned in “Murderer’s Creed”: “Kill him!”

K, so what are you taking a look ahead to within the video games sector for this Christmas?

Casey Newton: Within the video games sector, I’d say the entire giant video games are out for this 12 months. “Crimson Lifeless” is the one who simply got here out and everyone loves single-player video games, like Louie’s taking part in that one, in order that’s most likely the one who I’m gonna do subsequent.

I’m additionally desirous about upgrading my console, despite the fact that, as a result of I’ve a PlayStation four, however there may be now a PlayStation four Professional that has higher graphics. By means of the best way, I simply purchased a brand new TV, in order that’s going to be coming to the home. And it has higher functions.

You don’t were given a sofa but, however I gained’t …

Casey Newton: I do know, I’ve were given plans. It’s all taking place now. Anyway, that’s what I’m taking a look ahead to.

That’s what you’re taking a look ahead to. What about you, Louie? What did you need to invite me for, from Santa?

Louie Swisher: Santa, that outdated guy. I feel I roughly rediscovered my love for the Wii. I performed at a pal’s space lately and it used to be simply so rattling a laugh.

What have been you taking part in?

Louie Swisher: I performed “Wii Sports activities Hotel,” the best sport of all time, and I did the only mini sport the place you have got a sword, however it’s now not actually a sword. It’s like a foam rod and you’ll run round and hit other folks and ensure they don’t hit you. I imply, you’ll’t actually run round …

In existence.

Louie Swisher: No, you stand there swinging your palms with an Wiimote on your arms.

Oh, correct. You used to have that. You had a tennis racket.

Louie Swisher: Yeah, I spent hours on that and I used to be actually excellent and I’m nonetheless actually excellent. I can take any viewer in a problem and most likely win. I don’t suppose you’ll play in opposition to other folks.

Wii Sword?

Louie Swisher: It’s now not Wii Sword. It’s known as Showdown on “Wii Sports activities Hotel.”

You need this since you revel in it and to find it pleasant?

Louie Swisher: I simply need to reconnect with a early life console that I actually loved the usage of. I forgot about it for some time, getting stuck up in some of these new consoles and new video games, however on occasion it’s excellent to return to the previous.

Yeah, now we have it at house someplace.

Louie Swisher: We must to find it.

Casey Newton: I simply love the concept in those instances even the 16-year-olds need to go back to a more practical time. That’s how tousled we’re as a rustic presently.

Louie Swisher: Precisely.

Smartly, I’d find irresistible to do Pong once more.

Casey Newton: Positive, why now not?

Pong used to be now not fascinating, even on the time. Do you take note “Pong?”

Casey Newton: In fact.

Louie Swisher: Boop.


Louie Swisher: Boop.


Louie Swisher: Boop.

Casey Newton: Yeah, I’ve dabbled.

You dabbled in “Pong?”

Casey Newton: Everybody is going via a “Pong” section.

I preferred “Area Invaders.”

Casey Newton: Oh, “Area Invaders” used to be excellent. What about “Percent-Guy?” Had been you a “Percent-Guy” consumer?

No, it made me anxious. It made me nervous. All video video games make me nervous. I’ve attempted to play them and it’s like nation line dancing with me. I will not do it.

Casey Newton: Do you have got a sport in your telephone? Do you play any telephone video games?


Louie Swisher: No, she has this app with a host of dying quotes. I feel that’s extra of a sport for her. Each day, “You’re gonna die, take care of it.” And she or he loves it.

I do. I really like that. It’s known as WeCroak.

Casey Newton: What’s the quote as of late?

Louie Swisher: A becoming identify.

It’s known as WeCroak and it has a bit of frog and the entire level is … Let me learn it from the article. “In Bhutan, they are saying considering dying 5 instances an afternoon brings happiness,” and it does! I really like my WeCroak. It’s the most productive factor. And so, it’s 99 cents and I’ve gotten such a lot out of it. I put the quotes up on Twitter. As of late is Frank Ostaseski …

Louie Swisher: By the point she reads that identify, she could be lifeless.

”Our avoidance intuition could also be because of the truth that our tradition has made up our minds that struggling has no price.”

Casey Newton: Oh.

Do you prefer that? That’s a excellent one.

Casey Newton: Positive.

C’mon. Plato mentioned that. Right here’s some other one. It is a excellent one, James Hillman: “To really feel one thing completely does now not imply it to be completely. This can be a mistake, a large, unhealthy mistake to take emotions completely actually.” I feel that’s a excellent one.

