Sadly, Nier: Automata and The Evil Within on Game Pass aren't actually better PC ports

When Nier: Automata and The Evil Inside of have been added to Xbox Recreation Go PC on March 17th, lovers unexpectedly were given excited. Nier: Automata, specifically, had a problematic PC port, which was once most commonly superb however disappointingly did not get updates from Sq. Enix to get to the bottom of its glaring problems. Modders mounted it, as an alternative. This Recreation Go liberate, made by way of port studio QLOC, promised some added options like without borderlines windowed mode and HDR. 4 years later, Nier: Automata after all were given the port it deserved… or so it appeared to start with look.

The decision from the eagle-eyed testers at Virtual Foundry and modder Kaldaien, who patched up Nier: Automata again in 2017, is sadly the other. The brand new Recreation Go variations of Nier: Automata and The Evil Inside of nonetheless have most of the outdated issues, and in many ways are in fact worse than their unique PC ports.

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