Hands-on: Evil Genius 2: World Domination fulfills your wildest Bond villain fantasies

Evil Genius 2: International Domination, the sequel to a PC cult vintage introduced 17 lengthy years in the past, sunk its hooks into me from the beginning with its pitch-perfect campy secret agent flick vibes. Nevertheless it used to be the traps that made me fall in love with this amusing, but fallacious gem.

In case the title didn’t tip you off, in Evil Genius 2: International Domination you play as an evil genius hell-bent on global domination. After taking your select of 4 other villains—I selected Maximilian Von Klein, a Dr. Evil lookalike and the big name of the primary sport—you start setting up your lair, beginning with a vault to carry your ill-gotten gold bars and slowly increasing till your secret volcanic island base is riddled with energy turbines, interrogation chambers, coaching facilities, radio keep watch over rooms, all constructed through your unswerving minions (who additionally want faithful spaces to stay their our bodies and minds in tip-top form).

Sure, Evil Genius 2 is a Dungeon Grasp-style base control sport, augmented through an international map that has you constructing an evil community around the globe. When you’ve established a foothold in a rustic, you’ll be able to ship minions on nefarious schemes—financial institution heists, kidnapping plots, and so forth—that each earn you further sources and generate “warmth” that may quickly lock down the realm, proscribing you from launching missions there (although some schemes additionally scale back the warmth in a space).

That’s the place the Forces of Justice is available in—and the ones scrumptious traps.

eg2 venus spy trap Insurrection

Kicking up a ruckus on your evil genius’s quest to construct and deploy a Doomsday Instrument (every villain will get their very own, and their very own narrative marketing campaign) inevitably attracts the eye of the nice guys. In time, more and more unhealthy investigators and brokers of the Forces of Justice get started poking across the on line casino that serves because the entrance to your secret lair. Whilst you’ll be able to groom valets to escort one of the vital snoops from your on line casino, many just right guys will finally end up finding your base, intent on wreaking havoc and slaughtering minions. Until your snare them in traps that both outright kill them or go away them helpless to your muscular guards to mop up, this is.

Traps lean exhausting into the campy ludicrousness of Evil Genius 2: International Domination. You’ll analysis the entirety from freeze rays and poison dart partitions to shark swimming pools and a Little Store of Horrors-esque “Venus Secret agent Entice” that may gobble up unaware brokers entire. Every one comes with its personal hilarious assault animation. Seeing a boxing glove erupt from at the back of a hidden wall panel and sock an investigator within the face by no means will get outdated.

evil genius 2 traps Insurrection

That spinning Sonic the Hedgehog-like circle is an agent twisted up in a entice combo.

The actual attract comes from entice combinations. The Forces of Justice can evade or disable some traps—particularly the uber-powerful Tremendous Brokers—however cleverly configuring your base’s corridors with overlapping traps will also be devastating. Positive, a easy fan entice can blow an investigator into the wall for minor injury. However when you prepare issues in order that the fan entice blows intruders again right into a shark tank or a wall of lasers, neatly, now we’re speaking. I’ve been having a blast focusing my analysis timber and base-building round getting rid of just right guys lengthy sooner than they’re anyplace close to a very powerful amenities. 

That’s to not say Evil Genius 2: International Domination is supreme. You gained’t wish to skip the educational, particularly when you’re unfamiliar with the area of interest dungeon grasp style. Even the educational glosses over some technical intricacies you’ll be able to in finding best through mousing across the considerable menus your self. It additionally might be clearer about how you could wish to lay out your rooms and pieces, as I discovered myself having to accomplish a considerable overhaul to suit the entirety only a few hours in. One of the crucial guidelines from the video underneath—which used to be created through the developer—would’ve have compatibility neatly into Evil Genius 2’s early sport.

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