PUBG's world art director on the new map, a snowy island with a dinosaur park and snowmobiles

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ new map has been published. It’s a cold, snow-themed island known as Vikendi, bringing with it new climate, a brand new gun and the good strategy to get round a battlefield: snowmobiles. It’s already survive the PC take a look at servers, so you’ll be able to put for your woolly hat and shawl and leap in now. 

Vikendi, relating to measurement and the kind of battles it promotes, sits in the course of Erangel and Sanhok. It’s sufficiently big in an effort to unfold out and in truth wish to actively search for foes, as a substitute of simply bumping into them, but it surely’s were given a quicker tempo than the most important maps. 

“We have now numerous avid gamers that love the short rush of the 4×4 Sanhok map, and for sure a great amount our avid gamers benefit from the better, extra tactical maps, the 8×8 maps like Miramar and Erengal,” says Dave Curd, global artwork director. “So we concept, what if there was once a candy spot 6×6 with loot that’s rather less than Sanhok, slightly bit greater than Erangel, what would that really feel like, who would that serve?”

The result’s a map of contrasts, now not simply relating to geography, however in structure and tone, as neatly. Set in Jap Europe, you’ll come throughout medieval castles and abbeys however, simply down the street, extra fashionable structures. There’s a ‘60s cosmodrome, entire with rocket, and a even quirky dinosaur theme park. 

“In each and every map, you’re at all times going to have those iconic, central places that in reality lend themselves to hot-dropping,” Curd says. “There’s a definite more or less participant, and I’m considered one of them, who in reality likes to hot-drop and likes to tackle that first combat once imaginable, getting it out in their device. I to find after I drop on the borders of map and play a sluggish, planned recreation, I’m typically too scared and wired when I am getting into my first firefight.”

The dinosaur park, specifically, feels like an excellent, murderous enviornment. A few of PUBG Corp’s artists took a commute to Slovenia the place they discovered a dinosaur park, inspiring the only in-game. It was once extra of a desert path, then again, whilst the PUBG model is a right kind amusement park with a curler coaster and bumper vehicles.

“You’ll get on the ones curler coaster tracks and there’s a fantastic faux-rock maze within the centre that you’ll be able to discover and loot,” Curd says. “My pro-tip there could be to hot-drop into the center of the maze and shoot your method out. There’s even a volcano show you’ll be able to cross within. We expect avid gamers are going to have a in reality excellent time within the dinosaur park.”

Those are places with persona, and so they whisper concerning the lives other people lead at the island prior to it was once became a combat royale madhouse. Whilst Curd is aware of what result in all of those puts, from Erangel to Vikendi, being within the state they’re in, he’s nonetheless holding it to himself. 

“We have now an interior crew lore,” he stated. “And we surely have motivations for why cities are the way in which they’re, how the roads waft, what came about to a few of these places, however we a lot want that avid gamers probe for themselves, in search of Easter eggs and take a while to take a look at the map.”

There are common cities and towns, too, created to thrust avid gamers into war extra regularly. Their layouts funnel avid gamers into attention-grabbing conflicts, says Curd, and distinction with the likes of Miramar’s Los Leones. It’s a large town with quite a lot of home windows the place it’s onerous to are expecting the place threat goes to return from. In Vikendi, there are fewer home windows to hide and less lanes to observe, which the crew hopes will conjure up a lot of head-to-head battles.

Clear of civilisation are dense forests and a lot of puts to cover. The builders envision Vikendi as a squad map, the place teams of avid gamers can to find plenty of duvet in the back of partitions, rocks and bushes. In case you don’t care about being noticed, then again, you’ll be able to throw warning to the wind and simply velocity round at the slippery, sliding snowmobile. 

PUBG’s latest automobile may be its wildest, dashing throughout icy rivers and over snow-dappled hills. Common skis more than likely do not have have compatibility PUBG, however a motorised bullet on skis? That is a unique tale. 

“The ones issues can cross loopy on any floor,” Curd says. “They are able to cross tremendous rapid, they’re tremendous slidey, they’re a blast to power and it feels in reality excellent being at the again of considered one of them, capturing at different avid gamers.”

The elements doesn’t simply make it imaginable to slip round on snowmobiles—it additionally impacts visibility, like the elements on different maps, informing participant techniques. When there’s heavy snow and visibility is low, or when it’s darkish and the one obtrusive gentle is the Aurora Borealis, avid gamers could be much more likely to lurk within. Clearing structures, then, turns into a concern, and so does discovering the best loadout for the activity. On transparent days, then again, snipers can discover a at ease perch and get started selecting off objectives. The snow additionally signifies that avid gamers go away tracks as they discover the island. Tracks that different avid gamers can use to seek them down. The stalker/prey dynamic is a large a part of Vikendi, says Curd. 

“When it’s time to take into accounts a brand new map, our activity is to invite what can this map supply that we haven’t equipped for our avid gamers but? One of the most issues that we first were given in reality hooked up to was once the theory of the hunter and the hunted; the theory of following avid gamers’ tracks, being conscious of your individual tracks and what that have could be like. While you cross down that concept, you begin to assume sand, however we’ve already executed Miramar, so snow clearly made probably the most sense.”

Like open doorways and smashed home windows, tracks within the snow can inform avid gamers to steer clear of a space in the event that they don’t need a disagreement, or they may be able to head in that route in the event that they do. And whilst an open door simply way any person has been in that construction in the future, tracks vanish through the years, so in the event you do see them, a participant has been within the house just lately. 

Tracks also are in a different way for sneaky avid gamers to put ambushes. “That’s what I’m taking a look ahead to when it is going survive PC take a look at servers,” Curd says. “Seeing the ones streamers chasing tracks spherical corners and any person is there with a shotgun looking ahead to them.” 

They advertise the type of artful, stealthy play that, as a participant who regularly seems like they’re in a stealth-horror recreation, make for probably the most memorable suits and encounters. there’s any person else within reach, however have they noticed you but? Do you’ve got the drop on them, or are they hiding in a bush, grinning with unwell intent? Most probably the latter, understanding my success. 

A brand new weapon is being added to the roster, too. The G36C is a brief to mid-range attack rifle that works neatly in city spaces. “We have now a big Jap Ecu town that’s designed round in reality cool funnels and choke-points, and the rifle in reality does some paintings at the ones engagement distances,” Curd says. “It’s a in reality efficient weapon and I believe our avid gamers are going to experience the use of it. While you cross out into the forests, the sniper rifle remains to be going to be your very best guess, however for any distinctive places, just like the dinosaur park or the cosmodrome, that rifle goes to kick some ass.”

You’ll climb onto the curler coaster tracks and get started taking potshots together with your new G36C now by means of hopping onto the take a look at servers, and Vikendi might be to be had at the are living servers on December 19. 

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