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Overwatch fans are trying to decode the latest 'Sigma' teasers

Snowfall is having a grand previous time teasing the following Overwatch hero. A new video from the legit Overwatch Twitter displays an in depth up of what looks as if a lab swimsuit with an id tag. Maximum particularly, you’ll be able to spot the Greek letter “Σ” at the tag—the logo for Sigma. It is not the primary time that phrase has popped up just lately.

Simply the day past, we reported on a imaginable leak from final week that means the hero is called Sigma (and in addition displays his face). Using the logo in nowadays’s teaser turns out to strengthen that. 

However fanatics are after greater than only a title or a face, they are seeking to decode Sigma’s talents and in all probability his courting with different Overwatch heroes from the 2 teasers. Not anything is concrete, however there are some attention-grabbing consistencies.

Each teasers, the only from yesterday the place Jeff Kaplan will get sucked into a peculiar wormhole and nowadays’s with the tag, surely have something in commonplace—previous song. The piano tune heard in each teasers is Erik Satie’s “Gnossienne No. 1” from the overdue 19th century (as identified via eagle-eared YouTuber TheFakeKenzo on Twitter).

Naturally, this twist of fate (and references to song in each tweet our bodies) has avid gamers assuming that Sigma is a musically-inclined hero, now not in contrast to Lúcio. Actually, some are drawing direct connections between the 2.

“Lúcio makes use of song to hurry issues up, and based totally off what individuals are pronouncing about those equations Sigma could possibly use song to gradual issues down,” mentioned Reddit consumer BallOutBoy. Others have identified that Sigma may paintings for Vishkar—the in-lore corporate that produced the era Symmetra and Lúcio make use of.

The equations BallOutBoy refers to are those observed in opposition to the tip of the primary teaser. The day gone by, Reddit consumer ztokdo posted a protracted theoretical breakdown of the equations that I would possibly not fake to know maximum of. The gist is that ztokdo believes the equations allude to Sigma’s energy over gravity—particularly, the power to curl bullets across the neighborhood of a grenade, fireplace an anti-gravity beam, and shape a protecting barrier that catches bullets midair.

Nowhere within the equations are any particular references to the talents as described right here. They are merely extrapolations in keeping with the mathematical makes use of of the equations. This interpretation does not in particular point out Sigma’s intended musical connection.

It will all imply not anything, or it would imply the whole lot. It is arduous to inform with Overwatch finds. Snowfall is basically able to elaborate puzzles hidden within the smallest puts, however Sigma may just additionally simply be keen on Erik Satie.

In line with Snowfall’s historical past revealing new heroes, we almost definitely would possibly not have to attend lengthy to understand the reality.

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