No Man's Sky update adds a base terrarium, complete with tiny captive alien

An replace has arrived for No Guy’s Sky, offering new rewards in trade for accumulating knowledge and fabrics for Specialist Polo’s robo-pal, the Quicksilver Synthesis Bot. There are tier one rewards, together with a number of vegetation you’ll beautify your base with, and a groovy having a look tier 3 helmet you’ll earn, however disregard all that crap. The true hotness is tier two, which is a terrarium, entire with a little bit alien prisoner.

“The terrarium is a small observatory unit designed to accommodate a small alien specimen for learn about and companionship,” learn the replace notes. “Specimen is integrated with abode. To keep away from unwanted specimen-to-specimen interactions, a restrict of 1 terrarium consistent with base is really useful.”

It indubitably appears lovely, that squishy little alien bouncing round in there, however let’s accept it: what you have got there is no better half however a captive. It isn’t fooled through the rocks and crystals and vegetation in that cup cage. You haven’t replicated its habitat. It is aware of it is in space-jail.

Then again, I do not care if it is merciless! I truly desire a squishy little alien in an aquarium at my base, too. It could be doubly cool if you need to in truth move out and accumulate the alien you wish to have from some far-off planet after which carry it house and stick it on your tank, however for now, any previous alien prisoner will do.

I am additionally undecided if the ‘specimen-to-specimen interactions’ line is a shaggy dog story, or a real caution. Can one thing truly occur in case you have two jailed lifeforms in shut proximity? I’ve a sense some courageous Traveler will in finding out quickly.

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