Pokémon Go's St. Louis Event Was Supposed To Be This Weekend … And It Still Kind Of Is!

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this weekend’s Pokémon Move Safari Zone match in St. Louis has been postponed indefinitely. Individuals who held onto their tickets could have the development spread from the security of their very own houses. Right through the unique match hours, Niantic is activating the encounters and Particular Analysis that will have best been to be had in St. Louis.

This implies you’ll take part within the match from anyplace on the earth, however once more, you had to retain the price tag. In case you did, you do not wish to do the rest rather than boot up the sport to play at the day you have been at the start going to in St. Louis.

Together with Unown, which has turn into a staple at Niantic’s gatherings, avid gamers may also have the risk to catch Chatot, a Pokémon this is unique to the southern hemisphere.

In case you have been hoping to wait the Liverpool Safari Zone (April 17 thru 19) and the Philadelphia Safari Zone (Would possibly eight thru 10), they too have unfortunately been postponed, however the similar be offering is to be had to those who held onto their tickets, that means you’ll get the uncommon Pokémon with out leaving your home.

I’m going to be taking part in the sport on Friday and can document my findings all over the development. Niantic all the time has a couple of surprises in retailer for those fests and I would not be stunned if the similar occurs this weekend.

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