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Microsoft’s App Store now offers Apple’s iCloud for Windows

Apple has printed an all-new model of its iCloud app for Home windows customers and the instrument is to be had for obtain from Microsoft’s App Retailer.

What’s Apple’s iCloud?

iCloud is an integral part throughout Apple’s universe.

You employ it to proportion iCloud Power information, sync contacts, units and different non-public knowledge, to get entry to a variety of Apple’s products and services and to get entry to key apps like Pictures and Mail. You’ll be able to additionally employ restricted collaboration and sharing options.

Ever because it opened the iTunes Retailer to Home windows customers, Apple has proven that it understands that lots of its shoppers use a couple of platforms, an iPhone and a Home windows PC, for instance.

That’s why the corporate will proceed to supply iTunes for Home windows regardless of breaking out Track from iTunes at the Mac. It’s also why the corporate has labored to make iCloud products and services cross-platform.

Consistent with this reputation that its platforms exist in a heterogenous laptop global, Apple now provides the iCloud for Home windows app without spending a dime obtain from Microsoft’s App Shops.

You’ll be able to additionally obtain the instrument directly from Apple.

What do you get in iCloud for Windows?

Once installed on a supported Windows 10 system, iCloud for Windows lets you access your files on iCloud Drive, Photos, Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks (with Outlook), and your Safari Bookmarks – you just need to log-in with your Apple ID.

Announcing the app on Microsoft’s Windows blog, Microsoft Engineering General Manager Giorgio Sardo revealed that one of the big improvements in iCloud for Windows is that Apple’s app now uses the same tech that powers OneDrive’s Files On-Demand feature, “enabling users to be more productive offline on mobile devices and quickly share files on iOS.”

What is Files On-Demand?

Files on Demand relies on a newly-introduced Windows tech called the cloud files API, which formalizes support for sync engines.

This works by providing you with small (1k) placeholder files, any of which can be ‘hydrated’ (ie. ‘downloaded’) to you system, a Microsoft tech note suggests.

The idea is that the cloud files API lets third-party developers (such as, in this case, Apple) create apps that store data in the cloud in such a way as to make it easily available to end user devices – precisely what iCloud does on Apple’s systems.


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