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Here's what Hotline Miami would look like as a PSone game

Above is a in reality neat interpretation of what Hotline Miami would seem like as a 3-d PSone recreation. It is a fan venture by way of developer Puppet Combo, writer of indie horror video games like Babysitter Massacre and Energy Drill Bloodbath. The video lasts for simply over a minute, however provides a excellent take a look at what the sport may’ve gave the look of if it used to be launched in, say, 1999, and also you needed to play it with a DualShock controller.

It in reality captures the shaky 3-d impact that surprisingly ended up defining the glance of PSone video games, and it has great touches just like the static TV display and VHS kill counter. The developer adopted up with some neat screenshots of the environments observed within the video:

When you like this and you might be concerned with extra of Puppet Combo’s paintings, the developer has a Patreon for making Grindhouse-style horror video games. The $five tier guarantees a minimum of one new recreation, experiment or prototype monthly.


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