And I’m gonna learn two extra, one who I submit and I used to be relating to Trump totally as a result of he frustrated me with one thing to mention.

Louie Swisher: Oh, he frustrated me as of late.

Oh, that is … cling on.

Louie Swisher: Oh, guy.

Shush up, you. Hush. Oh, right here we move, Boethius — the man who wrote the philosophy e-book, no matter, “The Comfort of Philosophy” — “It’s since you don’t know the top and goal of items that you simply suppose the depraved and felony have energy and happiness.” I felt higher about that.

After which, finally, I’m gonna learn one extra, which I believed used to be simply actually humorous, through Richard Siken: “I don’t actually blame you for being lifeless, however you’ll’t have your sweater again.”

Casey Newton: Can’t have your sweater again.

I do know. That used to be good. I’m extremely joyful with it. It makes me glad. It’s my little sport.

Casey Newton: I really like that.

I don’t play any video games on my telephone. No, I don’t even play playing cards. My mother performs Solitaire always.

Louie Swisher: Oh, she loves that sport. She likes Churchill, too.

What’s that?

Louie Swisher: Churchill’s a card sport that he invented, I feel, all the way through the 2nd International Warfare.

K, smartly, she performs card video games on it, however I don’t play. She’s all the time taking part in the ones video games.

Louie Swisher: She’s all the time taking part in card video games. She’s coming on the town this weekend. I will not wait to look her.

I do know, yeah. She makes use of her telephone always.

Louie Swisher: Oh yeah, she actually does.

She actually does and he or she talks to it. She is going, “Google!”

Louie Swisher: Yeah, she doesn’t kind. She yells.

She yells on the telephone.

Louie Swisher: And you’ll all the time simply listen her fingernails in opposition to the display screen. I’m, like, “Lulu, it’s a must to use your palms.” She is going, “I’m!” And she or he smashes her fingernail on it.

She does. She whacks at it. And she or he makes use of it for information. She reads the New York Submit.

Louie Swisher: We adore her, despite the fact that.

We adore her, however she makes use of the telephone somewhat a bit of.

All correct, I need to end up with predictions. I’d like some prediction or one thing you’d like invented, one thing you suppose could be beautiful cool, and one thing you want to move away. Casey, you’re up.

Casey Newton: Smartly, I’d reiterate my prediction from previous, which is that 2019 goes to be concerning the smaller social networks. It’s gonna be concerning the workforce chat. It’s gonna be about getting clear of those giant broadcast social networks and into areas which can be extra tightly managed, in order that is my giant prediction for 2019.

And what do you want to leave?

Casey Newton: There’s a factor in Instagram that presentations you what number of people noticed your tale and I hate it.

Louie Swisher: Snapchat has that.

Casey Newton: You’ll put up your tale and it’ll be like, “800 other folks noticed your tale.” And I hate it as it simply makes me really feel like I’m being creeped on, correct? As a result of maximum of the ones other folks, they don’t ship messages or anything else.


Casey Newton: So, I simply want that may move. I don’t want to know what number of people noticed my Tale.

Proper. All correct, ok. Just right. That’s a excellent one. Louie?

Louie Swisher: May you repeat the query?

What’s your prediction for one thing this 12 months in tech?

Louie Swisher: I feel I believe Casey, however I additionally suppose like, me returning to my Wii, we will be able to all go back to the easier instances and with a bit of luck some of these giant firms and stuff with their mega apps will go back to their more true bureaucracy and what they have been at a more practical time.

That’s smartly mentioned. I’m gonna get my provider pigeon again. It’s gonna be nice and we’ll be getting alongside actually smartly. The cat will consume it, however that’s … nevertheless. And what do you suppose has to leave?

Louie Swisher: Fb. No, I’m simply kidding.

You’ll be able to say that.

Louie Swisher: I in reality don’t know.

Not anything.

Louie Swisher: I don’t know. I will’t call to mind anything else presently.

All correct, Swisher, that used to be nice. Casey, thanks.

Casey Newton: My excitement.

Louie Swisher: Thanks for having me.

You guys are actually captivating. I’ve to mention, you’re a captivating pair.

Louie Swisher: We’re a dynamic duo.

And I’ll see you extra in my kitchen bobbing up quickly. Anyway, that is what occurs in our space always. Anyway, thanks interested in listening.

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