How is [SPOILER] Alive in The Flash?


The speedster who’s lifeless might by no means die.

This text accommodates spoilers for The Flash’s 100th episode, “What is Previous is Prologue.”

The Flash’s 100th episode dropped a lovely large bombshell on audience, revealing that Nora West-Allen has had a secret benefactor all all through her go back and forth to the previous. And no longer simply any benefactor, however the only and best Eobard Thawne. It appears, that is one Arrowverse villain who simply does not know when to name it quits.

Flash enthusiasts is also rightfully questioning how Thawne can nonetheless be alive at some point after we now have observed him die on a couple of instance. The quick resolution is as a result of time shuttle. The lengthy resolution? Neatly, that is somewhat extra difficult.

“He’s [basically unkillable] and we’ll provide an explanation for that this 12 months for the primary time – how he’s ready to do this… how he’s nonetheless alive,” showrunner Todd Helbing advised IGN at the purple carpet for the display’s 100th episode. “I feel enthusiasts are gonna dig it.”

Thawne’s Authentic Loss of life

As The Flash Season 1 established, Thawne used to be at the beginning born within the mid-22nd Century and won velocity powers after recreating the twist of fate that became Barry Allen into the Flash. Thawne used his velocity to shuttle again in time and kill Barry’s mom. Sadly, his imperfect connection to the Pace Pressure left him stranded within the 12 months 2000. He then killed Harrison Wells, stole his id and set about orchestrating the occasions that might result in the STAR Labs particle accelerator explosion and the delivery of Thawne’s maximum hated enemy.


During Season 1, Thawne/Wells educated Barry in an effort to convey him to the purpose the place he may just use his velocity to breach time and make allowance Thawne to go back house. However simply as his victory neared, Thawne discovered himself burnt up of life when his ancestor Eddie dedicated suicide. That are supposed to were the top of Opposite-Flash.

The Flashpoint Paradox

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t. Barry opened the door for his arch-nemesis to go back when he created the Flashpoint timeline on the finish of Season 2. As a result of Barry stopped Thawne from murdering his mom, all of the Arrowverse timeline modified and Thawne used to be not lifeless. Alternatively, understanding that his time meddling had far-reaching penalties, Barry used to be compelled to loose the captive Thawne and make allowance him to copy the homicide of Nora Allen, thus restoring the timeline to customary (roughly).


Alternatively, Thawne did not instantly go back to the current after killing Nora. He remained prior to now, reenacting his unique 14-year scheme because the impostor Harrison Wells. However this time, Thawne’s connection to the Pace Pressure used to be not incorrect. Additionally, since he knew about his coming near near loss of life at Eddie’s hand, Thawne took steps to maintain himself and break out on the ultimate second. The usage of what he had discovered about his long term from Barry, Thawne used to be successfully ready to rewrite his personal destiny.

Eluding the Black Flash

In spite of dishonest loss of life, despite the fact that, Thawne nonetheless existed as a relic of a lifeless timeline. That supposed that he had attracted the wrath of the Black Flash, an undead servant of the Pace Pressure that was once Hunter Zolomon. Thawne’s subsequent large Arrowverse look came about in Legends of The next day Season 2. Repeatedly touring backward and forward via time to stick one step forward of the Black Flash, Thawne assembled the Legion of Doom to lend a hand him reconstruct the Spear of Future. Thawne noticed the spear as a chance to rewrite time itself and keep away from his inevitable loss of life.

The Chicago Way

It did not paintings. The season culminated with the Black Flash catching as much as Thawne and reputedly destroying him. Alternatively, the truth that Thawne dissolved into orange lightning means that he used to be in reality absorbed into the Pace Pressure. That is crucial difference, as which means each Thawne and Barry had been trapped throughout the Pace Pressure on the finish of The Flash Season three. And when Barry’s pals freed him from his jail initially of Season four, Thawne it seems that escaped, too.

Opposite-Flash Returns (Once more)

The newest Opposite-Flash look got here in ultimate 12 months’s “Disaster on Earth-X” crossover, the place it used to be published that Thawne used to be running with the New Reichsmen of Earth-X. Chronologically, that is the oldest model of Thawne we now have observed within the Arrowverse thus far, person who’s already lived a existence because the impostor Harrison Wells and battled the Legends of The next day with the Legion of Doom. He is even begun dressed in Wells’ face once more.


That model of Thawne seems to be the similar one now running with Nora in The Flash Season five, despite the fact that he is even older and reputedly imprisoned within the 12 months 2049. Thawne’s final purpose at this level is not transparent, however he obviously manipulated Nora into touring again to 2018, all whilst withholding positive key information about his courting to Barry. Thawne turns out to need to use Nora as a device to reshape historical past once more.

“Obviously they’re running in combination, and slowly you’ll begin to see why,” Helbing advised IGN. “This isn’t a distinct model of Thawne, but it surely’s a distinct angle.”

What is attention-grabbing about this newest incarnation of Opposite-Flash is that he is nonetheless dressed in the face of Harrison Wells however has the lighter coloured hair of Eobard Thawne. This would possibly counsel that Thawne’s bizarre position within the Arrowverse timeline is taking a bodily toll on him. He is not totally Wells or Thawne. After such a lot of years abusing the timeline and impersonating any other guy, Thawne is also suffering together with his very sense of self.

No matter’s happening with this villain, it is evident that his go back cannot imply the rest just right for the contributors of Workforce Flash.

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