Majestic landships, fearsome ape men: Last Oasis is a delightfully weird survival game

The Earth has stopped turning and now a unmarried day lasts an entire 12 months. One facet of the planet is an unlivable barren region baked through everlasting daylight, whilst the opposite facet is a frozen hell trapped in everlasting darkness. What is left of humanity lives in between those two extremes, pressured to repeatedly transfer between loosely scattered oases. You chase the slowly moving liveable zone, otherwise you die.

That is the interesting premise of Ultimate Oasis, however it is not only a few neat lore draped over every other by-product Early Get right of entry to survival sport. It is the root of all of Ultimate Oasis’ cool new concepts, like large strolling landships and an exploration gadget that forces you to be repeatedly at the transfer.

It is laborious to put across simply how fucking cool Ultimate Oasis’ Walkers are.

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