Introducing Coinbase Watchdog A new approach to UI and code-driven automation for Datadog

At Coinbase, we use Datadog to assemble device and alertness metrics, put into effect SLIs and SLOs, create dashboards, and extra. Because the collection of dashboards and displays grew, we started to peer the wish to codify them. We had been apprehensive that we didn’t have gear to hit upon unintended or malicious amendment. Believe a manufacturing incident that was once now not spotted by means of engineers on account of an by accident muted track.

Codification solves this as a result of changes are particular (via code) and are saved in model regulate (benefitting from notification and code assessment methods).

A method of fixing this drawback could be to retailer the Datadog parts (e.g. Datadog timeboards, screenboards, and displays) in a model regulate device and practice adjustments executed via code. The disadvantage of this way is that managing screenboards or timeboards even though the code isn’t handy or pleasant.

In a different way of fixing this drawback could be to make use of a Datadog UI-driven way. This may be a lot more handy and friendlier to make use of. This will require detecting adjustments, making a request to publish it again to a model regulate device and the facility to revert/rollback adjustments that weren’t licensed.

To succeed in the most productive of each attainable answers (code and UI-driven approaches) we first began by means of reviewing current tasks shall we to find:

Each and every challenge had their professionals and cons however this got here down to 2 problems: now not with the ability to codify dashboards along with displays (even though we forked and contributed again) or being too advanced for our consumers.

Introducing Coinbase Watchdog

Coinbase Watchdog is a GitHub app and a Golang provider that makes use of the Datadog API to look ahead to adjustments in Datadog, reaching the most productive of each a code and UI-driven way. When it sees a metamorphosis, it routinely creates a Pull Request (PR) with the adjustments in a devoted Datadog GitHub repository. Now we have regulate and consensus mechanisms (you’ll be able to learn extra about Heimdall right here) that supply us the promises enough collection of other folks have reviewed the alternate prior to it may land on grasp. If a PR was once now not licensed and closed by means of a buyer, Watchdog will name Datadog APIs to revive the parts from the grasp department in supply regulate.

This way provides us a UI-driven codification bot. All adjustments made within the Datadog UI might be routinely picked up by means of the bot and corresponding Pull Requests might be created. Watchdog too can hit upon if a person changed the code (Datadog element JSON) and practice the alternate to Datadog.

The 2 workflows are pictured right here:

Coinbase Watchdog workflows

Configuring Watchdog

The Watchdog provider has two sorts of configuration:

  1. Gadget configuration: this configuration contains all required parameters corresponding to Datadog API/APP keys, GitHub software non-public key, GitHub challenge URL, GitHub app set up ID, and many others. This configuration is handed to the provider with atmosphere variables.
  2. Consumer configuration: that is utilized by consumers. Easy YAML information with a listing of Datadog element IDs and metadata corresponding to staff, challenge identify, and many others. You might have many YAML information within the configuration listing and a configuration folder may have any arbitrary collection of subfolders.

That is an instance of a Consumer configuration YAML report:

The parts that you simply see above are:

  • meta: staff: An arbitrary staff identify identifier.
  • meta: slack: A Slack room identify to inform of adjustments.
  • dashboards: A listing of dashboard IDs to observe.
  • displays: A listing of track IDs to observe.
  • screenboards: A listing of screenboard IDs to observe.

How does Coinbase Watchdog hit upon adjustments?

The Watchdog provider is totally stateless. There are two techniques by which Watchdog detects adjustments: Complete sync and Incremental.

Complete sync

When the Watchdog provider begins for the primary time, it is going to question all parts by means of ID and take a look at each and every towards the parts saved in GitHub. If some element information are other, new PRs might be created consistent with person configuration report. Relying on customers’ configuration information, this step may probably make many Datadog API calls. Alternatively, this may simplest occur as soon as on provider startup to make sure that the present state in Datadog is in line with the supply in GitHub.

Gazing for incremental adjustments

It is a moderately straight-forward process, and is composed of a number of steps:

  1. The Datadog APIs very easily disclose a box “changed” which incorporates an element amendment date. Watchdog polls the APIs, screen, . each N mins (in our case each 10 mins) and assessments if the present time minus changed box worth is much less then 10 mins.
  2. Watchdog makes use of a git implementation written in Golang below the hood. If step 1 was once a hit, Watchdog will pull the newest adjustments from the grasp department, create a brand new native department, make an HTTP GET request to retrieve the Datadog element from the Datadog API, save the element to a report, and run the an identical of the git standing command to peer if the report within the grasp department isn’t the same as the API reaction.
  3. Watchdog will then question GitHub APIs to seek out if replica PRs had been opened and if that is so it is going to forget about the present one.

An instance API reaction from the Datadog API appearing the “changed” key:


When Watchdog creates a brand new PR it is very important notify the related staff in order that they are able to assessment the PR. We use a GitHub’s CODEOWNERS characteristic for that. Within the GitHub repository root we now have a CODEOWNERS report with the next strains:

config/reliability/ @engineering/reliability

information/infra/reliability/ @engineering/reliability

If a PR impacts information in config/reliability/* or information/infra/reliability/* the Reliability Engineering staff might be notified by means of e mail.

Moreover, a staff can opt-in to Slack notifications by means of surroundings a “slack” box below “meta” in person config report with a slack channel (see above image).

Long run options

One day, we wish to upload extra options and are already running on a option to routinely revert adjustments in line with PR expiration. We’re additionally having a look ahead to peer if others who use Datadog to find this provider helpful and are in a position and keen to give a contribution.

Datadog presented new dashboard APIs which is recently now not supported by means of Watchdog. We’re making plans so as to add this option quickly and in the meantime PRs are extremely preferred 😉

For those who’re fascinated about contributing to this challenge, test it out on GitHub right here!

For those who’re fascinated about serving to us construct a contemporary, scalable platform for the way forward for crypto markets, we’re hiring in San Francisco!

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