Renee Zellweger drama 'What/If' is a decent proposal

The debt to “Revenge,” a twisty ABC collection, is that one of the crucial characters seems to be enjoying an overly lengthy recreation, which comes to manipulating the ones round her. The adaptation is whilst the incentive for the ones occasions used to be explicitly said by way of the name, the impetus right here stays hazy, although now not sufficient of a thriller to make the episodes a lot more than mildly watchable.

The center piece this is once more a tender lady, Lisa (“Suburgatory’s” Jane Levy), who’s determined to release a medical-tech startup, however suffering to search out financing. She ultimately unearths a backer within the type of Zellweger’s rich investor Anne Bernard Law Montgomery, however there is a hitch: If you need my fortify, how about an evening together with your bartender husband, Sean (Blake Jenner)?

Newlyweds Sean and Lisa don’t seem to be the one ones dealing with ethical dilemmas, in a display that overflows with them. The tributary plots contain their family and friends, together with Marcos (Juan Castano), who’s moderately dangerously drawing a 3rd birthday party into his dating; and Angela (Samantha Ware), a married clinical resident who’s having an affair along with her boss (Dave Annable), with the entire headaches that includes.

Sadly, maximum of the ones threads really feel most commonly like killing time till the point of interest will get again to Zellweger, who supplies a large number of portentous recommendation like “You will have to be keen to make the laborious alternatives, do the unsightly issues” and “True greatness most effective comes to these keen to pursue it at any price.”

Whilst there is something quite juicy about turning the “Indecent Proposal” gender dynamic on its head (the 1993 film that offered Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson with that predicament is referenced), Zellweger from time to time turns out to have parachuted in from a special display — as though everybody else is doing a community cleaning soap, and he or she’s starring in a revival of “Fundamental Intuition.”

That side of the display must cause interest — particularly with Zellweger’s Judy Garland biopic bobbing up — and in pay-TV circles, that on my own is one thing of a win. Nonetheless, no matter sizzle there may be baked into the idea, within the execution, “What/If” feels a bit of too with regards to “So what?”

“What/If” premieres Might 24 on Netflix.

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