How to Get Every Ending in Wasteland 3

Final Edited: 2 Sep 2020 four:21 pm

Patriarch Finishing

In case you facet with the Patriarch in opposition to Angela Deth, you can ultimately need to arrest or kill Deth within the Guarantees Made, Guarantees stored number one venture. If you wish to unravel the location peacefully, you can wish to have the Exhausting Ass (10) and Kiss Ass (10) ability ranges to take action. Irrespective of whether or not you arrest or kill Deth, this finishing would be the identical.

After you have handled Deth, the Patriarch will ask whether or not you would like to stick in Colorado or go back to Arizona and assist rebuild. If you select to go back to Arizona, the above symbol will probably be on your epilogue. Alternatively, if you select to stick in Colorado, the Patriarch will consider the Rangers with selecting his substitute when he passes.

Angela Deth Finishing

In case you facet with Angela Deth in opposition to the Patriarch, you will have to struggle waves of enemies within the ultimate number one venture, Guarantees Made, Guarantees Stored. Be sure to facet with Deth when leaving Yuma County, after coping with Liberty Buchanan. As soon as you have defeated the Patriarch, you can have one in all 4 main choices to make.

  • Arrest the Patriarch.
  • Kill him.
  • Hand him to the mob.
  • Exile him from Colorado.

This may result in a enormously other epilogue than siding with the Patriarch. This finishing relies totally on which determination you pick out right here. If you select to stay the Rangers in Colorado, you’ll invite Common Woodson over and take over the area. The Rangers will rebuild and do what they are able to to stay the peace in Colorado.

Becoming a member of Liberty’s Military Finishing


Whilst you in spite of everything to find Liberty Buchanan all over The Traitor venture, you’ll persuade her to mean you can grow to be her new military the use of Kiss Ass (10). This may finish Desolate tract three right away providing you with a foul finishing the place the Arizona Rangers battle to continue to exist.

Killing the Patriarch

In case you kill the Patriarch earlier than finishing The Traitor venture, you can get a foul finishing that results in Colorado falling into chaos. To get this finishing, cross to the Patriarch Palace in Broadmoor Heights the place the Patriarch is on his throne within. Get ready to kill him in as few turns as imaginable, as a result of there are a ton of robust guards and turrets close by in a position to assault you in reaction.

As long as you kill the Patriarch, it’s not relevant in case your birthday celebration will get totally killed. Desolate tract three will display a dying display that in a while switches to the finishing tune, Patriarch dying finishing, and credit. This finishing results in Liberty Buchanan taking up Colorado along with her gangs. Additionally, the Rangers disappear to the east with rumors forming about what took place to them.

Ironclad Cordite Finishing

As long as you have rescued Ironclad Cordite from the Outdated Survivalist Bunker, you can have get entry to to this finishing. Upload Cordite in your birthday celebration as a significant other and produce him to The Traitor number one venture, when coping with Liberty Buchanan. After you make a decision referring to Liberty, Cordite will ask in order for you him to deliver his gang to town. Deciding to take action will result in a novel finishing when defeating the Patriarch within the exchange ultimate number one venture, Gangs All Right here.

Whilst you end combating the Patriarch, he turns out to kill himself. Then, you’ll make a decision whether or not the gangs pillage Colorado Springs or now not. This may supply various epilogue endings in response to your selection. Later on, Cordite invitations you to return to Kansas with him and his gang. This additionally provides extra distinctive lore the place the Rangers assist lead his gangs in Kansas.

Hacker Finishing

The Studio Head at InXile Leisure, the crew at the back of Desolate tract three, tweeted that there is a secret finishing for cheaters. Even supposing he immediately referred to it as a, “particular one for hackers”. This appears to be an finishing for killing the Patriarch while you first meet him on the Ranger HQ. From what persons are announcing, this most probably performs the finishing tune and has a particularly brief epilogue in comparison to different endings.

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