PS Plus Free Game: 24 Essential Maneater Tips for Terrorizing the Seas

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Maneater is an easy recreation a few shark having a look to devour actually the entirety it may well – however additionally it is about vengeance, and overcoming implausible odds thru aquatic battle.

Even with its easy premise and controls, there is a lot to be told if you wish to transform a vicious killing device, and we have now compiled the entire highest guidelines and methods that will help you for your approach.

Common Pointers

  • Keep in mind your ABC’s – All the time Be Chompin! As you progress from goal to goal, there’s virtually by no means a reason why to continuously be gobbling up any fish you come upon alongside the way in which. The extra vitamins you consume, the quicker you’ll evolve, degree up, and transform more potent. This will likely additionally mean you can improve your mutations sooner as you to find them, plus heal up in between assaults by means of different creatures or hunters.
  • There are four varieties of Vitamins – Fats (yellow) basically present in maximum docile fish, Minerals (blue) basically present in turtles, Protein (crimson) basically present in maximum competitive sea creatures and people, and Mutagen (inexperienced) most effective present in rarer albino creatures. Acquiring any kind will can help you degree up, and each and every mutation calls for a distinct kind to improve (despite the fact that maximum all would require some mutagen to improve to their max tiers.

  • Your Grotto is a protected house – and you’ll’t be attacked by means of guy or sea creature whilst within. You’ll be able to in fact use this for your merit, as any competitive enemies that observe you into your grotto can nonetheless be attacked, however they gained’t combat again. Loose vitamins!
  • Early on while you’re nonetheless a domestic dog and teenage, you could come upon a number of hunted creatures in each and every area that simply outmatch you in energy. Whilst you’ll even the chances later the usage of mutations and evolution upgrades, you most probably gained’t have many skills early within the recreation, so you’ll want to steer clear of those enemies in any respect prices till you’re feeling more potent. If a challenge takes position of their neighborhood, be fast and stealthy to check out gobbling up extra docile fish round them prior to they take understand.

  • While you evolve into an grownup, you’ll have the ability to use your tail to release stuff you’ve latched onto. This may also be extremely flexible – as you’ll use it to open positive gates, toss hunters into the ocean (or at each and every different), and toss fish at predators to stun them. While you’ve outgrown a selected competitive fish, you’ll to find that you’ll latch onto the smaller creatures – and chuck them away in the event that they’re hassling you.
  • People in most cases are not nice swimmers except they have got diving tools on – and injured hunters or different people tossed into the water upon getting smacked round, forcibly ejected from an exploding send, or chewed on, will most probably drown on their very own – and whilst they would possibly not purpose you to any extent further issues, you’ll use them as a very easy snack whilst combating different nonetheless energetic hunters.


  • There are three primary mutation “units” – The Bone Set, Bio-Electrical Set, and Shadow Set, plus a number of organ mutations. The Bone Set is won from defeating apex predators, and is in most cases highest for boat battle. The Bio-Electrical Set is won from defeating named bounty hunters as you build up your infamy, and is in most cases nice for surprising a couple of attacking sea predators. The Shadow Set is won from getting Landmark collectibles, and works smartly towards both form of enemy, because of its velocity build up, poison blasts, and life-stealing assaults.
  • While you get started discovering “Frame” Mutations, you’ll turn on particular powerups which might be charged by means of consuming sufficient meals. If you understand you might be about to move into fight with an Apex Predator or draw in some bounty hunters, get your powerup in a position first to turn on it when wanted.

  • The usage of other strikes will purpose positive portions of your frame to glow – relying on which of your evolution and mutations are affecting it: like fins sparkling when dodging, head and frame sparkling when speeding, and tail sparkling when tail whipping.

Battle Pointers

  • You’ll in the end have the ability to outrun any pursuing enemy – however you’ll be expecting to be chased and attacked a number of occasions whilst looking to get away. Because of this, it’s continuously very important that you simply flip your digital camera round to stand in the back of you when fleeing so you’ll be in a position to evade at a second’s understand. A success evading typically approach your enemy will desire a second to get well, providing you with extra time to flee.

