Pokemon: Let's Go Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur Locations

Like in Pokemon Yellow, you’ll be able to get the 3 unique Kanto starters in Pokemon: Let’s Pass, Pikachu! and Let’s Pass, Eevee! No longer most effective are you proficient them, however you’ll be able to additionally to find them within the wild. This is how one can upload every of them for your birthday celebration.


Starter Pokemon within the Wild[edit]

Obtaining those Pokemon as presents is more uncomplicated than catching them, plus, the present Pokemon will in most cases have higher stats. However if you wish to, all 3 unique Starter Pokemon may also be discovered within the wild in Pokemon: Let’s Pass.

Alternatively, they are Uncommon Spawns. That means, for them to look, you should start a Catch Combo. To do that, merely catch the similar species of Pokemon (ANY Pokemon) again and again in a row. The upper your Catch Combo, the much more likely a unprecedented Pokemon – together with Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander – will spawn. Those checklist which places it is possible for you to to search out them.

Find out how to Get Bulbasaur in Let’s Pass[edit]

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Bulbasaur is the primary of the 3 unique starters you’ll be able to come across in Pokemon: Let’s Pass.

To get a loose Bulbasaur from an NPC, head to this space within sight the Pokemon Heart in Cerulean Town. A girl within gives you a Bulbasaur in the event you’ve stuck a minimum of 30 Pokemon.

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Wild Stumble upon: Viridian Wooded area


Find out how to Get Charmander in Let’s Pass[edit]

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The NPC that gives you a loose Charmander may also be discovered simply north of Cerulean Town, simply previous the Nugget Bridge to the left on Path 24. This particular person additionally has a Pokemon catching requirement – 50 Pokemon.

Wild Stumble upon: Path three & Path four

Find out how to Get Squirtle in Let’s Pass[edit]

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Officer Jenny will likely be status subsequent to a Squirtle at the left once you input Vermillion Town, coming from Cerulean Town within the north. You can wish to have stuck a minimum of 60 Pokemon to get the Squirtle.

Wild Stumble upon: Path 24 & Path 25

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