Microsoft is dunking servers into boiling liquid to keep them cool

Believe if any person informed you that they had submerged your PC into a bathtub of boiling liquid whilst the device was once nonetheless working. You would most certainly really feel a mixture of feelings, together with anger, surprise, and bewilderment. Smartly, no person’s going to do this to you (optimistically, anyway), however Microsoft did do this very factor to itself, plunging densely packed server racks right into a metal tank full of a different liquid evolved by way of 3M.

Not like naturally happening water (learn: no longer natural H2O), this specifically engineered liquid does no longer habits electrical energy and is in reality an efficient insulator. The overall idea isn’t new, as PC customers had been dabbling with mineral oil for over a decade. However Microsoft is embarking on uncharted territory as a cloud supplier.

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