Redesigning the iconic Pumpkin King boss for the modern Medievil remaster

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Hello, I’m Alex Gold, probably the most Sport Designers of the MediEvil remake for PS4. I’m going to damage down the method of restoring and making improvements to one of the crucial iconic bosses from the unique name, the Pumpkin King.

Since we had been recreating a vintage PS1 name, our targets had been to both make minimum adjustments to the bosses, or revisit their authentic designs and completely notice them the usage of the expanded technical functions of PS4.

For the Pumpkin King, we threw conference out the window, and driven the struggle so far as shall we.

Our first step used to be to put in force this struggle purely in its authentic shape, however we quickly came upon that once reimagined with fashionable graphics, many facets of this struggle turned into misplaced in translation.

As soon as applied, we had been additionally in a position to spot the next design problems from the unique come upon:

– Downside 1 – Boss is straightforward to junk mail: We came upon that the boss’s well being might be whittled down by way of spamming the assault button, with out regard for his conduct. For the quantity of build-up main into this struggle, there wasn’t a lot of a problem within the pay-off (this used to be the fan consensus as smartly). 

– Downside 2 – An excessive amount of empty area: Right through this struggle, the participant can navigate freely throughout an enormous open house, however little or no of that house is applied within the struggle.

– Downside three – No sense of escalation: The Pumpkin King’s conduct stays in large part the similar right through the struggle, irrespective of the participant’s development.

We made up our minds to construct this struggle out additional to offer fanatics the revel in that they remembered, and now not the revel in because it in reality used to be.

^ That is the way it in reality used to be.

Solving Downside 1 – Boss is straightforward to junk mail

Within the authentic name, the Pumpkin King has the next talents:

– Tentacle Swipe: The Pumpkin King surrounds himself with tentacles that can swat the participant in the event that they get too shut.

– Pumpkin Spit: The Pumpkin King spits out explosive pumpkins, which motive harm to the participant upon affect.

To increase upon this struggle, we reconstructed his moveset with a brand new general philosophy in thoughts:

“Breach the Pumpkin King’s Defenses.”

Our desired loop for the struggle turned into the next:

To strengthen this loop, we made the next moveset adjustments:

– Tentacle Swipe: In an effort to divulge the Pumpkin King’s vulnerable level, it’s now obligatory to ruin the tentacles that encompass him. Alternatively, those tentacles will harm and knock again the participant if they’re approached immediately. To successfully get rid of them, they will have to both be hit from afar with projectiles or minimize down from the facet.

– Headbutt: A brand new assault we added – if the Pumpkin King is approached from the entrance, he  delivers a nasty headbutt to the participant, doing harm and knocking them away. The Pumpkin King’s head will slowly rotate in opposition to the participant, that means that they will have to outpace his head’s rotation earlier than remaining in.

With those talents blended, understanding learn how to safely breach the Pumpkin King’s protection turns into the core problem of the struggle.

Moreover, we’ve dramatically higher the variability of his Pumpkin Spit assault, in order that the Pumpkin King stays a threat, regardless of the place the participant is within the stage.

– As soon as the participant breaches the Pumpkin King’s defenses and renders him susceptible, the Pumpkin King will change into dazed for a time period, permitting the participant to whack away at him.

– When the Pumpkin King turns into susceptible, we spawn fatal Pumpkin Plant enemies which transfer in to problem the participant in the event that they don’t act temporarily.

^ In-game, this case is in fact terrifying.

Solving Downside 2 – An excessive amount of empty area

Any other downside we got down to clear up used to be learn how to make the most of all the stage right through the struggle.

– Within the authentic, not like many fashionable titles, the participant isn’t confined to an area – they’ve unfastened reign to transport concerning the whole stage all the way through the struggle.

– As a result of this, there’s a large number of empty area to navigate which doesn’t pertain to the struggle.

Even if we can have simply made the struggle happen in a smaller area, we had a design function to uphold: if we needed to make a transformation to the unique design, shall we most effective construct on what already existed, by no means scale down or compromise.

Our resolution? We added a completely new part to the struggle – the Restoration Segment.

Now, when the Pumpkin King’s well being bar is totally depleted, he’ll retract into the bottom and slowly heal himself. The participant will have to then seek for Pumpkin Pods scattered across the stage and ruin them earlier than he totally regains his well being.

– If the participant fails to ruin those pods in time, the Pumpkin King’s defenses will go back, and his well being will be totally restored.

– If the participant succeeds in destroying those pods, the Pumpkin King’s defenses will go back, however his well being is not going to be totally restored.

The participant will have to expend the Pumpkin King’s well being a complete of 3 occasions – each and every time, the struggle escalates in depth (extra on that under!).

^ Prime stage go with the flow of the struggle.

Therapeutic enemies all the way through PVE gameplay could be a dangerous undertaking – designers possibility developing the soft-fail situation of taking out hard earned development from the participant, or dragging the struggle out longer than meant.

We took this into account earlier than executing our design to make sure this healing-process motivated the participant with out agitating them.

How did we set up to tug this off?

We faked it!

^ That complete well being bar most effective appears to be like intimidating…

Right here’s the truth of the location:

When the Pumpkin King turns into susceptible, he’ll stay susceptible for a time period, earlier than regaining his defenses.

– Alternatively, there’s greater than sufficient time to expend his whole well being bar, even with weaker guns.

– Which means the participant in reality most effective wishes to copy the defense-breaching job round three times in all the struggle, irrespective of their restoration-phase good fortune.

So what’s the actual end result of permitting the boss to heal himself additional? Only a few further sword swings, at maximum.

This creates the specified emotional impact, with out the undesired frustration.

Solving Downside three – No sense of escalation

After all, to create a way of escalation, each and every time the Pumpkin King regains his defenses, we ramp the struggle up within the following techniques:

– Head Flip Velocity: How briskly does the Pumpkin King’s head observe the participant?

– Pumpkin Spit Frequency: What number of seconds between Pumpkin Spit projectiles?

– Pumpkin Plant Provides: What number of Pumpkin Plant enemies will we spawn when the Pumpkin King turns into susceptible?

– Collection of Tentacles: What number of tentacles does the Pumpkin King encompass himself with?


^ Those are the real in-game numbers we used.

A couple of notes of passion on those numbers:

– The Pumpkin Spit Frequency at 1 turns out unfairly low (one projectile consistent with 2d), however because it takes a second for the projectile to commute in opposition to the participant, as long as the participant helps to keep transferring, they’ll by no means be hit by way of those projectiles – it simply appears to be like terrifying.

Pumpkin Plant Provides at 6 turns out top, however as soon as once more, that is most commonly for emotional impact. The truth is, the participant will most probably kill the Pumpkin King earlier than those enemies change into a real danger. And when the Pumpkin King dies, those enemies die too.

– We begin Pumpkin Plant Provides at zero to make sure the participant is gently eased into the loop of the struggle.

– We came upon temporarily that we needed to stay the Collection of Tentacles low. Anything else greater than four, and it turns into just about unattainable to seek out a gap.

^ Expanding the selection of tentacles up past four produces hilarious and unattainable effects.

With those variables in position, we had been in a position to create a compelling ramp-up that helps to keep the struggle thrilling to the very finish.

Operating on MediEvil used to be an absolute blast.

We got down to create the revel in that fanatics sought after and remembered, whilst making improvements to at the epic really feel of it anywhere shall we. By way of layering fashionable sport design ways upon the basis of a cherished vintage, we delivered a chairman revel in with the Pumpkin King this is concurrently nostalgic and recent.

Thanks for studying and please experience MediEvil!

MediEvil is to be had now at the Ps retailer:

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