Milky Way galaxy is warped and twisted, not flat

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A brand new view of the Milky Approach: Warped and twisted

Our galaxy, the Milky Approach, is “warped and twisted” and no longer flat as prior to now idea, new analysis presentations.

Research of the brightest stars within the galaxy presentations that they don’t lie on a flat aircraft as proven in educational texts and widespread science books.

Astronomers from Warsaw College speculate that it would had been bent out of form by way of previous interactions with within reach galaxies.

The brand new 3 dimensional map has been printed within the magazine Science.

The preferred image of the Milky Approach as a flat disc is according to the statement of two.five million stars out of a conceivable 2.five billion. The artists’ impressions are due to this fact tough approximations of the more true form of our galaxy, in keeping with Dr Dorota Skowron of Warsaw College.

“The inner construction and historical past of the Milky Approach continues to be a ways from being understood, partially as a result of this can be very tricky to measure distances to stars on the outer areas of our galaxy,” she stated.

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To realize a extra correct image, Dr Skowron and her colleagues measured the distances of one of the brightest stars within the Milky Approach, referred to as Cepheid variable stars. Those are huge younger stars that burn loads, if no longer hundreds, of instances brighter than our personal Solar. They are able to be so vivid that they are able to be noticed on the very fringe of the galaxy.

Now not handiest that, in addition they pulsate at common durations at a fee this is without delay associated with their brightness.

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Artists’ impressions which depict the Milky Approach as a flat disk must be revised

This permits astronomers to calculate their distance with nice precision.

Many of the stars had been known by way of the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) at Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) in Chile’s southern Atacama Wasteland. Przemek Mroz, a member of the OGLE crew, stated that the effects had been sudden.

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Okay. Ulaczyk/J. Skowron / OGLE/Warsaw College

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Warsaw Telescope and Milky Approach Cepheids came upon by way of the OGLE survey

“Our effects display that the Milky Approach Galaxy isn’t flat. It’s warped and twisted a ways clear of the galactic centre. Warping could have took place thru previous interactions with satellite tv for pc galaxies, intergalactic fuel or darkish subject (invisible subject material found in galaxies about which little in recognized).”

The Polish effects give a boost to an research of Cepheid variable stars printed in February in Nature Astronomy magazine by way of astronomers from Macquarie College in Australia and the Chinese language Academy of Sciences.

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