Readers' hangover cures: 10 ways to beat the post-booze blues – from Radiohead to rollmop vinegar

Bloody tomatoes on toast

Combine chopped beefsteak tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, celery salt, pepper, some pink pesto, Worcestershire sauce, a little bit sugar, rapeseed oil, a splodge of tomato ketchup and a pinch of chilli flakes, then microwave for roughly 3 mins. Upload vodka to style should you’re no longer using any place afterwards. Pour the whole thing over buttered sourdough toast, upload a spray of basil and extra black pepper. Wolf it down and return to mattress. Just about at all times works for me. Kevin Brown, land supervisor, Essex

A gradual movie and comfortable socks

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone.
Macaulay Culkin in House On my own. : Allstar/20th Century Fox

Drink rehydration salts and stretch, then opt for a swim/sauna/therapeutic massage, if conceivable – a suitable substitute all over Covid occasions is an Epsom salt bathtub, a foam curler and a stroll. Lunch must contain eggs, perhaps bibimbap or shakshuka. After lunch, watch a steady movie out of your adolescence (similar to House On my own or The Large Lebowski) from a at ease settee whilst dressed in comfortable socks, consuming salted popcorn and ingesting orange squash. Put on a hydrating face masks all day and hug or be hugged, if you’ll be able to; on occasion a pillow will do. Consider, it is going to finish. Emma Colohan, London

A tuna sandwich

Sooner than hitting the sack, drink a minimum of two pints of heat water. Every pint will have to have one teaspoon of salt and two dessertspoons of sugar jumbled together. Your abdomen might be are compatible to burst – specifically should you’ve scoffed a pizza or burger – however perseverance is vital. Afterwards, and nonetheless prior to mattress, drink one Alka-Seltzer XS in line with the directions. The next morning, have a tuna mayo sandwich for breakfast, washed down with any other Alka-Seltzer XS. In case you have time, return to sleep prior to you’re haunted by means of recollections of the evening prior to. Steve, fashion designer, Manchester

Radiohead and a sizzling bathtub

I not drink, however my failsafe hangover remedy was tea with honey, dry toast and a protracted bathtub – as sizzling as you’ll be able to undergo. Then, play Radiohead’s 2001 album Amnesiac quietly, whilst firmly pinching the power level between your thumb and your index finger. It’s essential to notice that this doesn’t paintings with anything from Radiohead’s discography. Christabel Stevens, author, Angus

Sprats or sardines

Years in the past, I labored in a jobcentre and, on the finish of a troublesome week, part of the place of work would pile into the pub reverse to let off some steam. Tomorrow, I’d move slowly out early, right down to the native buying groceries strip, and get some grapefruit (for the nutrition C), in addition to both a platter of tiny lamb chops or, ideally, a bag of sprats or sardines. I’d grill the latter sizzling and rapid and consume with a petit ache to soak issues up. Via 10am, I’d really feel like a king and be in a position to take on the weekend. Nameless, civil servant, London

A fried egg

‘You can’t beat a fried egg on toast before bed ...’
‘You’ll be able to’t beat a fried egg on toast prior to mattress …’ : Alice Day/EyeEm/Getty Pictures/EyeEm Top class

Through the years, I’ve attempted the whole lot from milk thistle and turmeric pictures to coconut water and big doses of nutrition C, however you simply can’t beat fried egg on toast and a pint of water prior to mattress. Within the morning, have a tumbler of full-fat Coke, a few ibuprofen and a few in a position salted crisps. Works each time. Jo Deighton, trade marketing consultant, West Sussex


I to find the object that works best possible is denial. Your hangover is sort of a bully – it flourishes in your consideration, so should you forget about it totally it is going to ultimately prevent bothering you. Get up at a typical time, take a bath (check out chilly water), have a espresso and a wholesome breakfast, depart the home and do one thing virtuous open air. By no means, no longer as soon as, to not your self or to somebody else, admit how completely terrible you’re feeling within. When you’re fortunate, your hangover will depart you by myself prior to the day is finished – and, if no longer, a minimum of you’ll be able to really feel boastful about how a lot you were given carried out regardless of it. Matt Cavers, cider maker and copywriter, British Columbia, Canada

Pickled herring juice

Just the juice ... pickled herring.
Simply the juice … pickled herring. : Firn/Getty Pictures/iStockphoto

I drink what’s left within the rollmops jar: a excellent sip of vinegar marinated with herring, pepper and onions generally does the trick. I’m no longer ashamed to confess that, after I’m carried out with the rollmops, I stay the jars and the dear liquid within the refrigerator in a position for the following emergency. Then again, check out the vinegar from marinated jalapeños. Hervé Captain, radio DJ and journalist, France

Udon noodles in rooster curry soup

My recipe for udon noodles in rooster curry soup has each component I will bring to mind that treatments hangovers: soup for hydration, tomatoes for lycopene and nutrition C, ginger and sizzling peppers to assist me sweat out the booze, and rooster thighs browned in oil or ghee for some grease to line my abdomen. To begin, I fry ginger, garlic and cumin in a beneficiant quantity of oil, toss in some rooster thighs till browned, then upload some coriander, powdered chilli peppers and a big spoonful of turmeric. When the spices get started freeing their aroma, I toss in some diced tomatoes and stay frying till the juices are diminished, then upload some dashi inventory, sake, soy sauce and sugar to nudge the soup nearer to Eastern taste curry udon. I stew the entire thing whilst I prepare dinner my udon, then mix the soup and noodles in a basin-sized bowl. Sho Ogawa, head brewer, British Columbia, Canada

A dip within the sea

My circle of relatives is initially from Sligo at the north-west coast of Eire and, after an evening out ingesting Guinness with my brothers, the one factor that may shift my hangover can be getting within the north Atlantic. It used to be like magic. 5 or 10 mins and the hangover used to be miraculously banished. Unbelievable. Joe Callanan, counsellor and DJ, Netherlands


Gazpacho ... back to life.
Gazpacho … again to lifestyles. : Brent Hofacker/Alamy Inventory Picture

Really easy to make the day prior to: take 14 ripe tomatoes, 5 – 6 cloves of garlic, two inexperienced bell peppers, one pink bell pepper, one peeled cucumber, three tablespoons of white vinegar, 7 tablespoons ofolive oil, three teaspoons ofsalt and as a lot water as you wish to have for the proper consistency, then bung all of it within the blender (it’s possible you’ll wish to sieve it afterwards). Subsequent, kick back up to conceivable – and that’s it! It’s the one factor I will face when hungover, and it by no means fails to deliver me again to lifestyles. Title provided, instructor, Bangkok

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