I, Jeff Bezos, am a big boy with a big truck. VROOOOM!

Truck go BEEP!
Truck cross BEEP!

Symbol: Walter McBride / getty

I, Jeff Bezos, tremendous wealthy grownup guy and particular Large Boy, like vans! And development apparatus! And shifting filth! VROOOOOOM! BEEP BEEP!

However you realize this! I informed you so! When, the previous day, I hopped into a big entrance loader (are you able to imagine they let me do that stuff?!) and, in entrance of a number of cameras, picked up some filth after which DUMPED IT proper again onto the similar spot!

Like, WOW, proper?! Was once it essential in anyway?! No! Was once it amusing?! YOU’D BETTER BELIEVE IT!

“In case you are questioning,” I informed the cheering crowd observing me play with my Large Boy toy on the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Global Airport, “that is amusing!”  

However why am I being so foolish?! Of direction you have been questioning! AND IT’S OBVIOUSLY FUN!

You are additionally without a doubt fascinated by my plans for the $1.five billion air hub I am having constructed! Which is clearly why I dumped the filth, goofballs! The hub will “get you your applications quicker[!],” and is scheduled to open someday in 2021! It is going to have planes! Planes are like SKY TRUCKS


Now excuse me whilst I am going play with my SPACE TOYS! RAAAAAAARRRRRR! BLAST OFF!

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