Review: Office 2019 is the best advertisement yet for Office 365

When Microsoft launched Place of work 2019 for Home windows q4, it did so now not with a bang, however a whisper. In years long gone through, Microsoft in most cases trumpeted new Place of work releases with nice fanfare and hoopla, however this time it launched a weblog submit or two with few main points and left it at that.

There’s just right explanation why for that: Microsoft is pushing Place of work 365, the subscription of model of Place of work, over the perpetual model of the suite. Whilst you acquire a perpetual model of Place of work, corresponding to Place of work 2016 or Place of work 2019, you pay a one-time rate for it and personal it endlessly — and it by no means will get new options. That’s by contrast to Place of work 365, which calls for an ongoing subscription rate and is continuously up to date with new options. It’s transparent that Microsoft needs other people to transport to Place of work 365, so it needs to attract as little consideration as conceivable to any new perpetual Place of work liberate.

There’s one more reason that Microsoft whispered. It was once that every time Microsoft launched Place of work with a brand new model quantity — for instance, Place of work 2016 — that model was once extra robust than every other to be had. That’s now not the case. Place of work 2019 is significantly much less robust than Place of work 365. There’s not anything new in Place of work 2019 that hasn’t already been to be had for somewhat a while to hundreds of thousands of Place of work 365 subscribers (the corporate says it has greater than 31 million subscribers to shopper editions), and actually, Microsoft left a number of options out of Place of work 2019 that it had offered in Place of work 365 over the last few years. So the corporate had not anything new to wow the arena with when speaking about Place of work 2019.

So what’s new in Place of work 2019? And which is best for you or your company, Place of work 2019 or Place of work 365? To lend a hand making a decision, we’ve taken a take a look at Place of work 2019’s maximum fundamental new options underneath, after which in comparison it to Place of work 365.

(Along with the options coated right here, Place of work 2019 will get progressed improve for virtual ink throughout all of the suite, together with what Microsoft calls “roaming pencil case” improve, which helps you to write through hand and likewise transfer round sections of paperwork with a virtual pencil.)

One ultimate observe about Place of work 2019 earlier than we get into the nitty-gritty: Not like earlier releases of the perpetual model of Place of work, it is going to run simplest on Home windows 10. There’ll nonetheless, then again, be each 32-bit and 64-bit variations of it.

New charts and formulation for Excel

There are a couple of pleasant tidbits for Excel customers in Place of work 2019, however don’t be expecting the rest dramatic. Excel’s new options center of attention totally on knowledge research, together with funnel charts and 2D maps, new purposes and connectors, the power to submit from Excel to PowerBI, and improvements to PowerPivot and PowerQuery.

Funnel charts are helpful when you need to show values at more than one phases in a procedure. A funnel chart can display the collection of gross sales possibilities at each and every level of a gross sales procedure, for instance, with possibilities on the most sensible for the primary level, certified possibilities beneath it for the second one level, and so forth, till you get to the overall level, closed gross sales. In most cases, the values in funnel charts lower with every level, so the bars within the chart seem like a funnel. General they’re a nice-to-have addition to Excel.

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