Retrogame engine ScummVM turns 20 years old, gets an update

Preservation mission ScummVM—named after the Script Introduction Application For Maniac Mansion, the engine utilized in LucasArts’ vintage journey video games—was once introduced on October nine, 2001. First of all, it was once about reimplementing video games made in SCUMM like Secret of Monkey Island so they might run on platforms they were not designed for. Since then, the ScummVM group have broadened their remit and reverse-engineered a wide variety of video games, from Plumbers Do not Put on Ties to Blade Runner.

At the instance of its 20th birthday, ScummVM up to date to model and now helps 2.5D video games. Grim Fandango, The Longest Adventure, and Myst three: Exile are actually supported on desktop platforms, and compatibility has been added for a number of extra video games together with Little Large Journey, The Journeyman Mission 2: Buried in Time, Personal Eye, and Crusader: No Regret. 

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