President George H.W. Bush's last words to his son were: 'I love you, too'

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Through Peter Alexander and Phil Helsel

President George H.W. Bush instructed his son George W. Bush “I like you” in his final phrases prior to the previous chief of the rustic died on Friday.

The final phrases of the 41st president had been first reported by way of the New York Occasions. A supply with regards to the Bush circle of relatives mentioned that President George W. Bush used to be on speakerphone along with his father to pray him good-bye as Bush Sr.’s well being used to be failing.

George W. Bush instructed his father that he were a “superb dad” and that he liked him, and George H.W. Bush responded “I like you, too,” along with his final phrases.

George H.W. Bush, 94, died on Friday. He had a illness very similar to Parkinson’s.

The Occasions reported that Bush’s well being were fading up to now a number of days, and his former secretary of state and longtime buddy James A. Baker III arrived at his Houston house to test on him.

Bush grew alert and reportedly requested Baker, “The place are we going, Bake?” and Baker responded “We are going to heaven,” the Occasions reported.

“That is the place I need to move,” Bush mentioned, consistent with the Occasions. He died 13 hours later, surrounded by way of pals and individuals of his circle of relatives, the newspaper reported.

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