Marriott Starwood hotel data breach FAQ: What 500 million hacked guests need to know

It’s been a few months since a significant corporate unveiled a knowledge breach that affected tens of millions of folks, so it’s time for a brand new one. The Marriot lodge chain has introduced a significant database breach that might impact any individual who stayed at its 6,700 international Starwood lodge houses since 2014—as much as 500 million folks in overall.

That’s numerous folks an a protracted stretch of time, so take a look at our FAQ for all the knowledge:

What took place?

Marriott says it gained an alert from an interior safety device on September eight caution of an try to get entry to the Starwood visitor reservation database in america. In its investigation of the incident, Marriott realized that an unauthorized birthday party received get entry to to the corporate’s buyer database and “copied and encrypted knowledge, and took steps towards eliminating it.”

How did the hackers get in?

Marriott isn’t being utterly transparent right here, however it sounds as if as despite the fact that this wasn’t the standard exploit of a vulnerability. Fairly, any individual with out the right kind credentials was once ready to get entry to the Marriott reservation database to make a reproduction encrypted reproduction of purchaser knowledge, which was once then probably taken outdoor the device.

How a ways again does the breach move?

Marriott says the unauthorized get entry to is going again to 2014.

Why wasn’t Marriott alerted quicker?

Additionally unclear, however in all probability the unauthorized birthday party most effective just lately began getting access to the device. Or perhaps Marriott just lately put in new safety device that was once ready to come across the get entry to.

Why are we simply listening to about now?

Marriott says it was once most effective ready to decrypt the information on November 19, and continues to be running to discover the scope of the breach.

What was once stolen?

Marriott continues to be sorting throughout the knowledge it was once ready to get well, however for many consumers, the next knowledge can have been stolen: identify, mailing cope with, telephone quantity, e-mail cope with, passport quantity, Starwood Most popular Visitor (“SPG”) account knowledge, date of beginning, gender, and arrival and departure knowledge, in conjunction with reservation dates and conversation personal tastes.

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