It Takes Two Collectibles and Minigame Locations

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There aren’t any rewards for profitable — rather then the data that you’ve got claimed victory over your co-op spouse — and you’ll be able to play the minigames as a lot or as low as you’d like. Each and every minigame takes a few minute to finish and so they’re by no means greater than a handy guide a rough minigame that calls for a button or two to be pressed time and again.

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The Shed Minigames

Beneath is an inventory of every of the minigames that may be present in The Shed degree of It Takes Two, together with the way to in finding the minigame and the way to in reality play it.


The Whack-a-Cody minigame may also be discovered about midway via The Depths of the Shed — you’ll be able to’t pass over this minigame as a result of Dr. Hakim necessarily forces you to play it.


Might will stand on most sensible of the field along with her hammer. Cody should get within the field. Mainly, the 2 of your are enjoying whack-a-mole. Cody pops up the usage of the left stick and Might should intention at Cody and press RT/R2 to hit Cody. Might will get two issues for every Cody hit.

Cody will get +1 issues for each and every (principally) half-second they continue to be popped up. Whoever fills their bar on the most sensible of the display first wins.

There’s no praise for profitable rather then gloating to the individual you’re enjoying with. That feels excellent so have at it.

Turn the Transfer

The Turn the Transfer minigame may also be discovered in a while after the primary minigame in The Depths — Whack-a-Cody. After Whack-a-Cody, there may be one puzzle to resolve. Straight away after leaving that puzzle space, cling a proper and apply the pathway. You can see a tambourine floating above a big circle of steel.

To start out Turn the Transfer, Cody should stand at the small sq. platform with a yellow circle inside of and Might should hit the larger yellow circle in entrance of it. This raises Cody into the air and officially starts the Turn the Transfer mini-game.

Might should sprint round and hit the objectives along with her hammer to attain issues. Cody, however, should shoot the objectives along with his nail. Whoever fills the ranking bar first, wins. 

Like each and every different mini-game on this sport, there is not any praise for profitable rather then the candy, candy victory you’ve completed over the opposite participant.

The Tree Minigames

Beneath is an inventory of every of the minigames that may be present in The Tree degree of It Takes Two, together with the way to in finding the minigame and the way to in reality play it.

Tug of Struggle

A couple of 3rd of the best way via The Tree, you can climb up a small tree cliffside and bump into a football ball. Glance to the a ways left of this football ball (if it is for your proper) and you can see the tambourine for the Tug of Struggle minigame having a look at you.

To start out, each Cody and Might should seize separate facets of the the rope and press Y/Triangle time and again when the Tug of Struggle starts. Whoever presses it the quickest will pull the opposite particular person nearer to the outlet within the heart, and in the end, into the outlet. The individual that pulls the opposite into the outlet wins.

There is not any praise for profitable, according to se, however you do get to look at the lose fall right into a hollow. So there may be that.

Plunger Dunger

While you get off the blue, floating fish close to the top of The Tree degree, you can be dropped onto forged flooring. Without delay in entrance of you is a tambourine and that’s the reason since the Plunger Dunger minigame is close by.

To play Plunger Dunger, either one of you should have interaction with a gun on each side of the tunnel (see under). The 2 of you’re going to be aiming at every different — intention with the appropriate stick and shoot through pulling RT/R2. You’ll be able to rate the shot through conserving the cause.

When the objectives start to transfer towards you, shoot them with a plunger. This reasons the objective to turn round and cross the other way. You get some extent when a goal makes it all of the method on your opponent’s aspect.

Whoever has essentially the most issues after 60 seconds wins! Congrats! You are a plunger legend!

Rose’s Room Minigames

Beneath is an inventory of every of the minigames that may be discovered within the Rose’s Room degree of It Takes Two, together with the way to in finding the minigame and the way to in reality play it.

