Review: 'The Prophets' spotlights two enslaved men in love

In her evaluate of Robert Jones Jr.’s “The Prophets,” Related Press reviewer Molly Sprayregen writes that the e book is a wonder

“The Prophets,” via Robert Jones Jr. (G.P. Putnam’s Sons)

Samuel and Isaiah’s love is deep and soft. They have got all the time been referred to as an inseparable pair, however as their romantic love is an increasing number of printed to others on the plantation, they start to to find themselves in an increasing number of risk.

“The Prophets,” Jones’ debut novel, is a wonder, as a lot an unusual queer love tale as a devastating and inimitable portrayal of the agony persevered via slaves within the antebellum South.

Jones’ shocking storytelling crafts deep and strong portraits of now not handiest Samuel and Isaiah, but additionally the numerous others on the plantation. Alternating between views, each and every bankruptcy is its personal murals, delving deep into each and every persona’s center and thoughts and making a rhythmic tapestry of profound love and insufferable ache. “The Prophets” vividly depicts the viciousness of slavery whilst concurrently permitting house for the affection between Samuel and Isaiah.

“The Prophets” is a singular, however feels nearly like poetry, with each and every phrase retaining a weight and tool that can proceed to astound those that lose themselves in its pages.

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