Pokemon Sword / Shield Crown Tundra DLC Trailer Shows Off Returning Legendaries

A brand new trailer for The Crown Tundra, the second one a part of the Pokemon Sword / Protect growth move, has emerged. Apparently, it comes from Nintendo South Africa, and hasn’t been posted by means of the USA Nintendo YouTube account.

The trailer, although transient, squeezes in numerous Pokemon and provides us a preview of probably the most expansions’s new environments.

It additionally displays off Regice, Registeel, and Regirock, simply 3 of many returning Mythical Pokemon coming within the growth. Those are 3 Mythical Pokemon that had been first offered in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, and discovering them required readers to learn and translate braille. Whether or not this would be the case for Sword/Protect continues to be noticed.

There may also be new “Regi” Pokemon coming on this 2nd DLC. You will not see them within the trailer, although.

Pokemon Sword / Protect has been a large good fortune for Nintendo, and is recently the 3rd best-selling sport within the sequence.

GameSpot would possibly get a fee from retail provides.

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