How to Kill Killavolt in Borderlands 3

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This portion of the Borderlands three information explains the best way to kill killavolt who you face after finishing his fight royale right through the kill killavolt aspect project. This boss information comprises all of the guidelines and methods you want to defeat one of the crucial toughest bosses within the recreation.

In spite of being only a aspect project boss Killavolt is among the toughest bosses within the recreation. Listed below are the assaults to be expecting and the best way to kill him plus some normal guidelines.

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  • Stay shifting. You wish to have to leap to steer clear of electrified panels at the ground and to be careful for the electrical pictures he’s going to repeatedly shoot at you.
  • Shoot Killavolt in his again to land important hits. This calls for you to transport temporarily at the back of him however you’ll additionally hit him from the entrance by means of leaping (esp. in case your gun has a goon spray to it). Grenades too can assist right here.
  • Taking pictures him within the dick as Moxxie steered does the similar injury as a important shot however looking to assault him as soon as his protect is down (because of this a large electric assault is coming) is more difficult to tug off than it may well be value.
  • Save the well being within the chests across the perimeter till the top of the fight.
  • Imagine “saving” weaker enemies when you find yourself against the top of the fight as a result of killing them gives you a “2d wind” to cheese your means thru it.
  • Stay your distance, should you get too shut he’ll kick you and that does large injury.

Killavolt Wave 1 (Smash Blue Well being Bar 1 and a pair of)[edit]

Once you input The Bone Zone, the ground electrical energy will rain down from above, sweeping around the ground. Stay your eye at the flooring and leap over it. It is blue, the yellow tiles are to provide you with a warning the place the electrical energy will in the end be.

Your purpose is to shoot him within the again. You’ll be able to additionally shoot him within the dick however that is more difficult to tug off. Each do about the similar degree of wear.

When Killavolt lifts his palms within the air, he is open to assaults however he is additionally about to unharness electrical energy onto the bottom. Be conservative together with your pictures so you’ll get out of the way in which.

The ones yellow tiles are about to transform electrified tiles. Stay leaping round to steer clear of Killavolt’s electric pictures and the quickly to be electrified tiles.

As soon as the primary phase of his well being is knocked down he’ll free up electrical energy from the ceiling. Be aware the place the yellow tiles are and make sure to’re now not status on them.

At this level, Killavolt will run immediately against you favor a bull. Bounce round his aspect to steer clear of the electrical tiles and him.

However howdy, now his again is grew to become once more. Hearth away!

This cycle will repeat. As soon as the following phase of his well being is down he’ll run against you once more. The ground will get more difficult to steer clear of however you’ll all the time leap again and again, although you might be now not positive the place the electrical energy is.

Killavolt Wave 2 (Smash Blue Bar three)[edit]

As soon as the primary 2 sections of Killavolt’s healthbar are down he disappear for just a little and free up a couple of enemies. Keep watch over your minimap within the nook to inform the place they’re as a result of they are going to now not all seem without delay.

Killavolt will be again ahead of you might be executed coping with those foes. After firing some assaults he’ll beam down extra electrical energy and run against you once more.

Killavolt Wave three (Smash Ultimate Blue Well being Bar four)[edit]

This is the place issues get loopy. Killavolt will necessarily electrify all the ground. In case you are taking part in as Moze you’ll get into your mech presently to steer clear of some injury. Another way, keep in mind there is well being at the facets.

This transfer is nearly unimaginable to steer clear of BUT you’ll steer clear of it by means of leaping above the small electrified spot in order that you land on a protected space. If you’ll’t make it there, run/search for it no less than after which you’ll leap over a significant portion of it.

Another way, you might be gonna have a foul time. Talking of which, extra enemies gets launched and killavolt will come again to rain down extra electrical energy and check out to ram into you.

Killavolt Wave four Purple Well being Bar[edit]

Killavolt will shape a protect round himself. And the electrical tiles stay getting more difficult to steer clear of.

Have in mind to stay a watch out for the yellow so when the electrical energy is coming.

Even if it kind of feels unimaginable keep in mind, the ones blue tiles would be the first sections to show protected.

After which there is an assault he has that is unavoidable. Each and every tile is galvanized.

Afterwards, the phase that used to be first of all in blue might be protected.

Extra enemies will stay coming however no less than they are able to provide you with a 2d wind!

After all, Killavolt has a brand new assault the place he introduced a large ball of electrical energy from his again and onto the ground, making a large phase in entrance of him nearly straight away electrified. The ball itself, too can harm you.

He’s going to stay biking thru those assaults till you kill him. You could have noticed all of it. The one factor that adjustments within the ground patterns.

After destroying 1 a part of the purple well being bar, his large electrical assault leaves a number of small patches of protection for example.

From right here simply stay going till Killavolt is lifeless.

Rewards: If you whole the remainder of the project (mounting backpack and returning to Moxxi) you’ll be able to get $1,047 and a mythical merchandise.

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