  • Battle towards different sea creatures is rather easy, however it’s simple to put out of your mind positive tactics. Enemies will continuously exchange between fast lunging assaults, and slower price usabefore speeding at you, or whipping their tail in the event you get too shut. Repeatedly, when an enemy fees up and when they sprint, their frame will glow – indicating they’re prone. In case you strike at those issues, you’ll deal additional injury, interrupt them with tail swipes, and even latch onto enemies smaller than you and thrash them about.

  • When combating enemies at or above your degree – particularly apex predators – looking to fit them blow for blow most probably gained’t lend a hand. As an alternative, allow them to make the primary transfer, dodge and strike a couple of occasions, then retreat a brief distance and be in a position to dodge once more.
  • Throughout fights, extra docile fish generally tend to scatter away, however they are able to nonetheless be discovered within reach – wait till after you dodge or stun an opponent to seem for a fast meal to regain well being in a difficult combat.

  • Take into account that your lock-on isn’t an enduring transfer – it most effective permits you to flip to stand your present attacker. This will take numerous being used to, as you’ll wish to get into the addiction of panning the digital camera to stand your attacker, dodge their incoming assault, briefly lock-on to their new place, and strike briefly prior to they get well or proceed to dart round. If dealing with a couple of attackers, attempt to stay as a lot of them in entrance of you as imaginable – otherwise you’ll chance getting hit from both sides.
  • In case you’re in a position to release a predator out of water (the usage of your tail whip assault), they gained’t have the ability to combat again till they achieve the water once more – however you’ll pursue them and stay attacking.

  • Preserving down the button to toss stuff for your mouth will decelerate time, permitting you to scrupulously select your goal – which is particularly helpful in the course of a number of hunter boats, so you’ll incapacitate any individual taking pictures at you by means of chucking considered one of their buddies proper at them.
  • Hunters can crush you in the event you aren’t paying consideration and center of attention totally on one boat. Make sure to dart between them, and use your tail whip or toss to briefly empty boats – as they’ll be in most cases helpless within the water and briefly drown if already injured. You’ll be able to snack on them to regain well being right through the combat, however your center of attention will have to be disabling boats as briefly as imaginable.

  • Better boats generally tend to have hunters attacking from guarded areas – so that you’ll wish to soar and land at the boat and thrash round to damage the highest phase and disclose them.
  • If you want to escape from hunters briefly, head to deeper water the place they are able to’t monitor your actions, or input grates and sewers the place they are able to’t observe till they briefly fail to remember about you.

Exploration Pointers

  • Don’t underestimate your shark’s talent to hop onto dry land. You’ll be able to remaining an incredibly very long time above water, and when your O2 depletes you’ll begin to lose well being till you get again underwater. Then again, no longer most effective are you able to go away the water to grasp a snappy human snack – you’ll additionally use land to escape from different predators and provides them the slip if every other water supply is within reach.
  • Early on in Maneater, you will not be able to growth till you could have advanced into a larger teenager or grownup had to smash down positive limitations – however while you achieve the Golden Shores, you might be necessarily in a position to discover the remainder of the map if you want – simply take care to steer clear of the more potent predators that reside out against the open waters!
  • After rising up from Teenager to Grownup, or Grownup to Elder, you’ll want to test again in earlier areas for any grates you could not open prior to – as they could also be hiding new collectibles or shortcuts to different areas.

  • As you evolve, you are able to build up the gap you’ll lunge out of the water – and also you’ll in the end have the ability to soar a couple of occasions. With this you’ll both swim up out of the water or soar from the outside (first soar), after which both soar or lunge two extra occasions!

  • There are lots of underwater caves and sewers in Maneater, and it may be simple to get misplaced and disoriented within the slender waterways. More often than not, word that any openings or tunnel passages will all the time have yellow lighting fixtures round them.

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