Nvidia's Titan RTX card coming soon, judging by these not-so-subtle teases

Nvidia has begun teasing the following card in its Titan collection, the Titan RTX, suggesting that it’s going to release quicker relatively than later. 

The cardboard has popped up on social media a few occasions, with Gavin Loose from The Gradual Mo Guys posting an image on Instagram appearing a card with the Titan brand put in in his PC (along an advantage cat), and the form and styling of the cardboard obviously fit the RTX line, most effective with ‘Titan’ instead of GeForce. In the meantime, Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng, the previous head of Google Mind, posted his personal symbol of the put in card on Twitter—the image on the most sensible of this newsletter is a zoomed-in model.

The Titan RTX field additionally seemed two times in a up to date video from Linus Tech Guidelines: you’ll be able to see it at 30:33 and 34:06. Those had been obviously now not unintended slips, however extra of a pseudo-stealth advertising marketing campaign. Given Linus and a couple of others have already got playing cards in hand, we might be expecting the reliable release to happen in the following few weeks.

We do not formally know the specifications for the approaching Titan, however as a result of it is a part of the RTX card line—which recently accommodates the RTX 2080, its Ti variant, and the RTX 1070—it’s going to use Nvidia’s new Turing structure, and feature devoted to boost up ray tracing.

The Titan RTX will most likely use an absolutely enabled model of the TU102 chip, which may be provide within the Quadro RTX 6000 and Quadro RTX 8000. That suggests four,608 CUDA cores, 72 RT cores, and 576 Turing cores. Whilst it is conceivable Nvidia may come with extra VRAM, 12GB is possibly, and that may depart some separation between the Titan and Quadro traces. We would be expecting clockspeeds to check or exceed the Quadro line as smartly, which means that a 1730MHz spice up clock and 14 GT/s GDDR6.

Optimistically we’re going to in finding out extra quickly. Given pricing at the present RTX 2080 Ti playing cards, it is a secure guess that the Titan RTX will occupy the next tier. $1,999 turns out most likely, with the Titan V keeping up its $2,999 value.


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