Rage 2 takes a jab at Elon Musk in a secret bunker mission

Elon Musk, Rick and Morty fan and billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX who smoked weed as soon as, is an indecently wealthy guy who may use his cash to resolve a large number of issues as of late, however as an alternative chooses to make electrical automobiles for different wealthy folks and crash rockets into boats. And the way he is the butt of a foul funny story in Rage 2 as a part of a secret project.

Whilst wandering the barren region, I realize some alluring bunker doorways embedded within the facet of a mountain and as everyone knows, if there is a bunker there is most likely a lonely, mad individual inside of (or a minimum of the skeleton of 1).

The positioning of the name of the game bunker. 

This actual lonely, mad individual is going through Elton Tusk, as the knowledge pads strewn in regards to the bunker say. He is the previous—smartly, technically, present CEO of Tusk Industries, if you wish to proceed to imagine in capitalist hierarchies within the post-apocalypse. 

Posters reference house trip and eco-pods and nanotrites, knowledge pads element Tusk’s nice creativeness, cutting edge applied sciences, and obscene wealth—all of that are without delay contributing to the ability struggles in Rage 2’s apocalypse situation. Let’s line up the proof:

  • Elton Tusk = Elon Musk
  • CEO of an organization researching house trip, nanomachines, pointless issues
  • Wealthy man deemed a “nice science tycoon”

It is an Elon Musk bit, definitely about it. 

As I transfer during the bunker, Tusk harries me and hails himself, threatening my small stature whilst boasting about energy and mind past comprehension.

I am referred to as a couple of extra names ahead of I input a big round room. Elton’s going to sic his robots on me, however they are now not practical. I love to suppose they deserted him. One falls to the bottom, a crude system that appears like a pointy teeth with take care of bars.  

Elton is within the subsequent room, and as anticipated, he is a lot smaller and sadder than his bombast. 

Dude’s a mind in a jar. Now not handiest that, however the cyber void he is been residing in all this time has emptied out. What was once stuffed with mild and sound and knowledge is now darkness.  

It isn’t a specifically robust funny story on Avalanche’s phase as it lacks specificity and extra direct jabs at Elon’s many public blunders, however it is a tiny, heat pocket of cosmic justice in a chilly global. I will take it. 

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