'Jeopardy!' fans can now shout answers while driving, not just on the couch

For $400: A closely ornamented taste of structure is known as for this, steadily used to make males and homes. Is it corn bread, candy bread, or ginger bread?

Should you mentioned, “What’s ginger bread?” you were given the cash and it is onto the following clue within the “Candy Stuff” class.

That is Jeopardy!, however made for the automobile by way of commuter minutiae app Drivetime. The smartphone sport is based totally off the nightly TV gameshow beginning its 36th season Monday evening with its liked longtime host Alex Trebek at the mend after present process pancreatic most cancers remedy. 

To play, you concentrate to Trebek and Clue Group member Sarah learn out clues with 3 conceivable solutions. Shout out the right kind one and acquire cash issues (no, you do not win actual money like contestants at the TV display) to bet at the ultimate Jeopardy query. 

Beginning Monday, a brand new 30-minute display will roll out each and every weekday morning with Trebek web hosting your force. Each and every display offers 31 clues with a more than one selection possibility. The second one part is all Double Jeopardy. 

Drivetime CEO Niko Vuori is longing for minutiae gamers to check out out the brand new sport, changed for a hands-free, automotive enjoy. “It isn’t only a Jeopardy! brand, however Alex Trebek, he is the host, he is within the automotive,” he advised me at a demo of the sport.

Trebek reads out clues from the previous 35 seasons — that is precise archive photos from the display over time, jumbled together with extra lately recorded activates from Trebek. Do not be concerned, any old-fashioned “present match” clues don’t seem to be incorporated within the automotive sport model. 

Vuori wired that is no longer a mild model of the sport. “For Jeopardy! lovers you might be actually taking part in Jeopardy!,’ he mentioned.

Amazon’s Alexa has a Jeopardy! ability, however that does not have the texture of being at the quiz display, particularly with virtual assistant Alexa because the host as an alternative of Trebek.

"Jeopardy" comes to the car.

“Jeopardy” involves the automobile.

Solve the clues in the Drivetime app.

Resolve the clues within the Drivetime app.

Someone who downloads the Drivetime app can play the primary episode without spending a dime with different classes like Guinness Data and retail treatment, however for extra episodes and clues you can want to subscribe to Drivetime Top class for $nine.99 per 30 days or $99 in step with yr. 

With the more than one selection structure for the automobile model, Vuori admits it is more uncomplicated than the TV display, however it is extra enticing than taking note of bed commercials at the radio. (Regardless that expectantly no longer distracting!) 

We will take “hands-free commuter leisure” for $99, Alex.

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