How Micron’s GDDR6X memory is the secret to unlocking 4K on Nvidia’s RTX 30-series cards

Even with consoles iterating on a normal cadence, PC hardware has discovered tactics to stick forward. That is generally because of inventions that fluctuate how pc graphics paintings, and that is going on at the moment with Nvidia’s subsequent wave of GeForce RTX GPUs. The RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 use Micron’s new GDDR6X reminiscence. This can be a step above the standard GDDR6 VRAM, and it will constitute a generational bounce ahead in system-bandwidth efficiency due to Micron’s PAM4 tech.

Pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) is the identify for pushing 2 bits of knowledge over a connection as a substitute of one bit. It’s a technical idea, however necessarily, this permits the components to name from four attainable states as a substitute of two with each and every burst of data. With PAM4, Micron and Nvidia are promising a vital spice up to I/O information charges and bandwidth. GDDR6X may be extra energy environment friendly. At 21Gb/s, GDDR6X makes use of 15% much less energy in step with bit than GDDR6 at 14Gb/s.

Micron claims that GDDR6X’s per-pin information fee of 21Gb/s, whilst you mix all the ones pins and reminiscence modules on one thing just like the RTX 3090, the GPU has a complete reminiscence bandwidth of 936GB/s. That’s large. For comparability, the reminiscence bandwidth of the Xbox Collection X tops out at 560GB/s and the PS5 is 448GB/s.

Put merely, which means the GPU can pull a large quantity of knowledge from its reminiscence instantly. And that’s going to result in higher video games.

“[Gamers] take pleasure in larger system-data charges,” Micron graphics boss Ralf Ebert mentioned in a media presentation. “That will increase the information this is transferred between the GPU and the reminiscence interface. We imagine we’ll be enabling 8K resolutions and getting nearer to real-time ray tracing.”

What it in reality manner is GPUs will in any case have sufficient bandwidth to conveniently deal with 4K. In an international the place even the $1,200 RTX 2080 Ti struggles to hit 60 frames in step with 2nd at 4K, GDDR6X is a an important to hanging us previous that barrier.

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