Tank Brothers

While you start the Pillow Citadel bankruptcy of Rose’s Room, head ahead and keep watch over the world above you. While you see a pathway that leads up relatively with reference to the start of this bankruptcy, head that method and you can discover a tambourine up there. That is the place Tank Brothers is situated.

To play Tank Brothers, each Cody and Might should have interaction with the gameboy-like handhelds laying at the flooring through the tambourine. When the sport starts, you’ll each be answerable for a tank. The target is to hit the opposite participant thrice. Transfer the tank with the appropriate stick, keep watch over its intention (the small white circle at the flooring forward of you determines the place the tank projectile will land) and RT/R2 is what’s pressed to shoot.

The primary to hit the opposite participant dead-on with 3 projectiles wins.


After powering at the first robotic within the Spaced Out bankruptcy, the cylindrical tunnels at the back of the robotic will change into an area you’ll be able to go with the flow up and down in. Flow up and stay an eye fixed out for a gap under the primary layer of portals up above. When you see some portals, you have got long past too top. Head into that opening and cross in the course of the portal in there. Head to the tambourine in right here to begin the Spacewalk minigame.

Cody and Might should press Y/Triangle at the small squares through the tambourine. This begins the sport. Mainly, simply soar onto the various floating squares round you. Doing so claims the sq. for you and offers you one level. You’ll be able to declare one your opponent has claimed to take that time from them.

Whoever has essentially the most issues after 60 seconds wins.

Laser Tennis

Similar to the only we up to now present in Spaced Out, it may be discovered midway up the go with the flow tube. As you’re heading up from the primary 3 portals to the following set of portals, search for a gap. It results in a portal the place a minigame may also be discovered.

Head in the course of the portal and stroll ahead. Each Cody and Might must have interaction with the gadget forward of them to begin the fit. At the flooring is a number of squares. When a sq. lighting up, step on it. This sends a laser on your opponent’s aspect. They should soar over the laser.

Ship as many lasers as squares you’ll be able to step directly to make your opponent’s aspect entire chaos. The participant whose well being bar is depleted first is the loser. After this, depart the portal and head as much as the following set of 3 portals.


To find the Rodeo minigame, head to the beginning of the Hopscotch bankruptcy of Rose’s Room. Head ahead and soar over the blocks. You must be in a small sq. space with a highway mat at the flooring. Within the nook is the tambourine through some bucking broncos.

To start out this minigame, Cody and Might should press Y/Triangle on the two bulls. When the sport starts, the bulls will try to knock them off. To stick on, glance above the nature’s head. You’ll see a button at the controller. Press that button simply as the massive yellow ring closes at the smaller, white ring.

If the button turns inexperienced, you’re excellent, and if it turns purple, that’s one strike nearer to falling off. 3 purple buttons knocks you off. The primary to be knocked off loses.

Feed the Reptile

To seek out the Feed the Reptile minigame, search for the singular cow sq. at the flooring close to the top of the Hopscotch bankruptcy’s rail using section. As a substitute of going up the yellow soar pads at the back of it, apply the fairway pathway at the flooring round to the reptile heads at the wall.

To play Feed the Reptile, each gamers should press Y/Triangle at the capturing mechanism through the tambourine. Press Y/Triangle to pick out up a ball and throw it right into a reptile’s mouth through urgent RT/R2. Intention the usage of the left and proper sticks.

Whoever has essentially the most issues after 30 seconds win.

Batting Staff

The Batting Staff minigame is situated simply after discovering the etch-a-sketch within the hopscotch phase of Rose’s Room. From the etch-a-sketch, soar alongside the pathway of floating blocks and stay an eye fixed out for a baseball toy at the proper. That is the Batting Staff minigame.

To start out Batting Staff, Cody and Might must press Y/Triangle at their respective batter of the toy. To play, press Y/Triangle when the respective ball passes in entrance of the batter you’re controlling. This reasons the batter to hit the ball across the circle. Hit the ball once more when it comes again round.

Whoever has essentially the most issues on the finish of 60 seconds wins the sport.

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