Rihanna moved to London and didn't tell us

Rihanna has it seems that hopped around the pond for “paintings, paintings, paintings, paintings, paintings” and it is simply now turning into public wisdom.

All over a lately revealed interview with the New York Instances mag, the singer and Fenty make-up rich person mentioned shifting to London the place she is nearer to her staff running on Fenty.

She stated one of the most issues she maximum enjoys about dwelling within the town is “strolling across the block.”

Sure, the Grammy winner takes jaunts across the group, albeit reasonably incognito.

However that is not what tripped the web out.

They had been extra surprised that the superstar had moved and few even learned it.

“Rihanna lives in London??,” one particular person tweeted. “I did not know I used to be this with reference to the queen. I have breathed the similar London air as her! oMg!”

That now additionally explains why there’s a picture on social media of Rihanna with a bag from Sainsbury’s, a grocery chain in the UK.

For the document, the title “Rihanna” is thought to be derived from the Outdated Celtic phrase “Rigantona” which means that “nice queen” so sure, we will say (tongue in cheek) that England has a brand new queen.

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