MSI is the latest company to bless our wretched Earth with Neon Genesis Evangelion PC components

In case you are keen on branding offers in response to Neon Genesis Evangelion, this has been a just right week. MSI has teamed up with Evangelion eProject, a brand new esports logo that “comprises an Evangelion really feel into gaming gadgets and PC peripherals,” to release a line of Eva-branded PC tools. And boy, it’s as crimson because the day is lengthy. 

The MSI x Evangelion e: Challenge Assortment features a motherboard, AIO liquid cooler, energy provide, and PC case. Each and every merchandise’s glance makes use of that vintage crimson and inexperienced colour palette in response to EVA-Unit 1, the large mech piloted by means of Shinji Ikari, the protagonist of Hideaki Anno’s complicated anime masterpiece. And as you’ll be able to see from the teaser trailer above, that is maximum for sure aimed toward other folks who’ve A Merciless Angel’s Thesis as a hoop tone. 

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