Meet T-Rex: Nvidia's Titan RTX is the new graphics card mega-monster

When the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti introduced with a sky-high $1,000 theoretical price ticket and $1,200-plus precise price ticket, some folks speculated that it merely took where of the Titan on the best of Nvidia’s graphics card lineup. Nope. On Monday, Nvidia printed the Titan RTX, a $2,499 behemoth that the corporate additionally calls “T-Rex.”

It’s unquestionably monstrous sufficient. Like its Titan V predecessor, the Titan RTX returns to the Titan’s roots as a prosumer card, with a focal point on AI, knowledge science, and content material introduction duties. Nvidia’s flagship TU102 GPU packs 72 devoted RT cores for real-time ray tracing and 576 tensor cores so liked via mechanical device studying duties. That’s just like the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti’s loadout.

Whilst Nvidia’s announcement didn’t specify the Titan RTX’s CUDA core depend, an Nvidia spokesperson showed that it holds greater than the GeForce card. The Titan RTX fits the four,608 CUDA cores throughout the Quadro RTX 6000 and RTX 8000 skilled GPUs, relatively than the RTX 2080 Ti’s four,352 cores. That provides the latest Titan fewer general CUDA cores than its predecessor—the Titan V filled in five,120—however the Turing GPU’s CUDA cores are a lot more efficient than those within older Pascal GPUs. The additional cores additionally lend a hand the cardboard carry out deep-learning duties extra successfully: The RTX 2080 Ti plays FP16 duties at 110 teraflops, whilst Nvidia mentioned the Titan RTX churns via the similar duties at 130 TFLOPS

titan rtx end Nvidia

Knowledge duties can require a lot extra reminiscence than gaming, so Nvidia loaded “T-Rex” with VRAM. The Titan RTX comes with 24GB of state of the art GDDR6 reminiscence, for a complete reminiscence bandwidth of 672GB in keeping with 2nd. That fits the Quadro RTX 6000’s configuration, and greater than doubles up the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, which has “handiest” 11GB of VRAM.

It’s an enchanting resolution via Nvidia. The Titan V incorporated handiest 12GB of onboard reminiscence, probably to tell apart it from the pricier Quadro choices. Whilst the Titan RTX’s $2,499 worth would possibly stagger avid gamers, the Quadro RTX 6000 prices $6,300.

Any such robust arsenal of state of the art must make the Titan RTX stomp via machine-learning duties. Nvidia’s supporting it at the instrument aspect with RAPIDS open-source instrument libraries that depend on CUDA. Nvidia additionally says that the tensor cores and ray-tracing free up new probabilities in inventive programs, and the cardboard’s fearsome firepower and large reminiscence pool provides it potent chops in conventional rendering duties, too. The Titan RTX will also carry out real-time 8K video modifying, Nvidia says.

The brand new Titan sports activities the upgraded dual-axial cooler design presented with the shopper GeForce RTX playing cards, however its aluminum shroud comes clad in gold, now not silver.

Search for the Titan RTX to release in the US and Europe later in December for $2,499. Thank you to these additional CUDA cores, T-Rex must (reasonably) outpunch the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti flagship in gaming, however at two times the fee. so avid gamers who need to force a 4K, 144Hz G-Sync HDR track just like the elegant Acer Predator X27 must go away the Titan RTX for the information scientists and persist with the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti as a substitute.

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